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Old 09-16-2012, 07:51 AM #1
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Double Kitting / Quad Kitting - iFit & Freak

Hey everyone. I did some research on here and found 1 thread regarding double kitting. However, the results never came to.

I have an Angel SB stock barrel kit w/ Sly Fly Carbon Fiber Tip. I bought an extra a1 back to I can mess it up without a worry when I play outdoors. That back is .695 The Sly Fly Carbon Fiber Tip is .700

Im thinking about getting the .695 back bored out for freak inserts.

Stock SB Control Back - 6 3/4 (inches in length)

Sly Fly Tip - 7 1/4 (inches in length) (Total Length of Barrel is 13 3/8 when assembled)

Freak Insert - 5 1/16 (inches in length)

SO If I do get the .695 back bored out for Freak inserts, I'll have, say,

.684 Freak insert of 5 1/16 of control

Stepped up to the remainder SB Back .695 of 1 11/16

Then Sly Fly .700 tip of 7 1/4.

So the ball will travel through 3 different bore sizes in a barrel. Will I see results compared to, say, DeadlyWind, which is just 2 bore sizes in a barrel??


With the results I like to see from this setup below, I have yet not seen it anywhere else. (NOTE: Freak Insert is in the SB back for the setup below)

iFit--->Freak--->SB Back(1 11/16 Control)--->Sly Fly Tip

iFit(.680)--->Freak(.684)--->SB Back(.695)--->Sly Fly Tip(.700)

With 4 control sizes in a barrel, will I see results!?! Has this been done? With just over 2,000 shots Im getting from the SB, Im not looking to get 3,000, but even more improved Accuracy??? The accuracy from just my other SB back(.685) is freaking awesome! I cant really see getting even more better.

Please, don't tell me to just leave it alone. Obviously I can't! I just got lucky with RPS Advantage Paint and happened to be a perfect fit in my .685 SB Back. I need inserts for other brands of paint.

Would love to hear what you guys think about running 4 bore sizes in a barrel and the outcome. Thanks all!
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Old 09-20-2012, 01:30 PM #2
Killer Carton
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You may see an increase in efficiency but I doubt your accuracy will improve. To be honest, once you get to the third bore size the ball will not be affected by the barrel much more.

EDIT: Herp derp, meant to type "in efficiency" not "inefficiency."
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Originally Posted by Killer Carton
You may see an increase in inefficiency but I doubt your accuracy will improve. To be honest, once you get to the third bore size the ball will not be affected by the barrel much more.
Wow. Never thought it would be inefficient by running 4 bore sizes, obviously by running the smallest to the biggest in its way out of the barrel. I really appreciate you being the sole person replying. I'll go with just boring out my stock back for freak inserts.
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Old 09-21-2012, 10:43 AM #4
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I always thought it would be cool to run an iFit and then a back and open it up to a tip. I really don't know how it would do. I guess it just depends on decreasing friction while still keeping a seal around the ball. I say a .680 opening up to a .684 is ideal, but once it reaches the tip, it doesn't matter if its .695 or .700, air can still get around the ball. What I like to do is tape around some of the porting on my 14" freak tip so it goes from .684 to the freak tip bore (.700?) but the gas doesn't escape. It is still behind the ball but most of the pressure has left off and then it reaches the porting and is all released. Makes for a very quiet and efficient barrel.
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Old 09-25-2012, 07:30 PM #5
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Just some immediate thought on this:

It might actually increase efficiency if the control bore has multiple steps, and here is why I think so (this is just bar room science so don't quote me):

With an overbored barrel, a lot of gas escapes around the paintball. The smaller the bore, the less gas will escape, until you get to a size where the paintball will completely seal the gasses to the breach side of the paintball. The strength of the seal required lessons as the paintball accelerates. I think that ideally the control bore shouldn't be stepped, but gradual; however it should be underbored the whole way. My reasoning is to keep the benefit of underboring the whole length of the control bore, but to lesson the unnecessary friction. As for the transition from control to non control, I don't know if it would be better for it to be stepped or gradual.

Your idea should be pretty easy to test, however will require multiple barrels. Here is what I would test:

Chrono a .683 barrel so that the last 20 shots average to 280 fps. Then switch to .679 barrel, 20 shots, record average fps of those 20 shots (you want to see what the .679 does to the FPS compared to the .683). Then do a setup of .679 iFit on the back of a .683.

IDEALLY, all three should have the same control bore lengths and same total lengths, but without custom made barrels I don't see this happening.

EDIT: as for your specific case of that middle (or 3rd) bore, I think it is too big and too far along to make a difference.

EDIT EDIT: to give numbers for my idea, say it is a 7" control bore, the first 1" is .679, then it gradually increases to .683 to .685 from there, then the tip could be .700.
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