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Old 09-29-2011, 04:25 PM #22
Dside Media
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LOL at the people hating on the hk in the hk threads. Why would you even be lurking here if you hated it? Doesn't make sense to me haha

Well that makes more senseVVVV

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god save captain slow
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Originally Posted by etannate777 View Post
LOL at the people hating on the hk in the hk threads. Why would you even be lurking here if you hated it? Doesn't make sense to me haha
This was in Tournament Talk originally.
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Old 10-12-2011, 12:21 AM #24
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hk army was a group of ballers from the san diego area and inland empire.they cnsiosted of many of todays pros(such as ironmen , dynasty xsv,aftermath etc.)they created the form and technique of playing today they invented run throughs ,they invented the need for more in the paintball world.i look back when i couldnt even get hands on a hk jersey unles you knew someone who kew someone.when the economy crashed so did paintball,these kids would sleep in their cars and fight to the death to shoot freakin paint.a lot of these guys are gone but the legends are still around.i hate rocking hk army clothes because it doesntstand for ****.its a money maker i remember when bear was in asg with a angel as a fat kid now he is heart of hk or whatever.its not sad,but have you ever watched lords of dogtown?hk was the lords of paintball period.
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Old 01-22-2012, 10:52 PM #25
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i actually met one of the original Hostile Takeover players today his name was gill not sure about the spelling.He was a really cool guy and told me all about this stuff.

Hostile Kids article written by Alex Fraige (team Dynasty):

In 1999 SC Village Paintball Park decided to build a Paintball tournament complex to accommodate the rapidly growing demand for arena competition. We witnessed Paintball before our very eyes. Along with this field, which was the first of its kind, a new era of Paintball was born. The age of the average Paintball player began to drop and, by late 2000, SC Village was filled with 14 to 20 year olds ? before, the major body of players consisted of grown men well into their twenties. This new movement brought on many young and aspiring teams. These kids were fearless and came to SC every weekend to have fun with their friends.

The Hostile Kids were the first sole product of SC Village and the new generation of Paintballers. Some were friends from school and others just met up with kids at the field who shared their interest and passions. As they grew, their Paintball careers became less of a joke and a chance for success became more tangible. With time came experience and some of their players began to be noticed by high profile teams based in the area.

I first spotted them in early 2002 wearing black mock turtle necks adorned with the Ironmen\Kids shield, except inside the shield it read ?Hostile Kids.? This immediately started blood between us because we thought that image belonged to us, even though we did sort of bite it off the Ironmen. But that was different?. Us Iron Kids immediately confronted them and set-up a day where we would play them for the rights to wear the shield. The Iron Kids reunited for one afternoon and smashed the Hostile Kids into the ground. They wore their scars with pride and I felt they were humbled. In hindsight, I was more flattered than angry that they put the shield on their jerseys and to this day it remains there.

As time went on, the Hostile Kids became the poster boys of SC Village street ball. They became notorious for playing the grey ? the reason, I believe that they never fully succeeded in the tournament platform ? but that wasn?t the reason they were out there. They were there to have fun, and that?s what they did.

The Hostile Kids consist, or at least consisted, of teens from the Orange County area and throughout LA. You see, this started out as an article about the rise of a promising young team. But while I was writing, the team disbanded after most of their players were picked up by Pro teams. You didn?t need a magic eight ball to predict this outcome: SC Village is a farm where prize Paintballers are bred before being auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you look at the majority of the young talent entering into the NXL and NPPL Pro leagues at the moment, most of it has come out of So Cal, and more particularly, SC Village. It takes a lot of time and patience for teams like the Hostile Kids to rise to the top, despite their talent. And when players are offered the opportunity to become stars overnight, they don?t usually turn it down.

Originally I ended the article with this paragraph, but I thought I?d include it here as it now sounds prophetic: ?The Hostile Kids are a potentially great team and, with the proper support, they could be among the best. Unfortunately good teams like this rarely find the means to stick together and they end up going their separate ways to exploit their individual paintball abilities. I see small reflections of the Iron Kids in the Hostile Kids; in the way they stick together and in their strong friendships. Keep an eye out for Alex and his crew in the future. They may be spread out over the NXL and NPPL but they are all Hostile Kids forever.?

Now this has happened and the HK army no longer exists, like the Ironkids, the players are likely to still consider themselves members of their former team. They?re still the first generation of laid back, scene kids, acutely in tune with what?s cool ? or as they would say, ?agg?. They?ll probably still be at the field every weekend without fail with the same good attitude, ready to play anyone.

Alex Cadalso was the captain and spokesperson for the Hostile Kids. He conveniently lives around the corner from the Dynasty Manor at San Diego State and is frequently seen hanging around with uncle Markus Nielson. I got a hold of Alex for a chat about the past and what the future holds for the now divided team?.

Alex Fraige: When were the Hostile Kids conceived?

Alex Cadalso: Hostile Takeover was a Novice/Amateur team on the circuit a few years ago. A few members from our team entered a kids tournament thrown by Hostile Takeover at Tombstone Paintball field in Corona, CA. First prize at the tournament was a package from sponsors of Hostile Takeover including Scott goggles and team jerseys etc. Scott and Mark Kressin, along with Steve Nabi, took first place and became the Hostile Kid. Years later we would combine with the second place team, Dead On, and pick up Josh Myers, Bobby Aviles and Vinnie Palmieri to play Cal Jam 7-Man. Cassidy Sanders and myself were picked up from our team, Mutiny, to play the same tournament.

AF: What were the Hostile Kids? biggest accomplishments?

AC: Not long ago we took second place in the Amateur division at Cal Jam. Last year we played two events as a team under the name Check It Factory ? the Huntington Beach and Vegas NPPLs ? where we finished 6th and 5th respectively. We couldn?t finish the season because of our financial problems. The core of our team played the PSP Pomona 10-Man event and finished 4th in the Amateur division.

AF: How do you feel about the way you were treated by the Pros around SC Village?

AC: We developed notoriety around SC Village for beating teams in our division and making decent targets for the Pros, but we never had the money or leadership to win ? or even enter ? larger tournaments. We didn?t legitimize what we were proving Sunday after Sunday at the field, grinding out victories against much more experienced teams. We didn?t get respect because we were young, loud and somewhat arrogant because we were coming up fast in a sport that respects its elders. Now we have made friends with all the prominent players in the scene and are getting some respect from the locals. Paintball is cliquey; people don?t naturally want to befriend their rivals, but as the sport grows I think we are all getting closer.

AF: Who do you consider to be influential in y our career and in the success of HK?

AC: Personally, Todd Martinez has had the greatest influence on my career. He helped me out when I was just starting and took me under his wing, always giving me the freshest gear and trying to help further me in the sport. In our early days he helped set up practices between our team and Avalanche, which gave us some respect. When old school Avalanche were still in their prime they were practicing rag tag kids team in a practice that members had flown down for; that says something about how quickly we were developing as a team. Markus Nielson has been a loyal supporter of the army and a close personal friend. Steve Quan has been around to offer advice and bend over backwards for the team. Without Steve many of us wouldn?t be the players we are today, we looked up to him and he helped show us how to succeed and build yourself in this sport, though sometimes we were too young to listen."

(btw, the Hostile Kids never disbanded, they're just too strong of a team. They've played in ever PSP and NPPL event this year and they haven't missed a single beat!)

-Now I ask, how, after reading that, can you hate on the Hostile Kids. They do so much good for the paintball commmunity and all they get back is "hatehatehate". Don't beleive me? Hop on over to and see all the good they do. Do you know they gave away over half of the Hk Army Jerseys just so that they could brighten somebodys day? Or that ALL of the stickers were given away to people who posted cool custom made backrounds? Or that they haven't made a cent off of selling the Hk Merchandise? Didn't think so. Granted, the Hk posers and so called affiliates such as Oakland Dogs are annoying, cut them some slack, they are only showing some support for a great group of guys. So I ask, before hating on something, learn all you can about it.

TL;DR HK was a kid team for Hostile Takeover HT came out with the baggy clothes and all this new stuff we wear toady Hk just adopted it and kept playing
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That was the best answer you could have given I enjoy hk gear. I'm not gonna fit myself head to toe in hk gear but the speed feed is super nice and I really like there pants.. Stop all the hate... Just because I'm wearing hk pants doesnt mean I'm gonna over shoot a newb .. I enjoy helping the new kids pn the feild helping them advance bunker to bunker and how to shoot lanes etc. because that's what people did for me 10 years ago.
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Old 08-13-2012, 07:43 PM #27
pew pew
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i only have one piece of hk gear, a headband, ive had since 05, only wear it because my checkered one ive been wearing since i started playing went MIA. never was a fan of hk, i like the original idea of it, the whole "just play to play and have a good time" is a nice idea, but all the moron middleschoolers with 1200 dollar guns that were wearing like 9 hk headbands an hk tall tee and had like 12 stickers all over their **** while they were throwing up "lords" turned me off to supporting it actively.
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you will NEVER be forgotten

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Fox Squad Paintball
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TwistedNerv is for the Gunfight
The videos they put out are really good
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i love paintball
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a bunch of tools.
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i love paintball
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Originally Posted by etannate777 View Post
LOL at the people hating on the hk in the hk threads. Why would you even be lurking here if you hated it? Doesn't make sense to me haha

Well that makes more senseVVVV
because it's funny to see how idiotic people on here are. it's like going to a zoo and watching monkeys suck each other off. and it's also funny to troll the agglets.
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Danny N. Bergman
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Old 10-26-2012, 03:55 PM #32
Here to have fun.
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Holy **** I have been out of paintball for the past couple of years due to certain circumstances.

Decided 5 seconds ago I should look up Pbnation and see how life is going for Paintball.

I was one of the guys who from 2006-2010 was at SC Village EVERY weekend in those years.

The economy took a dump, my house was broken into, and ALL of my gear was stolen (about 5grande worth of gear) and I havent been out since.

Decided to check in and clicked this thread because I was curious as to the current state of the "Hostile Kids." Saw the thread and decided I would toss in my description/definition and who the Hostile Kids were... at least in the time I lived at SC Village.

Being that my main field was SC Village....literally every other kid on the speedball courts was rocking a HK headband/jersey.

I know HOW the Hostile Kids started... but even by 2006, by the time I got into speedball and competitive play.... the HK Army was a JOKE.

Hk Army was a bunch of retarded teenagers who went around trying to cause problems for everyone. The guys spent more time trying to start a fight than actually throwing paint. The same kids would go to a Beginners only Scenario game and talk **** as they took out the rentals.

Literally, EVERY weekend, my friends and I would have some sort of disagreement with HK army retards. Whether it was bonus balling, ****-talking, whiping.

I specifically remember one day, my brother and our team brought out our friends and family to play some speedball. We wait for a field to open up (granted this was like 2k7-2k8.) And we decide to go start a game. As we are splitting ourselves up into 2 teams as we had a lot of newer players.... 6-7 Hostile Kids run on the field and start screaming "ARMY GAME!"

Literally 15+ HK kids run onto the field and start talking **** demanding that we play vs them.

We try for 15 mins to get them to get off the field and they just keep talking mad **** and just refusing to listen to any1 so a couple of em just keep shouting ignorant HK BS.

finally we decided well play em 7v7 on one of the fields... but as soon as the countdown starts the other 8+ of them run onto the field and they keep counting down and the game starts. So we play 7 v 15 with a couple of our players being new players and the game was a joke.

They all just ran from bunker to bunker acting like retards and wiping every single time they got hit... and would just wipe and shoot again.

After we lose 7v15 vs players who refuse to leave once they get hit... they talk mad **** to us and our friends/family as we try to just leave the field.

They hassled and followed our group from field to field for the rest of the day.

That is what the HK Army was when I lived at SC. HK was an excuse for a bunch of retarded kids to act like dicks, because there were always 20+ of em at the fields, so they would just go around trying to pick fights.

I completely understand the history of HK Army. Most of the big names and allstars of paintball for the last... 7+ years were Hostile Kids at some point... but when I lived at SC village, in 2k6-9 while I was there... everyone who wasnt HK knew that HK were a bunch of social rejects who werent even there for paintball anymore.

They cared more about their gay mohawks and "sick gats" than playing.

I feel like an old fart as I sit here and write this... talkin bout the glory days LOL. I am 23, but in this sport I feel like a dinosaur. especially having been gone for so long. I have done a lot of sport Pistols/Rifles/Shotgun skeet shooting. But it still makes me miss shooting at people in paintball LOL which sounds so wrong and effed up.

Anyways, I laugh because if you posted in a HK thread 3 years ago... you got 5000 posts of "go **** yourself" and **** like that lol. I am really curious what HK and their presence is like at SC currently.

They used to be the scum overtaking it, that everybody hated seeing there.

Bunch of arrogant *******s more interested in being "agg" than having fun.

Anyways I guess I am done here. Just thought I would throw in what HK is/was at least to me.

They are like the scummy ******* kids from high school that you cant forget... that is/was HK lol.

I have a question while I am here... fighting wasnt necessarily a HK Army-only- thing when i played... Are fights still a constant thing on the speedball fields? Cause this is the number one reason most of my friends stopped going, as we just got sick of it. Curious if speedball players have figured out how to get along yet?
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Originally Posted by tonyneedspills2 View Post
idk to me hks about sliding into snake screwing up your eblows shooting snake till you get hit and then leaving
And you had to bring this back from the dead? You're an idiot.
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We Believe
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Originally Posted by etannate777 View Post
LOL at the people hating on the hk in the hk threads. Why would you even be lurking here if you hated it? Doesn't make sense to me haha
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Originally Posted by Mnofstl007 View Post
I have a question while I am here... fighting wasnt necessarily a HK Army-only- thing when i played... Are fights still a constant thing on the speedball fields? Cause this is the number one reason most of my friends stopped going, as we just got sick of it. Curious if speedball players have figured out how to get along yet?
The bold kinda contradicts what the rest of your post but im not going to argue with you. The Hk fan base has grown substantially since then, some people let the few kids who they see wearing hk **** ruin their entire image of Hk and others think of it nothing more as kids being kids.

Have speedball players figured out how to get along? Yes and no, which is the same answer i would have given you back then. Confidence is apart of the sport and key to being competitive. Many players think they are top dog and teams think their **** is hot but they have every reason to believe so if they are putting teams in the ground every practice/tournament. The teams who are over-confident usually get put in their place and some of them are humbled by it others... are still crying.

Really i dont think the sport has changed much since then apart from it being possibly more competitive, if your going to let 15 kids who may or may not have been being douche bags ruin the sport for you then you probably just dont enjoy the sport enough to stick around. Whether they were apart of "HK Army" or not its not something to be butthurt about.
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