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Old 07-16-2012, 06:57 PM #169
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try just asking around the field
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Old 07-18-2012, 03:54 AM #170
mannhurst.hurst6 (Banned)
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Do your homework when choosing a web design firm.

Good designers are creative people that need to think out of the box. Finding a good web designer is getting harder and harder. The good designers are being snatched by agencies and large projects. They are overloaded with work and often, you won't know about them because they don't have time (or need) to market themselves. Doing your homework and asking the right questions is important to decide if they are right for the job.

Regardless whether you manage a small business, charitable organization, or Fortune 500 company, choosing the right web design firm can quickly become a full-time research project. With thousands of design firms to choose from, what factors truly determine which design firm is best for your business?

The primary considerations for choosing a web design firm are:

* Price

* Customer service/access to support

* Credibility indicators of the design firm

* Portfolio and design experience

* Other services offered (domain renewal, hosting, SEO)

* Turnaround time

Let's take a closer look at each consideration in detail, and explore how to identify and qualify the right design firm.


Like many products and services we purchase, both personally and professionally, deciding on a web design firm can often come down to price. But the value of the services rendered is really what's important. A $200 web site usually turns out to look, feel and perform like a $200 web site.

The price of your site's development will depend on three factors: the features of the site, the amount of content, and the service options included with the design package, such as hosting.

Because pricing varies by firm, here are several principles to use when determining the validity and value of a web design quote:

* Does the quote state one all-inclusive price for the entire project?

* Is there a reoccurring monthly fee for hosting?

* Is the site custom-built, or is it customization of an existing template?

* Is there a separate fee for content development, such as writing sales copy?

* Is domain registration/management included in the package?

* Will the firm provide multiple design concepts, prior to actual development?

It's important to compare quotes from at least three firms to, determine the value of the services offered. Looking for the best value is important in a competitive service market.

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Old 07-18-2012, 04:13 AM #171
mannhurst.hurst6 (Banned)
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As afternoon fades into evening, scarce clouds hover on the horizon. For a sailor in his Wayfarer, an ominous feeling cannot be shaken. A voice breaks the persistent silence between the rushing of water against the sailboat, "Crew Overboard!" It is not something anyone wants to hear while sailing, but these few simple tips about rescuing crew members is invaluable. First it is important to note the position of the overboard crewmember and mark the time. In the instance that there is a current, the crewmember could change position over time. Throw as many flotation devices to the overboard crewmember as possible, as it will help the person overboard, and also create a localized area enclosing the person. Have at least one person on the crew spot the overboard crewmember while rescue is underway so that he or she is always being monitored. If the size of the crew is minimal, one of the crew may have to let go of the jib and maneuver with the main sail alone.Use either the Quick Stop Method or Figure 8 (Quick Turn) Method to bring the crewmember back on board the sailboat.The Quick Stop Method is advantageous when performed correctly, as it is a fast technique. This method also allows for the boat to stay close to the overboard crewmember, therefore making it easier to spot him or her. However this method is disadvantageous since a gybe maneuver must be performed which can be difficult in high winds or especially when the crew is minimal. The Quick Stop Method also cannot be performed if on a run. The Figure 8 (Quick Turn) Method is advantageous as it can be preformed from any point of sail, and because a gybe is not required. However trading in for these advantages leaves the consequence of being farther away from the overboard crewmember and possibly lose sight of him or her. Successful retrieval of the crewmember will also depend on the availability of safety equipment such as flotation devices. It will also help if the crewmember is wearing a life jacket. While most regulations require life jackets, ideally the life jacket should have the boat's name, and be fitted with reflective material and a whistle. Preferably, the whistle should be one that does not have balls in them, since when filled with water, they are significantly harder to blow. The life jacket should also contain a flare so that in the event of poor visibility, the overboard crewmember could light it to signal his or her location in the water. Of course in the occurrence of a serious problem with the boat itself, it is essential to have a liferaft. The liferaft should be stowed in a location that allows its retrieval in 15 seconds or less. If the liferaft is heavy, greater than 90 pounds in weight, it should not be stowed below deck. Make sure to verify that the life raft is kept up to date and inflated every so often so that in a critical moment, it operates as expected. It also is wise to keep a ditch bag, which contains emergency meal rations and water, in an easily accessible location.Sailing can be dangerous, but only if proper safety rules are not followed. As long as the crew remains calm and vigilant, there is no foreseeable reason that the crew cannot have a great day out on the water.

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Old 07-18-2012, 04:31 AM #172
mannhurst.hurst6 (Banned)
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What is web hosting? Whenever you visit a website, what you see on your web browser is essentially just a web page that is downloaded from the web server onto your web browser. In general, a web site is made up of many web pages. And a web page is basically composed of texts and graphic images. All these web pages need to be stored on the web servers so that online users can visit your website. Therefore, if you plan to own a new website, you will need to host your website on a web server. When your website goes live on the web server, online users can then browse your website on the Internet. Company that provides the web servers to host your website is called web hosting providers. A well-established web hosting provider sometimes hosts up to thousands of websites. For example, iPowerWeb is a popular web hosting company that hosts more than 300,000 websites. For that reason, a web hosting company need many web servers (essentially, these are computers) to 'store' the website. And all these web servers are connected to the Internet through high speed Internet connection and housed in a physical building called 'data center'. In order to guarantee all the web servers are safe, secure and fully operational all time, a data center is a physically secure 24/7 environment with fire protection, HVAC temperature control, virus detections, computer data backup, redundant power backup and complete disaster recovery capabilities.
What are the different types of web hosting?
There are different kinds of web hosting companies out there with different characteristics. The main types of web hosts can be organized into the following categories:
Shared Hosting
In shared hosting (also known as virtual web hosting), many websites are sharing the space on the same physical web servers. Depending on the web host, a physical web server can hosts a few hundred to even thousand of different websites at one time. You may wonder if a physical web server is shared by so many websites, will the performance of the web server deteriorate? In fact, web servers are usually equipped with high-end powerful computer, therefore it can support up to a certain number of websites without any problem. But when the web server is overloaded and exceeded the reasonable number of websites that it can support, then you will begin to experience a slower response from the web server. However, a reputable and experience web hosting provider will constantly monitor the performance of the web server and will add new web servers when deem necessary without sacrificing the benefits of the website owners. Since a physical web server is shared (diskspace, computer processing power, bandwidth, memory) by many websites, the web hosting provider can therefore afford to offer a lower hosting price. For the same reason, websites on the shared hosting would have to accept slower server response time. Typically, shared hosting plans start at $5 - $20 per month.
Dedicated Hosting
In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated hosting assigned a specific web server to be used only by one customer. Since a dedicated web server is allocated to only a single customer, the customer has the option to host single/multiple web sites, modify the software configuration, handle greater site traffic and scale the bandwidth as necessary. Therefore, dedicated hosting commands a higher premium and typically starts at $50 per month and can range up to $200 - $500 per month. As a result, dedicated hosting is regularly used by high traffic and extremely important website.
Co-location hosting
In dedicated hosting, the web server belongs to the web hosting providers and customers only rent the web server during the hosting period. While in co-location hosting, the customer owns the web server hardware and only housed their web server within the web hosting provider's secure data center. In this way, the customer has full control over their web server and simultaneously benefit from the 24/7 server monitoring and maintenance provided by the secure data center. Depending on the monthly bandwidth and rack space required, typically co-location hosting range from $500 - $1000 per month.
Reseller hosting
In reseller hosting, a web hosting provider offers web server storage to third-party (i.e. reseller) at a discount price, who then resell the web server storage to their customers. Typically, resellers are web consultants including web designers, web developers, or system integration company who resell the web hosting as a add-on service to complement their other range of services. Commonly, resellers can receive up to 50 percent discount on the price of a hosting account from the web hosting provider. And resellers are allowed to decide its own pricing structure and even establish its own branding (in other words, reseller setup its web hosting company on the Internet and start selling web hosting plans under its brand). To the reseller's customers, the reseller is the web host provider. In cases when technical problems such as server down and access problem arise, the resellers will have to correspond directly with the actual web host provider. Due to the communication process taken place between customer to reseller and from reseller to actual web host provider and back and forth, undoubtedly problems will take longer time to resolve. Unless you are running your own personal website or non-profit website and willing to take the risks of poor support from the reseller, reseller hosting is generally not a good option.

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Old 07-23-2012, 02:04 AM #173
mannhurst.hurst6 (Banned)
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Going to Thailand for a holiday is a great idea and booking luxury villas for rent might just make it even greater. Here are some pointers worth considering if you want this option.What are reservations like? It depends on the season. Summertime can be particularly busy times to book a Thailand villa. You might be competing with locals and foreign tourists who want to go to the beach. Songkran, or the traditional New Year, is also another time to watch out for since people will likely be in celebratory moods. If you wish to avoid all these hassles, make reservations during the off peak season. Beaches will have less crowds and you are likely to have the sand and shores all to yourself and your family. How much is a luxury villa for rent anyway? Rates vary on the amenities you want. For instance, some might feature a rate of $202 per night if you want something with four rooms with four bathrooms and a private pool. You may need to pay a higher amount if you want a villa with more rooms and access to a private pool. This arrangement might have premium rates, but trust us when we say it's worth every penny. When you reserve this villa, you and your family get to enjoy all the luxurious rooms available. You also will enjoy swimming whenever you like. The privacy is also superb since you can just laze around all day in the rooms or delight in the pool's clear waters. Access to Wi-Fi is also available as you book luxury villas for rent so connecting to the Internet is not a problem. Daily maid services will also make sure everything will be cleaned and put in place as you enjoy your stay. How do I get to Thailand villa? It depends on the location. If the villa is in Phuket, for example, you have a variety of transport options available. You can take buses to travel in the city and get you to your destination. You can also try Thailand's very own motorbike taxis if you want to get there faster. Make sure to ask the airport information booth regarding bus routes and possible stops if you are riding one. The last thing you will need is to be on a location miles away from where you are supposed to be. The same should apply when you want to take the local taxi. Ask the specific roads your potential driver should take so you can get to your destination and avoid traffic jams.If you enjoy driving, book with a car rental before you get to the nation kingdom. Various car rental companies offer a variety of cars you might want to drive. In taking this option, however, be prepared to apply in advance for a license. You also need to know the traffic rules and routes. Bring a comprehensive map or a GPS that works because you will need these at all times. These are very important factors so you will not end up lost or in jail due to a violation. Of course, all these pointers will be useless unless you find a luxurious Thailand villa. To do this, log online and check reviews. Using the Internet can yield you the best possible choice for that great getaway.

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Old 07-24-2012, 05:09 AM #174
mannhurst.hurst6 (Banned)
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Property taxes are one of the largest line item costs incurred by apartment owners. However, many owners do not appeal effectively. Even though owners realize that property taxes can be managed and reduced through an appeal, some view taxes as an arbitrary estimate provided by the government which can't effectively be appealed. It tends to boil down to the old adage, "You can't fight city hall".

Fortunately, the property tax appeal process in Texas provides owners multiple opportunities to appeal. Handled either directly by the owner or by a property tax consultant, this process should involve an intense effort to annually appeal and minimize property taxes. Reducing the largest line item expense has a significant effect in reducing the owner's overall operating expenses. While it is not possible to entirely escape the burden of paying property taxes, it is possible to reduce taxes sharply, often by 25% to 50%.

Why some owners don't appeal

Some property owners don't appeal because they either don't understand the process, or don't understand that there is a good probability of achieving meaningful reductions in property taxes. Some owners believe that since the market value of their property exceeds the assessed value, then it is not possible to appeal and reduce the property taxes. Although appeals on unequal appraisal are relatively new, there is a clear-cut way to appeal property taxes at the administrative hearing level based on unequal appraisal. Unequal appraisal occurs when property is assessed inconsistently with neighboring properties or comparable properties. Also, some owners are reluctant to hire a property tax consultant, even though many consultants will work on a contingent fee basis, in which there is no cost to the owner unless property taxes for the current year are reduced.

Overview of appeal process

The following are the primary steps in the annual process for appealing property taxes:

Request notice of accessed value

File an appeal

Prepare for hearing

. Review records

. Review market value appeal

. Review unequal appraisal appeal

Set negotiating perimeters

Administrative hearings

Decide whether binding arbitration or judicial appeals are warranted

Pay taxes timely

Requesting a notice of assessed value

Property owners have the option of requesting a notice of assessed value for their property annually. Section 25.19g of the Texas Property Tax Code provides the owner the option to request a written notice of the assessed value from the chief appraiser. Owners benefit from requesting and receiving a written notice of assessed value for each property because it ensures they have an opportunity to review the assessed value. This notice should be sent on an annual basis. The appraisal district does not have to send a notice of assessed value if the value increases by less than $1,000. However, if an owner was not satisfied with a prior year's value and the value remained the same, the appraisal district probably will not send a notice of the assessed value for the current year. In this situation, the owner might forget to protest since a notice of assessed value for the property was not received.

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anyone from the toledo are wanting to play
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Yah I'm looking for a team.
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Hi guys, new to this place. Just thought I'd tell you what I do with my team.

In the off season me and my boys play a lot of lasertag to work on our teamwork. It gets far too cold up here to go ballin' for half of the year. Lasertag keeps our wits sharp and keeps us used to working together.

A bonus is that we're usually playing against 12-15 year olds. It gets us in the habit of aiming lower which equals lower trunk shots when we get on the real battlefield.
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Everyone I Have A Rare Paintball Inflatable Ogre Target For Sale..6 Feet Tall..they Only Made A Few Of These And Are Amazing , I Only Used It Once And Comes With The Box And Everything Included With It ...please Call Me At 410-804-3583 If You Want To Purchase It , Thanks ... I Can Even Throw In A Free Spyder Sonix With Co2 , Hopper , And Elbow
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do you think three man tournys is a good start
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Good help.
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OP-4 Paintball
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thanks for the info
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Thanks, some of it was common sense but then some of it was relaly helpful (:
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Ive been playing for quite a while now i want to start a team now how many man teame would yall suggest for this being my first team??
Release the dogs of War
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Old 03-19-2013, 05:57 PM #185
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Great tips! Thanks!
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Old 03-21-2013, 11:46 PM #186
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Thanks for putting good input out there!
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Post Number 1 of 5
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Old 04-21-2013, 07:10 PM #188
terror squad
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thanks you guys have alot of good advice
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Great tips
Spyder Sonix
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