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Old 01-27-2011, 12:50 PM #22
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golden retrievers, labs, boxers, australian cattle dogs (blue/red healers), german shepards. Those are all good dogs for a college person. I got my golden my junior year of college and he is a great dog. The golden, lab, boxer, or german would be good for party situations. If you let them out during a party and let them explore and meet a lot of people they will end up being really personable dogs. The healers in those situations might not like it as much.
I would have added a husky to that list but they tend to be a little neurotic and too high strung for the typical college student.
Its really up to you tho. Go to petsmart and get a book/mag about pets or just google and find the breed that has the temperament that you're looking for.
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Old 01-27-2011, 05:28 PM #23
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Great dane- look it up, one of the best "apartment dogs" you can get which I know is counter intuitive.

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Old 01-27-2011, 06:15 PM #24
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My question, like other users, is what happens when you graduate? What about during breaks? Also, you need to factor in the extra expenses of a dog including registering it, shots, other vet bills, food, et cetera. Having a dog has many requirements that you must meet, perhaps a cat would be better to suit your needs? It's just something that you need to sit down and really think about before you act.
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Old 01-27-2011, 10:19 PM #25
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Originally Posted by corporationpaintball View Post
Having a dog has many requirements that you must meet, perhaps a cat would be better to suit your needs?

Cats dominate memes for a good reason.
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Old 01-28-2011, 11:00 AM #26
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as a dog owner and having friends in your position who have dogs i can give a few tips and advice that may help you in your decision.

-getting a dog is alot more than saying "this dog looks cool and *blank friend* has one and its awesome". the reason there are many breeds of dogs is that they all have/had purposes. your not going to want to get a sporting dog (labs, pointers, hounds, ect) if you guys want a dog that just chills in the house. these dogs need several hours of aerobic excersice a day, with you not having a fenced in backyard that means several long walks a day. dogs that dont get the amount of exercise they need will use their left over energy running around your house and generally bugging you to play with them, which is hard when your trying to study, sleep, or play videos/watch tv. also, make sure the dog you get can deal with your climate. dont get a small, short haired dog if you live in the north and if you get a heavy, hairy dog in the south you might need to get it hair cuts.

-if you do decide to get a dog make sure your apartment is puppy proof and doggy proof. anything that on the floor is free game for dogs, and food within reach is free game as well. normally this isnt a problems but its very annoying that your dog eats your whole dinner while you go in the bathroom to take a piss just because you left it on the coffee table. while food and socks are only annoying; things like electrical wires, chemicals, alcohol/drugs (be honest), certain foods/bones are dangerous for dogs and should not be left around.

-make sure that there is a plan for the dog's future. living in a city with 2 major universities and several small colleges you have no idea how many people get dogs for a year/semester/ect and then realize that they cant take the dog back home with them, and giving a dog away isnt as easy as you think, which means alot of these dogs end up in the pound or abandoned on the streets.

-make sure you can afford a dog. pure bred dogs arnt cheap, especially some breeds. if you do decide to get a pure bred dog expect to pay anywhere between $400-$1000 for a truly AKC bred. dog food isnt that expensive but some dogs eat alot and it can get expensive. remember that you will need to get the dog its shots and please please please get the dog spayed/neutered. while some shelters fix your dog for free or very cheaply if better to go to a good vet and pay alittle more for a cleaner, better surgery. my girlfriend payed $225 for her dog to get spayed and it did not need the cone or a recovery period because the stiches were internal. friend payed $75 for her dog to get spayed and it had to be in the cone of shame for 3 weeks and the dog was ill and in pain for the first week.

having a dog is a great experince, he/she will be your best friend and will always be there for you. but please dont act on impulse and just get a dog. this is a 10-15 year commitment and you need to make the right decision. if your interested in getting a certain breed of dog make sure you do your research; if you want a better opinion about the dog then see a breeder and ask them about the dog and its needs. if you find that getting a pure bred is too much money then go to your local pound an adopt a puppy. mixed breds/mutts tend to be healther because they dont have the inbreeding that pure breds do and they tend to be little more fun (only an opinion) because they possess the qualities of multiple dogs.

however to answer your question on whats a good dog to get then i suggest boxers. if your into the pitbull look then you can get the boxer with a brindle coat, a black/brown marble look or the brown and white fawn coat. boxers are smart, chill, and good with children and strangers. and the best part for a college student is that they entertian themselves. my boxer would toss his toy around by himself and was fine to be left alone for several hours.
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Old 01-31-2011, 04:04 PM #27
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i agree a corgi would be cool. or a mutt.
i would avoid a pit. they can be excape artists and with 6 guys in and out of a house it might get out. they are people friendly but dog aggressive and you dont want it eating some girls poodle at the park across the street.

id also avoid a smaller dog. 6 guys might be hard on a little tiny dog. esp if you want something to wrestle with and whatnot. too big is bad too...more food, more poop, more medicine if it gets sick.

get it its parvo shots whatever you do. everyone i lived with in college with a dog their dog got parvo. **** is horrible and deadly
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i heart my boarder collie u will love one if u get one
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