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Old 07-23-2012, 11:31 PM #1
ArchAngel Hades
Join Date: Jul 2012
Another Crossover Review

Long time player, first time poster.

I didn't see to many other threads on the Crossover so here are my thoughts on the marker.

The first thing I noticed when I received Tippmann's newest marker, the Crossover, is the small, eco-friendly box. You will not find any bulky Styrofoam or molded plastic. Do not be afraid that the eco-friendly packaging will not protect your marker. Tippmann has a reputation of durability and this marker does not disappoint. Also, don't let the size of the box fool you; what is contained inside is definitely impressive in a huge way.

Opening the box reveals the marker. Be ready for a surprise. This marker is streamlined and compact compared to Tippmann's previous markers. This marker is build for players who want speed, durability, impressive features, versatility, and great design.

Design - The forced aluminum receiver is built tough. I am not worried that this marker not going to allow for an aggressive style of play, on both a rugged woodsball and tournament field. No need to be shy with this marker.

Like the TippmannX-7 Phenom, the Crossover marker also features the FlexValve Technology which allows the marker to operate in electronic or mechanical mode. This means a player can go all out on a tournament field in electronic mode and with a flip of the selector switch, be in manual mode where the player is in has more trigger control. With the marker in manual mode, there is no need to worry about battery levels or running out of paint too quickly. This marker allows the player to choose which mode they prefer in any given situation and easily make a switch when the situation changes.

The front grip and trigger guard are nicely designed fit to allow the player a really tight and compact body stance, (elbows tucked together in front of the chest) greatly minimizing a players profile while advancing forward on the field. This marker is comfortable to hold for the right or the left handed player. The only drawback in regards to the double trigger guard is the pointed front tip. Try not to rest this tip on your wrist to balance the weight of the marker or stabilize your shooting. Due to the shape of this tip, it can be painful to do so. The provided double trigger has a solid metal feel (doesn't feel like it would break when squeezed) and has enough length for a player to easily "walk the trigger".

Another notable feature is the clamp on the feedneck. I was able to easily adjust the tightness of the clamp, during play, with gloves and I didn't have to worry about it coming loose. It was also great to not have to use any tools to make the adjustments.

Two of my favorite design features are the internal gasline and the grip covers. The grip covers are very comfortable and help ensure that my hands remain strong and help keep me out at a field longer.

Air Source Options - While Tippmann recommends that the Crossover use compressed air/nitrogen, CO2 is also compatible (see the user manual for suggested tips for best results). I used compressed air when testing the marker and didn't see any large spikes in consistency when testing the marker. Also when testing this marker there was little recoil, thanks to the marker's spool valve design. Less recoil increases accuracy between shots.

Technology - The marker's electronic board is factory pre-programmed with tons of firing modes but players still have the ability to customize the settings to adjust the settings to exactly how they like it. The manual is very informative and provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the settings. Some of the preset firing modes include semi-auto, auto-response, 3-shot burst, PSP, NPPL, and Millennium. The board also includes a tournament lock, to help ensure safety on the paintball field. No need to upgrade this marker's board, it already has it all!

Looking inside the marker, for the Crossover, Tippmann relocated the placement of and added an additional ball detent. The detent is no longer on the bottom of the breech but has it has been moved to the left and right sides, just forward of where the ball drops from the centerfeed feedneck. This allows for Tippmann's first introduction of intergraded anti-chop eyes to their line of markers. This electronic beam keeps track of whether or not a ball is properly loaded in the breach, and keeps the marker from firing if the ball is not in place, reduced the number of paint breaks inside the marker. I did not run into any problems with paint breakage using a midlevel paint and a force feed hopper with this marker.

Barrel - The included barrel was accurate while I tested the marker using midlevel paint. The paint used was roughly six months old but was still in good condition, not brittle or dimpled.

Bonus - A few extra items worth mentioning: the product manual and Tippmann's customer service. The included product manual is very thorough. Tippmann did an excellent job in providing valuable information to the player. The manual not only includes safety instructions but detailed information on how to maintain, troubleshoot, and program the marker. There are also several images and schematics, parts lists, and easily read disassembly instructions. On top of that Tippmann has a global reputation for excellent, top-notch customer service which they fight hard to keep on a daily basis. They can be reached easily reached through a toll free customer service number, email, or through the internet.

When you buy a Tippmann marker, you are not only buying an affordable, quality, and durable product, you are buying their excellent customer service should you ever have an issue and need to utilize their assistance. With this Crossover marker, Tippmann once again delivers!

Overall - With all of the features included features Tippmann has integrated into the Crossover marker, there is very little need upgrade this marker. Right out of the box, this marker is versatile and will fit any player's needs. Whether you prefer woodsball, speedball, or the rush of laying down paint loads of paint in a tournament, this marker is ready from action on any type of field you choose to play!
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Old 08-19-2012, 12:11 PM #2
Deep South Baller
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Originally Posted by ArchAngel Hades View Post
The first thing I noticed when I received Tippmann's newest marker, the Crossover, is the small, eco-friendly box. You will not find any bulky Styrofoam or molded plastic. Do not be afraid that the eco-friendly packaging will not protect your marker. Tippmann has a reputation of durability and this marker does not disappoint. Also, don't let the size of the box fool you; what is contained inside is definitely impressive in a huge way.
Do you work for Tippmann? Because this is hilarious! "small, eco friendly box. You will not find any bulky styrofoam or molded plastic." This is the first time I have read a review where a case sounds like a bad thing.

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Old 08-19-2012, 06:02 PM #3
Saltine or Graham?
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So is this he perfect gun?
Because I don't see any cons.
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Old 08-19-2012, 07:34 PM #4
Guy In Digi Camo
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-Not really a fan of the whole intergrated air line thing but its personal preference.

-No on/off asa

-weighs slightly more than most markers in its class, again not a big deal for me but some people will complain.

-not sure how fields feel about switching between the mech and electo mode for tournaments. Im not sure how fast the mech mode can go but i can go 16bps on semi electros and psp limits to 12.5

-could have came with a 14" 2 piece barrel kit since it is a "crossover" marker, i always found a 14' barrel to do good on both sides of the playing field.

-only goes up to 15bps with stock board

-that front grip looks hideous i hope its comfortable
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Old 09-28-2012, 11:31 PM #5
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yeah the box is not what I worry about.

con: out of the box you need to pull the trigger spring out and reprogram it.

There are not enough after market upgrades yet. The stock barrel sucks, the Null from deadly wind works great so far.

I have never switched to manual mode... don’t see the point, a nine volt gets me through 2 to 3 cases.


when you program the marker correctly it keeps up with any market I come up againts.

I have been spanking pp with their 1000+ markers.... its got all you need to play against any gun.

I have fallen on the gun, dropped it, and have had no issues.

I can strip it, lub it, clean it and put it back together in 3 min.

I have shot about 50 cases through it and chopped 3 balls

for a 425 price tag it is as good as any marker I have come across.

Oh yeah the last guy that wrote a review must work for tippman lol, its good but not perfect. What is.

It shoots ropes

bottom line: the difference between the crossover and other markers in small, its the player not the player its the gun. There a good number markers in that price range and the crossover is right there with any of them. Unless you a pro paintball player.... and really how many are there, this gun is all you need. I call it the Axe killer.

oh yeah th

May not be the best marker on the market but it's all you need.

Note: the trigger pull sucks unless you pull the spring, after that it's a bit like a mag with eye's and a faster fire rate.

There are a number of good markers in this price range; if you know how to program this marker correctly you will be happy.

Is it better gun than the axe? I can’t say, I can say it has a 2 year warranty and the difference is not discernable with other markets I have tried.

When I get back on a team I may upgrade but I have been playing speedball with it and am happy with it.

Oh yeah, I get to use a crossover that doesn’t try and look like a military style marker, its finally tippmann made a gun that doesn’t look ridiculous

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Old 11-06-2012, 10:49 AM #6
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This exact same review was posted on amazon and the guy who posted it has written these exact same reviews on every single tippman product released on amazon 1 by 1. He has never reviewed a non-tippman item. I am pretty disappointed in their recent shady advertisement scheme. view <- Here is a link that shows every review this guy wrote including this exact same review on amazon.
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