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Porkins McClarin
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Funny Military joke

Heard this hilarious joke from the speaker at a recent change of command, thought some folks in here might find it funny.

So after a long day of military briefings an aiforce general,a navy general, a marine general, and an army general are all gathered boasting about how tough and bad *** their soldiers are. Each one tells great stories of courage and other such splendor, finally one of the generals suggests that a demonstration is in order to finally put to rest whos soldiers have the most balls. The airforce general calls over one low ranking airman, and explains to him that he needs to prove to these guys that the airforce has the most balls, he tell him to climb to the top of a 100 foot tall tower thats near by and jump off, "roger that sir", the airman quickly replies he climbs to the top backs up to the back edge, runs and jumps spreading his arms like the wings of a fighter jet, and quickly falls to his death. The airforce general looks at the others and says, 'see told you we have the toughest guys around'. The navy general says, 'thats, nothing check this out' he calls over the closest seaman, and explains to him the situation and that he needs to one-up the airforce guys. the seaman without hesitation climbs to the top of the tower when he gets to the top he pulls out 2 m9 pistols and begins to wildy fire them into the air, as he does this he runs and jumps and falls to his death. the marine general, looking very unimpressed, says, 'wow you guys really think thats ballsy, check this out', he calls over his closest marine, and says, 'you know what you gotta do', the marine nods his head and runs over to the tower when he gets to the top he pops 3 smoke grenades and lets them fall to the base of the tower, they begin to spew red, white and blue smoke, he gets a running start pops off 2 star cluster that burst in the air as he leaps, he pulls an m60 that was slung on his back around and blasts of a chain of rounds, and shortly after hits the ground and is very clearly dead. all the generals are amazed and look truly impressed, all except the army general. he looks at his fellow generals and says, 'really, thats all you got, check this out', he calls over a nearby private and says,' private did you see what just happened', the private quickly responded with, 'roger sir', the general then said, 'i need you to go to the top of that tower and leap to your death as well, but you need to make it more impressive than any of the other jumpers, do you understand', the private stood quietly for a moment, looked up at the top of the tower and then back down to the general, 'sir', he said, 'with all do respect, you are out of your ****ing mind if you think im gonna go up there and jump off', the private quickly turned and walked away. all the generals stood with their mouths wide open in disbelief, 'see', said the army general, 'i told you my soldiers have the most balls'.
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Delta Farce
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Not bad.
Kick *** military apparel _ Mars Strategic

"May god have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."
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