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Old 10-07-2009, 05:36 PM #43
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I think i will win this one. So my worst call was in a local 3 man and the other team forfieted so all we had to do was line up and run/walk the flag up to the deadbox. So the buzzer rings and I go for the flag, so I get the flag and I'm half way to the other deadbox and the ref says" player, your hit and you played on" and calls my whole team out on a 3 for one. now mid you there was no other team on the field

lol FML
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Old 10-08-2009, 07:09 PM #44
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local tourney story actually both happened in the same game, i was in D2 snapping with my mirror and i got hit as i came back in on the inside of my hopper (side i wasnt looking at, not actually inside) well on rotors you dont hear anything, as soon as i back in I get literally tackled by a ref cuz I "looked at it" and he called a 2 4 1, then pulls our snakeplayer for kneeing on paint he dropped as he reloaded.
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Old 10-10-2009, 05:05 AM #45
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This didn't happen to me, but I saw it at '07 cup. First day of D3X prelims, right before our second match of the day. LIFT was playing aginst a team I can't remember. We were in LIFT's pit, but they were breaking out from the other side of the field. Well the other team sends a player to D side corner (literally RIGHT in front of our pits) and he gets nailed on the top of the head as soon as he gets posted on the outside. The ref walks over to check the kids leg, and then moves back. Meanwhile, all the LIFT players, and some of our guys were yelling at the ref to check his head. The guy was CLEARLY marked on his head with a large orange circle on his head. THe ref walks back over, checks his head, looks at the mark, and calls him clean. It was a TERRIBLE call.
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Khanhfucious owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
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Playing the Cup layout at a recent tourney, my team started with snake on left, dorito on right.

Breakout, I go to the Home Aztek. Then I bumped to D1 and immediately into D2. When i slid into D2, I was sliding on pure paint. Once Im in D2 and started getting to work, I took a hit to teh armpit. Not knowing if it had bounced, I got back under cover and called for a paintcheck. Ref came and said "Player youre out" so I walked off.

In the deadbox, I went to wipe the paint off and I couldnt find it. After the game, I ask a teammate where the hit was. He goes there is no hit.

I go to find the ref and asked why he pulled me. He pointed at my leg that was covered in paint. I look at him and said "Thats from the slide..there's no shell.." And pointed to the OBVIOUS slide mark on teh ground leading into D2.

As I was walking off he was laughing with the other refs of how horrible that call was. That call cost us our chance to get into finals.

EDIT: Mind you..the paint on my leg wasnt a splat..the the entire left half the padding on my left leg was yellow...

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I got a few good ones for you.
I was in a 3man event we beat every team out there including the HOME TEAM. we get ready to get the trophy and we are told we have to play the home team for 1st and second when we just beat them 20 mins ago. well the refs keep wiping hits off them and we loose. i flip on the head ref and then we find out the owner of the field rigged the game so the home team(a bunch of newbs) could win because they spend alot of money at their field. Well now the fields out of business so HA.

Last AXBL event of the regular season i am running down the d-side to close the game im running and shooting so i am hitting my own bunker a ref runs over and pulls me for a hopper hit which is cleary rub. I talk to the reff later and say why did you pull me. He says oh well i saw paint come off the bunker. I go cause i shot my own bunker. what does he say oh sorry. that cost us a point which woulda changed the momentum of the game.

And don't get me started with psp refs in d3. we had a kid on another team get shot and has hes walking by his team mate and a ref he calls out the players position and the ref didnt even do **** about it.
One of our players runs down snake side shoots out their center x player in the back of the head he turns shoots out guy in the pack and we get a penalty for playing on when you can't even tell your hit in the back at full speed sprint.
psp reffs have made some of the worst calls i have seen in paintball. i cant say much about the pro refs cause they normally do a good job. but regular divisonal refs are crap.
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Originally Posted by crazymonkey69 View Post
our coach was telling us there was a guy back right and in a center dorito but the guy in back right was really in back right so i had no idea what he was talkin about

OK R U serious the guy was in back right, the coach called back right and you heard back right but it did not comprehend?
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my front player trips diving into the 50 D and the refs pulled a 3-for-1 cause they said he was tripping "to wipe"

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was playing in a local 2 man tourney and i took a hit on the asa while snap shootin. i didnt know it and the ref never called it. and when u have 4 refs on a 2 man, one ref to watch every players so no excuses on refs part. they call me on playing on and i won the game for us in a 2 on 1 so i got a faulty hang. cost us 1st place...
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Old 11-01-2009, 11:37 PM #51
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i was playing today and i ran straight to our 40 and shot a guy clear as day in the mask, the guy who i obviously hit calls the ref to check on me as, as the ref comes over i diddnt see him i rolled snapped and hit him unintentionally and he pulls me and another random guy out i thought that was bs
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