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Old 11-15-2011, 07:26 AM #1
J. Stein
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Thread of the Week: What is the fallout of no merger?

Well, it looks like the merger talks died a horrible (and sudden, and somewhat surprising) death at the 11th hour. Paintball: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Go us!

But, celebration aside, what does this mean for the future of the sport (and I mean this to be a more tactical future – as in 2012 – not the more philosophical mumbo jumbo about the hypothetical transition into being a real sport or the ludicrously ill conceived thoughts about defractionalizing sponsorship so more can be offered to “the one league” with the spill-off benefiting teams far and wide).

Here is my guess, and it is only a guess, since no one with any real knowledge will talk to me because they suspect I’ll post it hither and dither across the net.

1. No semi-pro division. Why? No influx of NPPL pro teams (well, probably no influx).

2. No great shocker here: some pro teams are gonna have to pick one league, and some of the decisions will surprise. I have heard tell of one company telling its teams to play PSP (although, I haven’t heard that same company telling its teams not to play NPPL if they can fund it themselves). It also wouldn’t shock me to see the PSP invite some team or teams not to come back.

3. Some sponsors are gonna have to pick one league. I know of two and one of them is the aforementioned sponsor telling teams to play PSP.
a. This brings up a tangent: How many paint companies are there? KEE, Valken, GI Milsim. I read that DXS is going under. Is there anyone else? I don’t think Valken goes to events. What happens if KEE and/or GI Milsim decide to support just the PSP? Does the NPPL become a paint vendor? Do NPPL events require teams (even those sponsored by stores or fields) to pay for all their paint?
4. I think this makes 187’s move to the pros look better. If there was a merger, I thought it could well happen that no spots were available for them.

5. I expect an arms race. By some accounts, the final merger talks disintegrated into rich people throwing giant wads of cash and AMEX black cards on the table to show who had the most money. I wonder if rich people (even smart rich people) can get insulted to the point of throwing away money? What happens if the NPPL rich people decide to invest another huge chunk of change into the league? What happens if the PSP rich people decide to do the same? Could feel like the good old days again, for a bit. Then it’ll all come crashing down around our ears.
a. Another tangent: Can any amount of money save a format (7-man) that has definitively lost the attention of the majority of competitive players around the world and seemingly the attentions of the US based competitive crowd? The NPPL is doing a good job of making 7-man look as much like RaceTo as they can, and those efforts may well reinvigorate the format, but wasn’t that sort of what the old Millennium series played and didn’t they switch over? I thought so, but maybe I’m wrong. Either way, how much money and how much time will it take for 7-man to recapture its former glory, can it recapture that glory and are the abovementioned NPPL rich guys willing to stick it out? I have a ton of respect for Bart, but there have been lots and lots of rich guys come into the sport, spend and spend (and encounter successes along the way) and then either get bored or broke and walk away. Doc’s Raiders, Less than Zero, Legacy to name the first three to come to mind. Not saying that’ll happen to Bart, but when you own your own airplane, don’t you think you’d have better things to do than fight over this ****?
Well, that's all I have for now. I owe like 10 people emails and any of them may see that I took the time to write a post rather than write them, so I'll quit and turn this over to the zeitgeist for everyone else's thoughts, comments and words of wisdom.
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Sucks. I hope the PSP will move on from that quickly and get the 2012 season figured out well ahead of time and get events and dates posted quickly so people can plan for next season before it actually starts.
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If i was the stronger company and really thought i could get rid of the other I would simply wait and have the tournaments on the same date.
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get hostile
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So in the end psp said 'I'm worth $$xx' and nppl said 'yeah well I'm worth $$$xx!' and they just both came to the cunclusion that noone will be able to merge in a fair way because not one side will step down as the 'lesser half'?

I'm still not clear on how a merger could have worked I guess but was there a way to combine force and have double the staff? or maybe they would have to trim the fat and drop some people who are less monetarily involved or not holding up their job.

God I hope this doesnt turn into the companies flooding their 'picked' league with income to overstimulate that side. Remember that housing crisis we went through?.. ****ty economy still... things were 'good' for as long as we could afford to maintain those rediculouse housing standards.

I see that as a huuuuge loss and possibly the death of compettitive paintball. once we get an influx of cash and all things are rite and awesome for a year or two... Breal rapping at the tourney, tv deals, amazing locations and big sponsorship dollars.... say psp runs nppl out. right there you will lose some possible customers. say after two years of pumping cash into the psp it just goes nowhere (wich I dont see any dramatic turns in the economy soo..)and then you drop sponsorship $$ back to nothing and lose all the cool **** people now demand (again) I guarantee some will quit over less sponsorship and some won't be as enthused as when companies pumped money into the league and made it fun/ a show. If that happens we'd be lucky not to see tourney paintball end
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Think the most important discussion here is that of paint sponsors.

My feelings are that KEE would stick to PSP no matter what. Bottom-line is that the companies will go to events where they make the most money. I do not assume to know the profits at NPPL vs. PSP events for these companies. However I do know one thing.

Historically PSP has more events further east and NPPL has more events further west. So that makes the solution quite simple. KEE, being based out of Jersey, has far less traveling to do to attend a full season of PSP vs. NPPL.

Just my two cents.
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Nothing boils my blood faster than the talks of a merger. It's morons negotiating with morons, frankly.

Decisions aren't being made in favor of the players, so why should the players care? Obviously I don't have nearly as much detail as the ma_ority of the people in the sport, but I don't think it's that difficult to draw these conclusions from what information can be gathered.

Can't wait to see what kind of format we're pushed into next year!

/rant-response thing
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