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Old 01-13-2011, 09:19 PM #1
Join Date: Jan 2011
newb here :)

I played back in 2004 when they had a paintball range on base (Air Force). I used the Tippman 98 standard rentals. I'm looking for a new marker now to own and go out and shoot whenever (got a few friends to play with). Now, i have a few questions as a general favor to find the perfect gun for me

I've been looking around a bit, and am really liking the Spyders. They have some decent-looking guns (I'm a guy who likes things that have a good aggressive look to them).

My budget would be around 100-180ish (would love to stay closer to the 100 side though)

I'm liking the MR-1 or the MR-4 for the A/R style, but can't find any real decent reviews.
Also looking at the Advancer/Opus in .50
Pilot (electronic)
Interested in the E-MRL which can be put into full-auto should i need it
And maybe the Xtra which seems to be an upgrade from the Victor.
The Electra w/ eye looks very appealing too, but it is a little higher, but if the price is worth it, i can fork out a little extra..

What i NEED, is a super reliable, non-chopping marker that has a decent 3rd party market should i decide to upgrade the quality of parts in the future (barrel, trigger, etc.)

I also have a question as far as how an electric-trigger works as opposed to mechanical, in the area of what are the immediate benefits?

I'm also interested in any other comparable guns that are as reliable/worth the price. Spyder just stands out to me.

I just don't want a cheapo that will chop balls all day like the rental 98s...this is a hobby i'd love to get back into and be a more serious player, but i don't need anything near professional type stuff.

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Old 01-13-2011, 09:42 PM #2
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travtrav owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
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I have 6 years paintball experience. Not a lot but still a decent amount. To me it sounds like you should be leaning more towards an electronic spyder.

They are starter guns that are made for people in your position.

An electronic trigger will allow the trigger pulls to be much easier and therefor being able to shoot faster.

In the position that you are in I recommend a Spyder Pilot and get a cheap electric hopper and you shouldnt be chopping many balls with that. On top of that they are farely cheap!

Hope this helped!
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first get a good mask. you can find events, avatar,and profiler real cheap. if need be buy the mask and replace the lens.

with your face protected, now you have to decide co2 or hpa. chances are because of cost you want to get co2. its ok co2 wont be as consistent but it will still work and you can expect around 1000 shots out of a 20 oz tank. You dont really need a hpa tank most people end up going hpa because cost of filling co2 can get high if you shoot a few cases per day of play and that co2 is horribly inconsistent as a power source for rapid firing.

now find a gun that suits your taste, style, and needs.
with co2 your pretty much limited to mech guns. I love the simplicity of spyders and tipmans. they just take a beating and still shoot somehow. I recently sold a spyder fenix acs for $65 and that dam gun never chopped even in the full auto 13bps setting, it even had a reg on it.

any of the guns on your list would be fine.
If you go .50 cal chances are you will always have to mail order you paintballs to you unless by some act of god a local store regularly stocks them.
I just hit I would recommend looking at the piranha gti+, the gryphon, the azodin line. somewhat inexpensive. Paintballgateway has mr1 for under $100. In my opinion it doesnt matter what you shoot as long as you play and can hit people you'll be fine.
happy hunting

update: for hopper I would suggest a proto primo for a shake and shoot starter ($15 new) and later bump up to a force feed halo type ($50 new) or invert too ($70 new) you could also browse the bst thread and find a empire b type loarder for around $35. I like the B and invert too loaders because they are sound activated not eye activated. the halo uses and eye system to tell the loader when to load or not and I had a few problems with the paint I was using for some reason did get detected by the eyes so it didtn feed when it needed to.
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Old 01-14-2011, 08:13 AM #4
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thanks for the heads up guys. i'm looking at the Pilot right now, does look like a good marker. It has an eye too, so that will be a selling factor. is there anything else i can do to reduce/prevent chopping?
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Please don't make threads asking what gun to buy. We call these vs threads because people usually compare one gun with another. Because everyone has their own personal preferences, this decision is taken very seriously and tends to shift from discussions to arguments. To avoid these issues, we have gathered a helpful set of tools to make this decision easier for you.

1. Check out reviews on markers in your price range. These will provide you with opinions and common problems associated with each product. They will also show you an overall average rating.

2. Visit our marker specific forums for detailed information on a particular brand. At the top of the page in each marker-specific forum, you will find a sticky containing tons of technical information on a product. Maintenance guides, solving leaks, upgrades, differences between each year's model, and much much more can be found here. This is the best way to learn about a marker you're interested in. If you want to read more about common problems and how to fix them, you can also browse through threads in a marker specific forum. People come here to get answers and advice.

3. Explore the manufacturer's website. One resource you can find on any given manufacturer's website is a free manual download. Although many people tend to ignore the manual, the manual contains maintenance instructions, air tank output requirements, and many other important pointers that are commonly overlooked. You can find a link to the manufacturer's website in the sticky of each marker specific forum, or you can just google it by typing in the brand name and "paintball" if you don't get paintball specific results.

4. If you're still caught between a few different markers, post up in our Ultimate Versus thread. This is one of the areas of PbNation that welcomes you to ask what gun to buy. This is where you can get opinions on which of the options you provide are better for you. Make sure you include information about yourself in your post here - mention your preferred game type (woodsball, speedball, etc), your budget, your experience, and what you want to get out of a new marker. The more you tell us, the better the advice we can give you.

5. Once you have narrowed down your choices, visit your local proshop and/or field to try them out. If you aren't sure where to go, feel free to use our field/store listings to find out what's near you. Call ahead to make sure they're open when you want to stop by. Many paintball players are happy to let you see their gun and answer questions you have about it, such as maintenance or any problems they have with it.

6. Once you know what you want to buy, visit our buy/sell/trade section at the bottom of the home page. Here you can look for previous listings to see what the average sale price is on the gun you want to buy. Most guns on the market today have been sold here, be it new or used, so you can see a fair price for either condition.

7. Time to visit your local field/proshop. Talk to them about buying the marker you want. Even if the price may be a little higher than online, ask them what they have to offer you. Ask about service plans, maintenance work, and why you should buy from them. Most proshops have deal-matching programs in place to compete with online stores, or will work with you to reach a fair price.

Please be sure to read the rules in the New Players section. This is the easiest way to get along with everyone here.

Welcome to PbNation! Please feel free to message me if you have any problems or need direction on where to post something. I hope that you enjoy your stay!
Your questions are answered in the PbNation FAQ. If they're not, please feel free to ask a moderator.

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