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Old 10-31-2008, 01:26 PM #85
little News
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skeet skeet.
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Originally Posted by FamousforNow View Post
This story requires a preface. lol

Ok so i know everyone is siked about the new rotors. **** i was blown away to. I was like wtf dye always takes it to the next level... Toolless disassembly.. Like how sick is that. I also checked out the pinokio loaders, it wasnt anything spectacular but the design is simple, tried, and true. It works great, durable, and holds 240 paintballs without the large nose on it (it holds 400 with the nose). Thats like 15 extra seconds you can hold a lane down without reloading. But while i was at the booth ( i went there right after looking at the rotor) he showed me nicky cuba's and mike paxson's loaders (chris lasoya also has one). I was like dang those are cool. And then he said dye asked them to shoot the rotors and they said no.... When he said that i was like.... idk if i believe that. Like why would they.... But i just left it be and continued to talk to the owner for like 45 more minutes. Really nice guy by the way, he was letting ppl borrow hoppers that needed them. YES borrow.

Well anyways here is the story. I was pitting for russian legion at the event, and the first day (Friday) that we played was great. Not that many problems with the paint and the weather. But the next day it was raining in the morning and we were getting ready towards the end of the ironmen game and everyone was complaining about the paint like blowing up in there hoppers. One guy went through 4 halos. I guess the humidity was making them expand and since they were brittle already the paddles broke the balls in the halos and torques. And im just chillen filling pods listening to these players get pissed at their situation it was either mike or nicky who just shouted amidst all that "GET A PINOKIo". I couldnt help but laugh, all these guys were pissed about there hoppers breaking paint and these 2 were chill with there pinokios. I guess that guy wasnt lying when he told me they loved those loaders.... SO basically moral of the story rotor,halo < pinokio... lol just thought i would share.
do you believe anything people tell you? this is called marketing
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Originally Posted by painter4life05 View Post
This is why I said this should not be here and people flame me
Ok Dickbutt....good story man.
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imo i like the rotor better
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probly not true on the count of they were all using rotors at cup
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wow, Why Not?
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Originally Posted by painter4life05 View Post
This is why I said this should not be here and people flame me
no one would have flamed you smart one if you wouldnt have said anything about it not needing to be here, if you would have actually payed attention to what the kid said instead of assuming he was advertising you would know he was just trying to say he thought it was funny when nicky yelled that out while smiling at the fact his hopper was fine while everyone else was *****ing over there halo's.
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Old 11-01-2008, 01:08 AM #92
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Originally Posted by Barbara_Walters View Post
omg!!! that is such a neat story!!! now get out of your parents basement, and get a life.
Haha i live in florida and ppl dont have basements here.... Also I live in an apartment with my brother... My mom lives 3 hours away... If you dont have anything to say about the pinokio your just spamming.... So leave or get reported. sighs- ppl are so miserable with their lives they try to make other ppl feel like crap too.... lol

Originally Posted by gleb View Post
do you believe anything people tell you? this is called marketing
This guy is right, Im trying to market a hopper with a story .... So cutting edge lol. On the nation nobody believes anything without some sort of proof. If i was trying to market this hopper i definitely would have spiced it up with some sweet vids.... Or just compared the 2 in the video page... Lol your probably one of those ppl that thinks the media controls the world, and the government is out to get us... Think what you want man but i can assure you for the second time (since youve said this before) im just trying to tell peeps about the pinokio and how other ppl think its good too... You know like posting a video of your gun shooting ropes.... oh wait that must be marketing tooo!!!! Dang marketing is everywhere it really does control the world!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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As with every post I see of yours, this one is still incoherent to me. Please learn that an ellipsis is not the same as a period, and shouldn't be used as one. And your story would be so much more believable if there was someone else who could vouch for it. How this thread ended up being a Rotor vs Pinokio thread is beyond me. I still can't make sense of the original post.

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Old 11-04-2008, 06:29 PM #94
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Originally Posted by rdb011 View Post
probly not true on the count of they were all using rotors at cup

yeah good call there,

except that Nicky and Mike were both using Pinokios.....
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It's a true story. He's not lying. I was at the Ironmen pits with a vendor pass. Mike and Nicky both had those hoppers and were cracking up about it. They loved them. Believe it or not, doesn't matter. It's true. I saw it too. For those who want to flame me for it as well, Bring your rightous hate good sirs.
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