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Game objectives

Hey all, I have put together a "menu" for paintball players at my local field to use. I thought this would be usefull to post for other players who were looking to change it up. Lets see who can add to it... I used a simple format of objective, directions, max players (percentage of teams), and time limits. Some terms used are in reference to my field name... just go with it.

Trophy Hunter

Objective: Last man standing, player with the most arm bands wins the game.

Directions: Each player gets (5) arm bands. They must all be on the left arm. The players spread out on the field and wait for the horn. There are two cycles in the game - playing and collecting. You have a five minute playing period followed by a five minute collecting period. Every player is fending for themselves. The horn sounds and you try and hit an opponent. This lasts for five minutes. If you are hit, you put the barrel plug in your gun and hang out where you were hit until the horn sounds again. Once you are hit in one five minute period, another player may not shoot you. The horn sounds again, now you may collect any arm bands from the players you hit. You have just five minutes to collect arm bands and find a good place to start the next cycle of the game. If you don't have any arm bands left after a collection period, you are out of the game. If you were not hit and did not hit a player, you need to find a good starting spot during the collection period.

(Horn sounds) - 5 minutes of play
(Horn sounds) - 5 minutes of collection/lose arm band/find new starting spot
(Horn sounds) - 5 minutes of play
(Horn sounds) - collection/lose arm band

Once the final horn sounds, you may collect any arm bands from players you hit or wait until the player that hit you takes your arm band. You may then leave the field.
Required players: 10 and up
Time Limit: 35 min
The Chair

Objective: be the first player to sit in a chair at the center of the field.

Directions: You need an open field, cover helps but also open space is needed too you have this chair in the middle of the field, its every man for them selves. Players start in the center and are allowed 30 seconds to get to cover. (you cannot start the game in the chair)
Required players: 3 or more, no teams
Time Limit: 10 min


Objectives: Elimination

Directions: Remove your loaders (if possible)and carry two paintballs (one in your gun, the other in your pocket. Then you stand back to back with your opponent and simultaneously take 15 paces forward. Then, on the fifteenth pace you may both turn and fire. The game is like an old-fashioned dual, to win you must get the other guy.

Required Players: 2
Time Limit: N/A

Freeze Ball

Objective: completely freeze the opposing team.

Directions: The catch is if you get shot you are frozen. To become unfrozen, one of your own teammates must come and touch you. Game ends when all opponents are frozen. Unlimited paintballs and no time limit.
Required Players: 4 and up, equal teams
Time Limit: 15 min

Tiki Torch

Objective: Team one must prevent team two from putting out the tiki torch flames that are set across the field.

Directions: The game is meant to be played at night. Team one is allowed 5 minutes to get into defensive positions. At the sound of the whistle/horn game starts.
Required Players: 10 and up team one 30-40%
Time Limit: 20 min

Objective: Teams must gain the most points before time runs out

Directions: The game is won by points. Points are earned by the amount of time one team occupies a center bunker. One point = One Minute, two points = 2 minutes etc, when players are eliminated they return to their starting point and reenter the game. Both teams can occupy the scoring bunker as long as they each have at least one team member at the base. Ref’s will keep time and points of both teams.

Required Players: 2 and up, equal teams
Time limit: 15 min

Trading post

Objective: Teams must compete against each other to recieve the most hole punches on their card.

Directions: This game is where you have an instructor at the center bunker and two teams of equal members. Each will be assigned a respawn point. At that respawn point a cache of props (pennies, cards, CD's, ect.) will be stored. Each team must try to get to the center bunker and trade with the instructor, their prop for one of his. They then return to their respawn point to drop of the prop and return to the trading point with another of their own props. At the end of the game each team goes and counts their team’s gained props. Each prop is worth 1point.
Required Players: 4 and up, equal teams
Time Limit: 10 minutes.

RLH-Run Like Hell

Objective: Elimination

Directions: All players surrender their markers (keep their ammo) to the refs who in turn, scatter the guns throughout the battle boundaries. Game starts at the sound of the horn/whistle. All players start in the center of the battle boundaries. Last player standing wins.

Required Players: 3 and up. No teams
Time Limit: 15 minutes.

Gold Rush

Objective: Both teams must aquire the most gold before the time runs out.

Directions: There will be 20 or more “gold nuggets” (boxes) spread out in the middle of the field at the start of the game. These nuggets are heavy so players may only carry one at a time. Players are instantly frenzied with gold fever and must yell “GOLD” in order to move with their new found treasure. Players must drop their gold in plain sight if they get hit while prospecting. Players may infiltrate other camps and steal gold from for themselves. All claimed gold must be within 5 feet of your camp (cone). Gold that is not inside this area by the end of the game is lost and cannot be counted for any team. Gold nuggets cannot be thrown in the air, but CAN be passed from player to player. Gold fever makes prospectors mad with greed. This allows for unlimited regeneration. Miners can return to their starting camp/cone as many times as they need to during the game. These players must touch their cone and count aloud to ten before returning to mine or fighting other prospectors.
Required players: 10 and up. Equal teams
Time Limit: 30 minutes.

Objective: Cpt. Kombat has 30 minutes to secure and destroy all illegal Liquor barrels. Capone must keep, hide, and prevent Cpt. Kombat from destroying his liquor. The team with the most liquore barrels at the end of the time limit wins the game.
Directions: Cpt. Kombat and his police unit need to secure and destroy all illegal liquor barrels (empty paintball cases). The exact number of illegal barrels is unknown to law enforcement. They must search and bring back each barrel to their disposal unit (orange cone). Once the barrel is "disposed of," it can not be brought back into play and is permanently gone for the remainder of the game. "Live" law enforcement officers can carry one barrel at a time. If any player gets hit while carrying the case, it must be dropped to the ground immediately. Law enforcement officers can have unlimited regenerations by touching Cpt. Kombat after being hit. Cpt. Kombat cannot regen during the game. Capone will protect his investments at all costs. Capone and his gang will spread these barrels throughout the city. Only Capone knows the exact number of barrels in the field at the start of the game. They must be visible and each must be at least 5 feet apart. Barrels may be relocated by Capone and crew throughout the game. Again, players can carry one barrel at a time. Capone's crew has unlimited regens by touching Capone after being hit. Capone cannot regen during the game.
Required Players: 10 and up. Equal teams
Time Limit: 30 minutes.
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Old 10-15-2012, 06:31 AM #2
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Durham, N.C.
GundogHitman plays in the PSP
GundogHitman owns a Planet Eclipse CSL
GundogHitman plays in the APPA D4 division

Objective: Captain Kombat is being hunted and must stay alive. He has a small force of dedicated warriors who will defend their leader to the death. Cpt. Kombat must 1.) eradicate all of the attacking soldiers, 2.) out last the timer, or 3.) escape to home (raise/lower flag) where he can survive to fight another day.
Directions: Instructors will designate a safe zone for Cpt. Kombat's escape. Kombat and his security go out in the field 5 minutes before the game starts and take cover. The game will begin when a whistle/horn is blown. Kombat's troops can regenerate one time by touching Cpt. Kombat. Team Xtreme players can regenerate one time by touching the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie and Cpt. Kombat will be identified before the game and must wear an orange reflective vest. Neither the Valkyrie nor Kombat can regenerate during this game.
Required Players: 8 players or more. Team Xtreme will have 60 to 70%.
Time Limit: 10 minutes or more.

Rage in a Cage
Objective: Elimination game! Team Xtreme must launch a surprise attack on Kombat camp. Kombat Troops must locate and eliminate the invaders.

Directions: Kombat Troops begin at the center of a field. These warriors face each other in a small circle. Team Xtreme is given 2 minutes to spread out in random locations around the field. Cpt. Kombat's warriors must remain until the instructors whistle/horn. The whistle/horn starts the battle.

Required Players: 10 players or more. Cpt. Kombats Warriors= 70 to 80%

Time Limit: 15 minutes or more.

Civil War
Objective: Elimination Game.

Directions: Teams start back to back. Teams walk 50 paces and turn to face the other line of players. Those who get hit leave the field. Everyone else takes one step closer to each other and fires again. Only fire one shot per round. Players may lean or duck, but cannot move feet to avoid being hit.
Required players: 2 players or more.
Time limit: N/A
Objective: Team Xtreme has 15 minutes to kidnap the VIP behind enemy lines and bring him/her to their starting point. Kombat Troops must protect the VIP at all costs.

Directions: Two equal teams start on opposite sides of battle boundaries. Kombat Troops choose where the instructor may place the VIP. Both teams start at the sound of the whistle/horn. If a soldier is shot while touching the VIP, he must let go of the VIP. Unless a VIP is touched, he must stay in place. Any player caught shooting the VIP will be called out. The VIP is neutral and will cooperate with either side.
Required Players: 5 players or more. Equal teams.
Time limit: 15 minutes.
Additional Option: Neither team knows where the item/vip is. They must secure an item and return to their base with it.

Zombie Apocalypse
Objective: Zombies must kill all Humans. Humans must hunt down and kill all Zombies "elimination style".

Directions: Zombies have 5 minutes to hide within the battlefield boundaries. All Humans must be wearing arm bands or removable identifying markings. Humans announce their hunt with a whistle/horn. Zombies get two separate kills before they are dead. If an Zombie kills a Human, that Human yells “Zombie” takes off their armband and turns into an Zombie. Friendly fire counts as a hit! No player can die more than twice.
Required Paintball Players: 5 players or more. Zombies = 20 to 30% of paintball players.
Time Limit: 15 minutes.
Additional Option: "New" Zombies must regenerate at a designated base when they are transformed.

The Deathstar
Objective: Imperial forces must protect their field target from destruction. The Rebel Forces must invade and destroy the field target by hitting it once. This is an elimination style paintball game.

Directions: Imperial forces enter the field 5 minutes before the opposing team and setup defensive positions around the field target. An instructor starts the game with a whistle/horn. The field target (to be determined by an instructor) must be visible, upright and placed by the instructor.
Required Players: 10 players or more. Evil Empire = 60 to 70 %
Time limit: 15 Min.

The Four Horsemen

Objective: Horsemen to survive and reach the safe zone before the time runs out. Archangels must stop the Horsemen at all costs. Game ends if one team is eliminated or if one horseman makes it through the safe zone.

Directions: Horsemen will start on the opposite side of the boundary area. Archangels will start across from them at the safe zone. The game will start at the sound of the whistle/horn. Horsemen can only be killed with headshots. Each player has only one life.

Required Players: 5 players or more. Horsemen= 10 to 20%.

Time Limit: 5 minutes!

The Crazy Game of Poker

Objective: Earn the most points for your team.

Directions: This game is 3 rounds with a three minute break between rounds. Each round is worth a total of 3, 6, and then 9 points. Players are divided into 4 teams and elect a team captain to represent them. Those team captains bid in front of the instructor for how long their team will hold the base. The team captain with the highest proposed time wins the bid and will attempt to hold the base. The round will start/ end at the sound of a whistle/horn. When the flag is lowered, time stops and points are accrued. If an attacking team is able to hold the base for the proposed time his team is awarded the points. If the three attacking teams are able to take the base before the time, the points are divided and given to the three teams. Attacking teams have infinite respawns. Defenders have one life only. (you do not have to eliminate all defenders to lower the flag/take the base)

Required Players: 4 players or more. Four equal teams.

Time Limit: Varies.

Capture the Center Flag

Objective: Capture the flag in the center of the battlefield and take it to the opponents base.

Directions: Two equal teams start at their base. At the sound of the whistle/horn the game begins. This game can be played with medics, respawns, or none. If medics are used, there should be 1 medic to every 12 players on each team. If a medic is shot, he loses “medic” status and can no longer heal other players. He may be healed by another medic and become a regular player.

Required Players: 6 players or more. Equal teams.

Time Limit: 15-40 minutes depending on number of players.

Bomb da base

Objective: Cpt. Kombat and his troops must plant the bomb, or eliminate all of team Xtreme. Team Xtreme must prevent the bomb from being armed or eliminate Cpt. Kombat and his troops.

Directions: Cpt. Kombat must plant the bomb at one of two targets within the battle boundaries. Both targets will be identified to all players by the instructor. Both teams will start on opposite sides of the battle boundaries. Game will start at the sound of the whistle/horn. If a player carrying the bomb is shot he must drop the bomb where that player stands. Team Xtreme may not touch the bomb. The bomb will be considered armed when an instructer observes a player with the bomb touching the target for a period of 20 seconds.

Required Players: 6 players or more. Equal teams.

Time Limit: 15 minutes.

The XK Hill

Objective: Team Xtreme must fight to keep it's flag raised. Kombat troops must fight to lower the flag. At the end of the time, the team with the flag raised/lowered wins.

Directions: Both teams will start at the opposite end of the battle boundaries at their base. A flag will be in the center of the battlefield. Teams will have infinate respawns at their base. Any player touching his base is invincible (to prevent spawn trapping). Bases will not be in view of the flag.

Required Players: 2 and up. Equal teams.

Time Limit: 10 - 15 minutes.

Variation: No respawns.


Objective: Elimination, last man standing.

Directions: Select one player to be Juggernaut. That player is identified by an orange vest and starts in the center of the field. He can only walk but cannot be eliminated. All other players are given 1 minute to spread out through the battle boundary. At the sound of the whistle/horn the game starts. Last man standing beside the juggernaut is declared the winner.

Required Players: 3 players Minimum - 11 players maximum

Time Limit: 10 minutes.

Variation: Team Xtreme against the Juggernaut. If team Xtreme is able to lower the flag Juggernaut loses.

Kombat Convoy

Objective: Cpt. Kombat has been tasked to drive his convoy through hostile territory. He and his troops must follow directly behind the instructor until he reaches his destination. The Xtreme Assassins must assinate Cpt. Kombat at all costs. If Cpt. Kombat dies, his team loses. If Capt. Kombat is able to make it to his final destination, his team wins.

Directions: The XK assassins are told what route Cpt. Kombat will be taking and then are given 5 minutes to set up their ambush. The game starts at the sound of the whistle/horn. Cpt. Kombat and his troops must follow the instructor. They are not allowed to pass the instructor or fall more than 20 feet behind him.

Required Players: 10 players or more. Xtreme Assasins = 20 to 30%.

Time Limit: 15 minutes.

Tug Of War

Objective: Carry the flag to the opponents base. Elimination.

Directions: Two teams begin on opposite sides of the trail. A flag will be dropped in the middle of the field on the trail. That flag may not be removed from the trail. At the sound of a whistle/horn both teams may begin. A team has won if it eliminates the other team, or is able to push the flag to the enemy team's battle boundary.

Required Players: 2 players or more. Equal Teams.

Time Limit: 15 to 20 minutes.
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Awesome! Thanks for this!
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Definitely some of the more creative games I have seen.
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Fox and the Hounds. 1 player vs 15 and multiples of the same depending on the number of players. The Foxes just go hide on the field. The hounds have to search and destroy within the 15-20 time limits. Some kid just get bored and has to shoot a tree and everyone else comes running. Then they forget the search pattern and it gets random.

Recycle Everyone winds up on the winning team. Good for a late day with fewer players and folks low on paint.

Eliminate all the opposing players. But when you are killed, you go to the opposing base, tag up, and join the game on the OTHER SIDE. People are walking back and forth both way with both arm band colors. Dead man walks are especially allowed. You have to keep an eye on everybody to figure out who is who and on what team this minute. It will be different a minute later. If you allow barrel tags, guys without any paint or air can still have fun playing....

CYBORG Put a guy in a jump suit or the like. Cyborgish .

He needs to be an experienced regular player. Maybe a ref. He starts mid field near a boundry. After the first shots are fired, it wanders aimlessly around mid field giving both sides the same opportunities to capture it.

The game is elimination of the other side OR Capture the flag mid field excluding the cyborg to capture it. Then have multiple or automatic insertions.

The Cyborg is damaged. It will only take voice commands and go in the direction you point. To do that, any player has to put a hand on the Cyborgs shoulder and say what they are to do.

The speech command processor is also damaged and not that sophisticated in the first place. It is quite literal in interpreting what is said to it.

You have to be careful what you say. "Kill everybody" means your side too.

It does not understand the word "AND" It will do only the first part and not the second.

"Kill everyone in that bunker and come back here." Results in killing everyone in that bunker and then it STOPS. Instead you say, "Come back here in 2 minutes after you kill players in that bunker. You say kill all the players and he might not be able to do that in 2 minutes and get back in time.

Because it is damaged, it goes into default mode after 3 minutes if not given another manual voice command. It simply stops when the egg timer goes off. Goes neutral, gun pointing up. Starts wandering around. Anybody can walk right up to it and reprogram it. Like making LOVE, timing is everything....

Of course, any player can interrupt its program by reprograming it. Touch it and say "Go there." You might die but it is captured.

It is pretty much chaos until one side figures out how to utilize it to their advantage.

One last thing. It can't be killed......
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......

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There are scenario like short mission games. Good for attracting scenario players and giving the rec players a taste of scenario play for your upcoming game. Also can try out proposed missions on 2-3 combined fields.

Tactical Nuke by Terrorists

Load up a 72 quart cooler with 40 pound or so of water jugs/bottles. A 5 gallon bucket full of dirt works too. Lid ON. That is the tactical nuke.

To objective is for the Terrorist to move it within range of the Marine Base and detonate it by hollaring "BOOM!" Suicide mission. The player saying Boom has to be touching it. It requires two terrorists to move it. One on each handle or at least touching it while it is being moved.

Depending on numbers and size of field boundarys, the terrorist can deploy an number of 'sniper's whos mission is to SLOW UP the Marines. 2 snipers vs 30 Marines seem about right. They can be anywhere on the field but generally take the high ground and best defensive cover. The marines have to turn their backs away from the field while they are deploying the snipers.

The Marines mission is to prevent the nuke from being detonated. They can keep them from crossing the boundary line they have to get it across to detonate. They can eliminate all the terrorists. The Terrorists have whatever you decide is the time limit before the air support - carpet bombing of the entire area ends the game. Of course the Marines can capture the tactical nuke before it is detonated. It has to be detonated manually by a player touching it saying Boom.

Blow Something UP Hand out 2-3 Satchel Charges. $2 Goodwill Purse. Sox full of rags tied. Nerf Rocket. Something they can easily throw 15-20 feet that won't hurt anyone.

Pick an objective mid field to blow up. Bunker, Bridge, car, tire pile.

Both start at their insertion. Time limited game. Blow the horn. One side defends, the other attacks. The satchel charge has to HIT the objective while in the air. No bouncing up to it. The throwing player hollars BOOM - The refs call Game Over if it is destroyed.

It only takes ONE satchel charge to do the job. You have spares to throw. If you throw and miss, it is dead. But who is to say you can't use one or two for a weapon to blow players up? Toss it at a bunker and hollar BOOM and it kills everyone within a 25 foot radius including your own players.

If a satchel carrier gets killed. He drops the satchel charge and anyone can pick it up on either side. If the satchel charge gets hit with a paintball it detonates and everyone within 25 feet gets killed. This allows some creative thinking and tactics to try for both offense and defense.
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......
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great ideas working ongame types that would play well with 15-30 plays maybe multiple teams.
Yuc Underground
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For hostage... Can the VIP move or is he stuck in one place?
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I'll have to show this to the field I play at to try n add some new stuff a lot of it sounds fun!
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