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Old 04-21-2009, 02:10 AM #1
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Location: SoMich
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EGOlover99 supports Team VICIOUS
Vicious Ot #36.....

Let me be painfully clear so there are absolutely no questions. I do not want to see any posts that might even be confused with being disrespectful or unwelcoming to any other user. If you feel someone is trolling, spamming, or flaming in this thread, report the post. If you just plain don't like someone, add them to your ignore list. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The ground rules are the same as elsewhere on PBN with an emphasis that if you can not behave in a mature fashion, you will receive infractions points which may result in a ban.

If you are banned on site from PBN, please don't bother posting in this thread.

Pictures that are too large will be deleted without notification.

Posts that we deem inappropriate will be deleted without notification.

If you feel that you can not follow these rules, don't post if you value your account. The mod staff will be the final authority regarding what is acceptable posting.

Rules adapted from Drefish99's KOT

New added rules (please read these and understand them, the future of the Vicious OT depends on them):

1. Keep this thread to Off Topic discussion only, meaning keep stuff like BST out. If you see stuff that you don't think is appropriate, please report it.

2. This probably doesn't need to be said but... No "raiding" or conspiring against other sections or forums.

3. All of PbNation's rules apply to this section, not just the ones that are posted here, so watch the flaming, trolling, spamming, etc...

Karen Bortol added RULES:
1: No one person is allowed to make TWO OTs in a row
2: Post count must be at 2000 to make a new thread


Vicious OT: The Time has come (Oct 30 to Nov 19)
Vicious OT: Julie has gotta play Chi-Town (Nov 18 to Nov 25)
VICIOUS OT V.3: No dodgy faces here! (ABANDONED)
Vicious OT: Find Tommy's DM9!!! (Nov 24 to Dec 3)
Vicious OT: Where the kool kids are (Dec 2 to Dec 9)
VICIOUS OT: Come say HI! (Dec 8 to Dec 15)
VICIOUS OT: as seen on ETV (Dec 14 to Dec 23)
Vicious OT: It's cold outside and you have nothing better to do anyway (Dec 22 to Dec 24)
Vicious OT: We Went Through 74 Pages and Got Tommy Banned All On X-Mas Eve! (Dec 24 to Dec 31)
VICIOUS OT: Yeah we have GEOS now (Dec 30 to Jan 11)
Vicious OT: Also unrecognized by Facefull (Jan 10 to Jan 21)
Vicious OT #12: Tommy wants his Geo (Jan 20 to Jan 26)
Vicious OT #13 = WiILLIZ - Bin - Laden (Jan 25 to Jan 30)
VICIOUS OT #14: Rocking walls at Air Assault Paintball (Jan 29 to Feb 4)
VICIOUS OT #15: Awesomeness Inside! (Feb 3 to Feb 7)
VICIOUS OT#16: Now Open 24/7!!!! (Feb 7 to Feb 8)
VICIOUS OT #17: Storming the Castle With An Army of Unicorns (Feb 8 to Feb 12)
VICIOUS OT#18: The Splashes Have Arrived (Feb 12 to Feb 15)
VICIOUS OT#19: The Amazing Race (Start Time 9:19PM Centra Feb 15 - End Time 12:00 AM Feb 16th )
VICIOUS OT#20: Rolling Threads Just Like Semi-Pro at PHX and All Without Tommy!! (Feb 16th - Feb 17th)
VICIOUS OT #21: I Want Jake As a Topping On My Pizza! (Feb 17th -21st)
Vicious OT #22: We're spending saturday watching the webcast!!! (Feb 21-Feb 24th)
Vicious OT #23 Karen we need posters and hats (Feb 24th-Feb 27th)
Vicious OT #24: Congratulations Chris, Now Get Back To Posting (Feb 27th-March 2nd)
VICIOUS OT #25: Yeah we have a Nerf Army.....what?!? (March 2nd-March 6th)
VICIOUS OT 26: Karen p-p-pplease let Julie have a booth at HB (March 6th-March 8)
VICIOUS OT 27: Amazing Race 2-Get Julie to HB Start Time 9:00PM Centra March 8th - End Time 9:54PM March 8th
VICIOUS OT #28: OT first, real life last... So where is Julies booth gonna be? (March 6th- March 11th)
VICIOUS OT #29: Carl & Karen, Hope Your Mom's Get Better (March 11th - March 16th)
VICIOUS OT #30: Karen, We Want Posters! (March 16th - March 20th)
Vicious OT #31: In-N-Out Here We Come! (March 20th - March 24th)
VICIOUS OT #32: Happy Birthday Greg and Royce!! (March 24th - March 29th)
VICIOUS OT #33: Boobies Running Wild!(March 29th - April 3rd)
VICIOUS OT #34: Greg Pauely's Vicious Support Boobys Are In!(April 3rd - April 9th.)
Vicious OT #35: Get Tommy D a REAL life. (April 9th - April 14th)
Vicious OT # 36:....

Son of Doomsday--- Matt
TommyDiablo ------- Tommy
spyder_013 ---------Josh P
cp kid---------------Tim
EGOlover99 -------- Matt H
DriverJ ------------Josh R
pbstar1792 ---------Lee
polska2211 ---------Nate
MN_Rising ----------Amanda
Greenrider226 ------ Brian
neverclear ----------Andrew
snkp360 ------------Patrick
iheartpaintball13 ----Julie
fritz_sean ---------- Sean
MiD WeSt BaLlA ---- Dustin
kasper_KS ---------Chris
**GP** -----------Greg
Buddha k ----------Taylor
Jordan49 ----------Jordan
mercedes0001 -----Karen
millertyme59dh -----Adam Milller
donsmith555 ------ Don
Heywod -----------RJ
dyepballer07 V.2 --Blake
maruska ----------Brian M
codekiller ---------Cody
CreightonBaller --- Jake Topping
Chief Sneekyfoot
Baker182V2.0 -----Mike Baker
Xander Bolanos
A4C --------------Jesse
WILLIZ ----------- Justin
Orginally posted by **GP** Yup you are part of the cool club Matt
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