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Old 07-17-2010, 12:13 AM #1
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new to the scenario scene.

So Ive been playing airball for 6 years now and well only woods on occasions when I have paint left over from the day. But now since I moved theres no airball around me but a couple scenario fields that look legit. So Im thinking about making the transition for a little bit, cause well from all that Ive been reading and hearing from friends that strictly play scenario they seem like a blast.

What I want to know is where can I find a cheap reliable vest/harness, bdu's and such. I have a ton of gear for playing airball but Id rather have the right stuff for whatever I do.

Im considering on buying the bt tm7 and i seen the nxe harness (but seems a lil expensive), honestly I just want to know what will be the best stuff to buy for cheap or well a reasonable price.

Thanks alot guys,
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Old 07-17-2010, 12:48 AM #2
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First off, go play a scenario first. Get a feel for what you'll be doing before you make any purchases. Also, scenario players are real friendly and like showing off their gear which is a good way to test stuff and get hands-on.

Now for what I use/prefer. Been playing scenario for 9 years now, usually focused on missions and murdering, so my gear reflects it.

For a vest check out GenXGlobal (I believe carries it) makes a knockoff of there vest for a little less as well. The flurry has been my preferred vest for over 7 years now.

Pants. You could use your paintball pants or bdu's. bdu's don't handle rough play very well. Fortunately, alot of companies started making camo paintball pants. Valken has some nice looking camo pants out. if you can find BT, Invert, or Empires camo stuff, it's all real nice.

Marker. totally preference. I shot alot of tippmanns over the years, then the sp8, and now angels and ego's. I'm into angels and egos now because they are better markers in a more compact package than anything "milsim" out there. If a milsim looking marker like the tm7 is what you want, look into the tippmann phenom. Good looking, Great reliability, spool valve, pretty good efficeincy, fast, built in cyclone feed, and the ability to switch from battery operated to mechanical with the flick of a lever.

good luck. scenario is addictive.
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Old 07-25-2010, 04:06 AM #3
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I agree with vicious. You defiantly need to go to a scenario before you decide to jump into it because it isn't always for everyone. One of the hardest things I encountered when first transitioning from airball to woods/scenario was that the pace and timing of the games are a lot different. Most airball games are no longer than 10 minutes max, it's constant shooting and aggression. Playing scenario, I came to learn that the game is not entirely about shooting out the other player. You have missions and objectives to complete which reward teams way more than getting the most eliminations. This means that there are times where there will be no shooting or contact with the other team at all, just moving around the field. It's a very different way to play paintball.

As for vests, I recommend special ops paintball every time. I have tried out numerous packs and vests and it seems that the one I've become most comfortable with is the special ops series. Most of the vests sit in the $70-100 range, and are custom made. There's multiple types of pre-made vests to purchase which cater to anyone from a light role to a heavy one. There are several different options for 'do it yourself' vests as well, they give you the option to custom the vest to your liking with whatever attachments you see necessary. It's a little more expensive to do that, but it all comes down to personal preference in the end.

As for BDU's, I recommend BT's Pro Pants. I've worn a few different brands while playing paintball (Empire, Dye, Special Ops, etc...) and I have to say that I've favored BT's the most. They are extremely comfortable, and when it's hot you have the option of unzipping the sides revealing a mesh material that allows some air flow in. They also have adjustable knee pads, they pads are thick and keep your knees from becoming even a little scratched or banged up during a nasty fall. What's also nice is that the pads are adjustable, you can fit them to where/however you feel is comfortable to you and then simply velcro the straps together. One of my biggest worries was that the velcro would come undone in game, but to my surprise they never have even come loose. The matching BT tops are also decent, it's nice to have for cooler/colder weather but not needed.

As for what marker to buy, like vicious said it's all about preference but I will once again agree with him on the Tippmann Phenom. I have used countless numbers of different guns, and for this being a Tippmann, I must say I was surprised at how well it compares to some tourney markers. It has five different firing modes not counting semi which can be programmed for use into the board (I will say that it's a bit hard to get the hang of at first but eventually you'll get it) as well as a changeable firing mode (ranging anywhere from 6bps I believe up to 30). Also like vicious says, it comes in the the built in cyclone feed which is good for cycling balls up to about 20bps unless you purchase some of the TechT upgrades. The gun has zero kick, and I'd say it has more than just pretty good efficiency, however I don't recommend using CO2 with it, stick with HPA. And, because it is scenario and the games tend to be long, a larger tank than normal isn't ever a bad idea. I run an 88/45. Gets me through almost two cases before I need to fill back up. Make sure when looking into getting a vest that you get one that comes with a horizontal tank holder and then search around for a coiled remote. It is defiantly worth investing money into. Keeps your setup A LOT lighter. I know CP makes an excellent one, I've owned it for over a year and I've never had any trouble with it to date.

I hope that helps and gives you a little better insight to the scenario world and what gear you should look into. Also so you aren't searching around for the websites either I'll give you the links... - Vests - BDU - Phenom (I don't know if you can buy direct from Tippmann but at least you can see what the marker looks like and get a better description)
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Thx guys
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