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Old 01-28-2012, 02:39 PM #127
They Call Me Rain
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Originally Posted by Little_PB_Newb View Post
oh please, keep crying about your first world pre pubescent problems.
Originally Posted by ErrorCode6263 View Post
Wow you are kind of a dick
Not just in this forum bro. Lol
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Old 01-29-2012, 06:57 PM #128
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Hello everyone,

We just recently moved to La Grande, Oregon from Pasco, Washington and does anyone know the area? I am also new to Pbnation as well. I let my kid's on here to but they just want to buy everything they see so it's always supervised. Other than that thanks for all of the advise and support.

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Old 02-03-2012, 11:54 PM #129
Boom Boom Bang
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All you parents are awesome! I'm so glad my dad is starting to get into paintball!
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Old 02-08-2012, 11:57 AM #130
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i dont under stand why 12 or 13 year old kids have like 2 -3 grand setup why would some one pay for that when they just tho it around
I occasionally had to play with young Mr. Bush here in St. Louis. As in Anhieser?/ Bush Beer. I drank enough of it. Why can't I spell it? Drank too much of it maybe. Brain damage...

Guess who the corporate sponsor for HIS tournament team was? Had the best that money could buy for him and all his friends on his team. Too bad they weren't even competitive in the regional tourneys.

Something about not knowing the value of a buck, a work ethic, and irresponsibility seem to all run together.

Then at the local rec field, we had "The TWINS" . Mom dropped them off in the Mercedes dressed for a lunch over in Ladu with her fur and jewels. The kids had the best and greatest paintball technology for a couple of 13 year olds. Two cases of paint each. Loved the spray and pray with their full autos.... They also had a bad habit of not calling themselves out when they were hit, arguing with the refs, and refusing to leave the field when told they were out. REAL FUN to play with.

I hate to admit it but we stepped into the gutter with them. Me and the boys. They were inside a 40" concete pipe and for some strange reason the last two players playing on their team. The game was over and they had been hit multiple times and ignored the refs who should have blown the whistle, called game over, and we could all leave, and let them STAY in the pipe if they wanted to.

I gave the boys a nod. They fired in the front and I in the back. Kept firing while asking them if they were out YET? When they stopped screaming they finally figured out they should admit to being out... Duh?

Ref saw it all. Didn't say a word. I THINK he was smiling......

Went and told the field owner what we did and said we shouldn't have and were leaving for the day.

Learned a lesson: If anyone realizes they are NOT having fun on the playing field, they should take themselves OFF the field. Don't ruin everyone elses fun...

The reason God created AspHoles is so we don't take to good people around us for granted..... 98% of the players figure out that nobody had fun if the honor system doesn't work.

Keep that in mind next time you run into one...... Think that thought and smile. Hopefully they will ask why you are smiling...... And you can share my bit of philosophy... Don't try it on your boss.....

The owner told me later that Mom did an "Oh MY GOD!!!" when they showed her the welts.... He talked to her and he explained that the kids were refusing to follow the rules and players on the field got frustrated and administered some 'field justice'. He told them we left the field right after it happened and told the boys and their mom that they will be asked to leave if they do not follow the referees instuctions on the field in the future and obey the field rules.

Last time I saw "The Twins". Probably turned 14 and had to get a pair of X Boxes and stayed in the rec room for 2 years, Turned 16 and got matching Corvettes. 16 1/2 Got matching caskets.... Who knows??? That was the path their life was on. Parents that just bought things for their kids instead of being PARENTS that teach values..
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......

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Old 02-10-2012, 10:34 AM #131
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I can hardly wait till my kids are old enough to go with me (assuming they will continue to have an interest in trying). It's always nice when my hobbies cross over into things they have an interest in.
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Old 02-13-2012, 08:33 PM #132
need a funny sig
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my stepdad is paralized so he can't play but he said he would if he could and quite frankly thats enough for me.
my real dad is always talking about how we are not close and how i don't talk alot so i tried to get him to ball with me but he said it was to expensive or the game is on or some half-assed excuse. if he could see me at the park his perspective would change because at the field im so social to the point that it is annoying. my friends and girlfriend are in it. my lady friends and girlfriend have made a sister team to us guys in the group so yeah i try to suck all the fun that i can before going to my dad's house
I wish paintball was on tv i really do....but im also glad its makes things mainstream and mainstream things bring in people who want to be cool by doing what every one else does..........i like playing with people who dont mind spending thousands of dollars on paintball not wannabe losers.
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Old 02-23-2012, 10:23 AM #133
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I'm a dad who got my son into Paintball last year. I've played almost all of my life, so I know what it's all about. I've also been luck enough to get in pretty good with the local indoor place and know the people there. We've started a young guns team which includes my son and some of his friends.

I think for the kids who's parents don't support them, try and get them on the field just once with you. If they can get themselves one kill, and feel that rush of adrenaline, they might change their minds about it. Maybe get them out to a local tourney that has a young guns division. They'll see other parents out and having fun watching their kids. It might help change their minds...
James B.
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Old 02-26-2012, 08:54 AM #134
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There are LOTS of players with physical impairments that play SCENARIO paintball. The OLD guys like me build a tank so they don't have to RUN anymore. The ones with bad knees or a bypass and even some paraplegics built a tank and just ride around the field. Others are our generals, XOs, field commanders, radio com, etc. role players that are largely stationary.

By profession, I am an occupational therapist and show people how they can do things in spite of there physical limitations. I'm planning how to continue to play paintball from my nursing home bed. Basically a RC tank controlled via cell phone with audio and video feeds in real time...

I'm serious.

So if you want to brainstorm a bit my email is or PM me.

Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......
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Old 03-18-2012, 04:43 AM #135
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I am 43 and my two grown sons and my teenage daughter all play .This weekend my wife decided to jump into a game .......She was great ...She took a good hit,but keep on coming ( we play two hits and your out.) She never got out and made a couple good hits of her own. Its so nice being able to compare welts with the one you love..
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Old 04-10-2012, 06:51 PM #136
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First off, Boom Master you seem like a really cool, and respectable guy.

Next, all you parents who support your kids, I want to thank you. You have no idea what it means to them.

So, my kind of story/reason to support paintball. I love paintball. I am at the point where I wish that I could do this 24/7. I hope this feeling continues and I think it will. So I am going to tell you a little about my parents.

Dad: Laid back kind of guy. He supports paintball because I love it. I am 15 so he drives me to practice, HELPS HELPS HELPS HELPS(for the kids complaining about rich kids who get everything they want, I am not but I do get some money to help pay for paintball that I honestly earn. Sorry, pet peeve.), pay for entry and paint. He wants me to succeed in life but wants me t do it in a way that makes me happy.

Mom: Wants me to be that perfect kid. A's in all the classes, community service, anything that makes my image look better. Wants me to go to college to learn something that will make me earn money and make me important. Everybody knows the type of person I am talking about. She's always talking about how expensive paintball is, how I should save the money for something "useful", how paintball doesn't help me in life. When I try to practice snap shooting or something she tells me to study. She wants me to be the perfect example of what a good child is.

The thing is, I don't want to be the perfect kid. I enjoy paintball. It is what I love to do. When my dad says I hope you have fun today, and my mom says you should be doing something useful, as I pack up my gear, can you guess who I argue with more, and since I am a teenager I have to argue.

The point I am trying to make is good job to parents who support what your kids enjoy doing, not just paintball. This is ironic because I doubt this will reach any parents who don't support paintball, but think about what your kid will think about you in ten years, when he(or she) has spent a long time not be able to do what they love because YOU don't like it.
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Old 04-11-2012, 10:07 AM #137
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Yeah, parents want a better life for their kids. Our job... It is a double edged sword. You push kids in one direction or another, they rebel sooner or later. well, nobody likes being pushed around......
The other edge is that their kids need direction and guidance or they do life the hard way. That is why we parents nag so much. Why should you repeat OUR Mistakes?
So raising kids - especially teenagers -is like driving a run away stagecoach. You might be able to steer it left or right going more or less the right direction down the road of life. You can try like heck to keep it from driving off a cliff but you really don't have much control of the situation at all.. It is frustrating for the parents as well as the kids...

My youngest was the 'child from hell' Knew most of the city cops by name and vice versa.. Was suspended from school enough to get straight Fs.

Long story short, we spent MOST of his college education fund getting him through high school without a felony record... He finnally was told by the juvenile officer that she was tired of looking at his face and was going to recommend he be charged as an adult for felony theft for shoplifiting. That seemed to get his attention.... Right after, I reminded him AGAIN that society will not put up with his behavior and he needs to get used to the idea of being somebody's pet down at Potosi Prison and being passed around like candy... They like young blond boys....

The court agreed that he be handled as a juvie and agreed to go to private military school at his parents expenses instead of going to jail at taxpayer expense. The deal was if he got kicked out or ran away from there within a year, those felony theft charges would be brought forward as an adult. Not really but that is what he was told and believed. So one year - 7 days and $35000 later, he gets kicked out of military school. Still a good investment. He made up 5 Grade Levels in Math. Qualified for honors English and earned a 3.5 while he was there... He INSISTED on gruaduating from the high school that would suspend him for a week for just giving a teacher the wrong LOOK. I said just get your GED and get on with your life. Too much history back there. Now way but he insisted and it WAS the first time HE set a goal for himself. And he did it.

Instead of college, he opted for the Military. Ran a Patriot Missile Battery based in Germany. At the military school and in the military he was challenged and discovered that he was smart enough to do anything he decided he wanted to do.. He passed his tests on the first try with a 99% and wound up tutoring all the other guys in the units to help them pass as well. He decided he wanted to be soldier of the year for his base. Nobody had ever done that during their first enlistment. Well, he did it. Then he won for the battallion. He made first sargent the day after he was eligble for promotion and was invited to apply to West Point by the base commander... He declined west point. Probably had something to do with the girl in Germany that turned out to be his wife.... He is 32 now, happily married, gainfully employed making good money, and finnishing up his wife's degree in computer science. When she gets a job making the big bucks, he is going to engineering school and finnishing his degree. Then maybe they will opt for some kids but maybe not. I'm not sure he wants to replicate himself and then have to DEAL with it.

For the record, he is his father's son. I did life the hard way. He got all those rebellious genes from papa. I walked out of the house at 18 and put myself though college. Every dime my parents gave me came with a string attached to it. Always controlling me with money. I owed THEM. Well, I cut the string and walked out. Keep your F@#$%^ money... Work, eat, sleep, study for 6 years to get a 4 year degree. Never considered the thought that I might not be able to do it. Just made up my mind that I would... That stubborn streak we have can work for us or against us.

The other boy was no problem as a teenager. Wouldn't think of the things his brudder did much less try it... He is 35, hasn't finnished his degree, happily married, 2 year old boy, gainfully employed, but just doesn't have that spark of determination to set a goal and reach it. Still, happy as a pig in a pig pen. Low stress life. Family focused. Just like everyone in our family, we all march to the beat of our own drum... Everybody likes him at work and around him... He has discovered his talent is working with other people in a management role and plans to finnish his degree to open those doors in management. Got a pair of late bloomers but they are doing fine...

But I have to tell a story about him. Something every father and son seems to have to go through. . You guys need to PLAN for that day....

Over something trivial (maybe taking out the trash), he stood his ground and was willing to get in my face and just said NO. "You want a piece of me?" Yes. "Step out side and we will settle this." (at this point Mom is freaking out trying to be peacemaker and we both tell her to stay out of this. So we square off and I have a moment of inspiration. Stall....... and think fast............ The wife WILL call 911 and I will probably get arrested even though the KID (17) is two inches taller, 20 pounds heavier than me and all muscle.... He might win too.... That would be bad....

"OK, what do you want if you win?" Huh? "I'm not going through all this without us settling whatever we came out here to settle.."

"OK, here is what I want if I win: You will do what your Mother or I ask you do around the house when we ask you to do it. You will, follow all our rules, and ask only for clarification once and NO ARGUMENTS about whether or not you should do it. You will do that as long as you live in this house and we support your standard of living. You can move out anytime and pay your own bills and decide whether or not you want to take out your own trash.... We will still pay for your college but you pay for your place, bills, and groceries. If I win, that is what you will do. Is that clear? If not, we come back out here and I try to persuade you to do that one way or another. If you don't, you are gone on your 18th birthday. . I will still pay 4 years of tuition and books... After that, you are on your own. Have a nice life...

Now, what do YOU want if you win?" Ughhhhhhhhh..... (confused look)
"Let me guess, You don't want us to boss you around and tell you what to do anymore." Yeah!
"You don't want us to treat you like a KID anymore." YEAH! That's it!
"You want to be treated by us like an ADULT.." Yeah! Thats what I want....!

"OK, you've got it......." Huh?????

"What the HELLp do you think Mom and I have been trying to do for the last 17 years? Trying to get you to grow up and be a responsible, independently functioning adult..... I sure as HELLp do not want you to be here taking out the trash when you are 30 years old... You're saying you think you are ready to be treated like an adult? " Yeah!

"Since we want the same thing, we don't have to fight about it. Let's go back inside and figure out how we are going to do this...." What do you mean?

You have a lot of freedom to make your own choices but you also have reponsibilities as an adult. You want to start helping pay the bills here? I'll give you a deal that is cheaper than renting somewhere else... But No free ride. You going to be a moocher or an adult? (confused look again)

Everything is on the table for negotiating... Like adults... Lets work out the division of labor around the house... Who does what? I took out the trash for years, I can do it again... What are you willing to do as an adult?

So we aren't going to accomplish this overnight. We have to work at it. If you notice I am treating you like a child, then say Dad, you are treating my like a child again. OK? OK. If I see you acting like a child, I will say, Son, you are acting like a child.... Fair enough? OK (hesitantly)

Then we can sit down and talk like adults and work that thing out.... OK? OK...

Symbolically or physically, every father and son seems to have to go through this.... Either can step away from the physical part but just saying Don't we both want the same thing? For the son to grow up to be an independently functioning adult?

So you kids can really confuse the heck out of your parents by reminding them you are trying to be an adult... I earned that money and I should be able to spend it for what I want. Like paintball stuff. Even if it is wasted money, you still learn the value of a buck because you EARNED it. You can point out how Mom and Dad spends their money on what THEY want.... That boat, car, truck. Game tickets, surround sound, smart phone. Nobody really NEEDS that stuff. They can live without it. People do and that's a fact. They just wanted it and they chose to spend their money because THEY earned it.

Of course, you need to have the finanical conversation about your future education. If they can't foot the bill, then YOU have to decide whether or not you want that education when you choose to spend YOUR money... Do you want to work, eat, sleep, study for YEARS like I did or do you want to eat, sleep, and study for the BIG paycheck 4 years from now... Those student loans are an economic crippler for many , many people. You get one, you are LIFE committed to graduating...

So for some reason Dad's can't talk about things with their kids... One of the great mysteries of life.... Kids have the same problem talking to their parents about what they want out of life.

It isn't that HARD. Took me 30-40 years to figure that out... Maybe you guys can do better.... Try it... I think it just takes practice...
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......

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well ,y parents dont support me in anyway with my paintball. they still think that it is something that i should do maybe once a year, or on my birthday. I dont think they grasp the idea that it is just like any other sport
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good stories
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Old 05-23-2012, 04:33 PM #140
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My parents are somewhat supportive, at first they thought it was a stupid hobby but after seeing that I was really into it changed their opinion on it. They now allow me to go about 3 times a month and when I go I pay for everything except for 20 dollars which they support me with each time I go. It has taught me to value what I spend because usually I blow 60 or so bucks each week I go.

I attempted to involve my dad but he isn't in the best shape. A bit of a beer belly to tell you the truth but he tried it and that was what mattered. I think that it's a great thing to see a son and his dad playing together.

This is coming from a 14 year old kid who just has an intense love for paintball.
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Matt Brown #5
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im obviously not a parent, but i play national events and my dad is always helping me out anyway he can, my main go far sport is Baseball, and he loves to see me play that as well, but its always my dad and mom carpooling the team to and from practices, paying for dinners after, buying the team pods, he never plays but enjoys to, and last year after we took 8th in worldcup, my parents bought the fields we played on (D3) and put it in our ranch pasture. There amazing. Im thankful. now up to this day, I started out playing 3 man with him driving me, now im playing division 3 and division 2 flying.
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hope to get my girl in to pb lol i have been play for the last 3 years
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I started off at age 28 by means of vising a good friends house during his birthday. needless to say they all were playing paintball in the woods outback and insisted I join to even the teams. The first time I got shot I was hooked. Since then I have gotten my 8 and 9 year old involved and they love it. we chase each other in the back yard playing scenario style play. Its a lot better than playing tea or barbies...
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my dads who got me into paintball back when i was 5 years old and im still playing at lease 3 times a week for the past like 6 years.

Love you dad and thank you for getting me into an amazing sport
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Colton in carlsbad
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My dad is a navy seal and still doesnt really want to play. He will someday though.
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Challenge Accepted.
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I wish my parents were into paintball. I barely make it to the field, becuase they never drive me, so I always have to go with a friend. My mom and dad hate paintball, they think it's so stupid. I also play hockey, and I really have wanted to quit ever since I started paintballing about 5 months ago. Whenever I'm on the field, not all the pressure is on me, I can relax, forget about all of my problems, and have fun. I really want to start making my team practices soon, because I can't make any practices for the team I'm on now. My whole sports world is in a jam. Wish my parents would understand.
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