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Old 11-11-2011, 06:28 AM #22
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How we do it for college hockey is the home team supplies 2 statations <sp> and they watch the game from the press box. They also have a camera with a monitor that records the whole ice. They keep all info, then after the game review there info and if there is any play that they wrote down to review that's when they will review it to see how to mark it. All stats have to be available the Tuesday off the following week.
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EMSGuy24 plays in the PSP
EMSGuy24 plays in the APPA D4 division
Originally Posted by Seekey
Your only watching a half dozen games.....stats would give you a season of breaks to get a much more reliable trend.

Stats would benefit everybody except the people who don't use them.

How much would it realistically cost to track stats for a year. Personnel to watch and record and the database to hold the information?
I just have one question wouldn't pro teams coaches be looking for this info. I just think that if they where so important wouldn't the pro teams be pushing for this and wouldn't be already in place.
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I've always thought that a k/d ratio of sorts would be cool to see, but really hard to keep track of. Points won/lost seems like the easiest thing to go with that would be interesting.
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Originally Posted by EMSGuy24 View Post
I just have one question wouldn't pro teams coaches be looking for this info. I just think that if they where so important wouldn't the pro teams be pushing for this and wouldn't be already in place.
I'm sure they are looking for it, I think they just understand the nature of the sport and the expense of keeping stats (wages, expenses at events). Scouting a team you look for things that work and things that might not work. Lets say Team X plays Team Y and your scouting Team X. 4 out of the 6 points Team X shoots out a snake runner. Stats like that can help a team adjust their breakouts vs a certain team (something Im sure many coaches are doing). With individual stats, you can pinpoint what a team may do on the field. For example, lets say one back player (Dave Baines for example) has a 75% OTB shootout percentage on the snake side. A coach/team can adjust to this by doing more conservative snake side break outs, or sling shot a laner OTB. Statistics can be extremely useful for competitive paintball teams and their coaches in adjusting game plans. Im sure many top coaches use stats in their scouting reports, whether they know it or not.
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It's simply not plausible to keep stats like confirmed kill, otb kills, anything involving individual stats. A good amount of the time, if not the majority, two or more people are shooting the same lanes and it's hard to figure out who shot him when our coach the people shooting the lane and the person who got shot talk about it afterwards.
So here's my idea, the technology doesn't exist for it right now and it may never exist but here goes:

First players where a kind of body suit underneath their jerseys that covers them entirely. This suit is electronically wired to detach when the force of a paintball hits it and then send that information to a head ref in a booth, who with this information can deactivate the gun of the person who's playing. You could ensure that sliding or other impacts don't read as a hit if you can isolate some average amount of force a paintball hits result in and the small surface area it affects. However as a draw back, bounces would probably count in tournaments and I'm sure people would hate that. The suits, sensor system would eliminate a great deal of cheating and leave on field refs to focus on mask, pack and hopper hits and they'd be able to distinguish exactly when players were shot during bunkerings in exchange. You could finally tell who was telling the truth when they yell "I shot him first." Obviously this would take forever to put into affect but I think 4-5 years down the line it would lower cheating to a level that doesn't effect the game to as greatly as it does now and eliminate bias. Watch Ollie Lang play and tell me he doesn't get the most gracious calls in paintball.

In terms of stats it could really narrow down who shoots who, you could get the precise time someone got shot, and on video you can isolate who was shooting that way at that time and make a much better assessment of who did the damage. Since were talking about a hypothetical years away, it's pretty safe to assume resolution on cameras would be much better and you may even be able to capture each stream players shoot from an above angle camera.
In the future I think paintball should be played on a kind of sunken field, as in the way football stands in the pros are 15, 20 feet above field level. I think the ideal view for watching would be from above as if looking at a chess board. If these pressure sensor magic suits existed cheating would be reduced greatly, stats become easier to handle as well and I think paintball would be much more legitimate.
Well there's my rant, take it for what is, criticism's welcomed.
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Nikilwig is for the Gunfight
I think it would be hard to have statistics that truly reflect how good a player is. Would be interesting to track though.
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