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Old 10-23-2008, 11:10 AM #1
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Purpose of this forum and rules

Hello Everyone,
The purpose of this forum is twofold; post non-paintball videos and discuss videography in general. This can be discussions on equipment, techniques, editing software and pretty much anything else related to making videos.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me.

How to embed videos.

Originally Posted by Burninator View Post
Alright guys.This is not a hard section to make rules in, but you guys have obviously let one important rule slip your mind.

Do not post in a porn thread. You will be banned along with the thread maker.

This rule was made very clear in ST, and it will be enforced here as well. When i get 1 report of a thread that has 50 people posting in it and its porn, you will all go down. Reporting has to be the easiest thing to do on this site, and you cant do it? You dont have a problem doing it when someone is calling you names, i dont see why this should be any different.

Consider yourselves all warned. When you get banned, i dont want to see a thread in Talk to mods section. Even if you didnt read this thread before you got banned, thats your own fault not mine.

Lets keep it clean guys.
Originally Posted by TargetIndy View Post
PbNation now has a free video upload service available to all users. Through it, you can upload, view, and comment on videos.

You can check it out by clicking here.
Originally Posted by MVPaintballer View Post

A screamer is a video that has a "surprise" in it which shocks someone intentionally. Example: A car going down a road with soft music playing, then a zombie jumps out and yells "Boo!".

If it is questionable, don't post it. Mods make that determination.

First offense will be a 7-day ban. Second will be a perm.
Originally Posted by proto baller 69 View Post
1. Knock off the flaming.
I know you're young and full of angst--we've all been there at some time or another. I also understand that some of these videos aren't worth your time and trouble. Believe me, I feel for you. I have to watch ALL the videos from start to finish. You, on the other hand, have the option to turn it off. So rather than flame somebody, just close the video and walk away. That's all you have to do. Walk away smiling, knowing that I'm stuck watching that turd and you aren't.

2. Don't bypass the swear filter.
The filter's there for a reason. There are plenty of colorful words that AREN'T in the swear filter. Use those instead. If you have to swear, go ahead and spell it out properly. Users have the ability to disable the swear filter, meaning they'll see your profanity in all its ****ing splendor.

3. Don't be a waste of bandwidth.
This includes first posts, trolling, and doing things that are in direct violation of the stickies. If you've got to be an asshat, do it on myspace. I've heard Tom loves that sort of thing.

4. Don't tell someone to drink bleach or do some other kind of harm to themselves.
Violate this one and you risk an extended vacation. The bleach thing is just that played out. If somebody really annoys you that much, click on their username, then click on the link that says "add _____ to your ignore list". This will make ALL of their posts disappear from your screen, making them dead to you.

5. No more commenting that a video is old. Big deal if you've seen it before, there are other people who probably haven't. Your post adds nothing to the conversation. The mods have the ability to merge threads and will do so if there are multiple active threads for the same video. Plus the fact that I will add it here soon.

6. No links to copies of commercial videos. They are usually illegal copies. This will earn you a perm ban. Users who post in these threads also risk a temp or perm ban. Company-released trailers are OK.

7.The 2k7 thing is also getting old, especially coming from 2k6 users. Don't even start drama with any user, they may have useful knowledge, just because they're new to the site doesn't mean didily poop.

8.When posting a video, make sure the title is accurate with what the video is about, we are all tired of awsome chicks make out, and it turns out you get "Rick Rolled"

9. Old Videos that are posted that are in this sticky, once declared old by myslelf or many other users, stop posting, it brings up the thread and tends to start e-fights, and a lot of flaming.

Thanks and have a nice day,
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Old 10-23-2008, 12:39 PM #2
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Originally Posted by Cmizzle View Post
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good stuff.
Skyline Paintball
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surprising that so few people have posted in this thread
Originally posted by DayoftheGreek- except animal rights people are bat**** ****ing insane, so none of that makes sense to them.

Leg Gore .
Deemed immoral by moral man
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Old 08-18-2009, 09:34 PM #6
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too many rules on this site. not so on ******
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