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Old 01-25-2008, 10:27 AM #43
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Ga
honestly 15 years from now i'll start selling paint,

because markers will probably do 30 bps by the nand thats alot of paint
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Old 01-25-2008, 11:12 AM #44
OPEtaperunner (Banned)
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im not sure....but something needs to change if its going to stay alive the industry is in hte ****ter.....and if that just means more people need to join and play cool.
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Old 01-25-2008, 11:24 AM #45
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Originally Posted by minimoogle View Post
The only reason I think paintball will EVER decline is money. Think about it: Lets compare PB to basketball:

Tyrone, age 16, from a ghetto in downtown LA gets a $20 basketball for Christmas, it's the happiest day of his life.
Chris, age 16, from a California suburb asks for PB gear for Christmas. $200 buys him a mech Spyder, a gravity hopper, a CO2 tank and some Monster balls that don't even fly straight...

Tyrone plays everyday, he practices dilligently, watches the games, and aspires to be the next Kobe Bryant, then saves up $90 for a pair of Jordans at the local foot locker.
Chris is in a pinch, he plays once every other week, trying to get better, but he's hurt because a day of practice costs him $30 and $15 for that half case of paint he shot out of his crap *** barrel.

Tyrone joins a HS team, wins the regional championships, and local interest grants him an agent and a deal on a TV commercial for Frosted Flakes
Chris gets his first EP marker $400 + $120 hopper +$200 HPA tank, by now, hes broke, his parents have refused to pay for his "hobby" and he is forced to get a job.

Tyrone wins $300 in a local Junior NBA tournament with a team made of kids he played with as a child, they all get sponsored by Adidas, Tyrone now trains for the real thing, while making good money.
Chris' efforts pay off, and he makes a 3 man speedball team. After about $200 worth of paint, and 3 failed attempts, they get 2nd place in an XPSL tournament, and get sponsored by a Pro Shop. Their reward: $10 off a case of $60 paint, and a free mud hole with 3 bunkers to practice at the local field.

Tyrone makes it to the NBA, and plays for a national team, making $120,000 a year, and also gets sponsored by Nike, Sean John, and buys himself a Cadillac Escalade with 22's
Chris and his team win a few more tourneys, but entry fees and paint are holding them back. Not only that, but 15BPS ramping enforcements force Chris to shell out $1250 for a DM7. By now, working 6 days a week and the cost of the team truck and its insurance is threatening to end the whole team's dreams.

Tyrone gets a $3 million deal to market his own line of basketball shoes, hes set for life, and his basketball career has never been better. He marries an actress, and buys a $4 million mansion in Beverly Hills. He has a Lamborghini, 2 Bentleys, a Range Rover, and a golf cart with 35" wheels
Chris has to pack it up for college, all his dreams are put under seige, but the sale of his truck frees up mich needed money. He marries a beautiful girl he meets at college, but his loans are catching up with him. His wife frowns everytime he says he needs to go play paintball, but at least he gets to play.

Tyrone retires at the age of 42, and becomes an ambassador to basketball, only to start a prominent career as a pro golfer, and an inspiration to young kids everywhere with a dream and high goals. He dies at 72 whith 2000 people at his funeral, an inspiration, a national hero, and a role-model for anyone with a dream.
Chris' team finally gets a break when they open a local pro shop. Chris has to work 7 days a week and stay nights to repair customer guns to keep up the business. He has to close down the business as customers start facing the problems he faced. He retires at 65, stressed out, chubby, his wife and himself cenile, but marginally happy. He dies of a heart attack at 72, 46 people attend his funeral. Time passes, and Chris is forgotten completely.

If you're broke, DON'T PLAY PAINTBALL!!!!!!!!!
/\ this is why i think PBall will fail.

EDIT: please disregard all racist connotations in this post, i was trying to prove a point, and I do not stress the exclusivity of African Americans in basketball or white kids in paintball. Then again.... if this article offended you, chances are, you haven't been around the forums much.
Although I don't agree with you, you did a very good job writing that. It was intelligent, it made sence, and it is somewhat convincing.
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Old 01-25-2008, 11:28 AM #46
mif_slim's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: West coast
I think it will tapper off and be steady. Airsoft is starting to really pick up and I think that its drawing some paintballers away. Reason for is because its much cheaper then paintball guns. I can buy an CA M15A1 for 120.00 and I can upgrade it with only a few bucks(30.00+) to shoot over 450fps and it comes with select fire and lots of upgrade parts and 5000 rounds for 12 bucks, compare to Paintball where if I wanted a good marker I'll have to pay $300-$1200 then upgrade my barrel system ($80.00+) then Hopper to match the speed of the gun ($120+) then a HPA tank ($250+) then if I want a different settings I have to buy a chip($160+) then buy the balls which is $35(cheap balls) for 2000 rounds then you cant forget a good mask (80+), then HPA air all-day fee($5-$10) and entreance fee($10-$20)....these cost are one reason why alot of my friends who use to play paintball almost everyday all transition over to airsoft. They still like paintball, but its costing them an arm and a leg to play (at least 60.00 to play per day) so they switched to airsoft where its only 12 bucks for 5000 rounds and (airsoft field here) is only 5 bucks to play the entire day...and they do night games too and also during the weekdays...

We just took some newbies out to paly paintball last month (26 of them) and we played speedball. They liked it at first, but after a few games, they said its just the same thing over and they got bored and didnt play much.

Bottomline: Paintball will turn into a everyday sport like football, baskentball,baseball ect. ect.
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Old 01-25-2008, 12:00 PM #47
Join Date: May 2007
 has been a member for 10 years
my parents make alot of money but dont pay for the paint and entry that i go for every once a month. i own an ion and wish i could go every day.. this is the best sport but the most expensive....i think it has grown and will grow in college and pro but it will not grow anywere close to basketball,baseball etc.....
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Old 01-25-2008, 02:38 PM #48
mif_slim's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: West coast
It wont grow was big, but it will become common like it where you see it almost everywhere...or, maybe something that will become underground. Like extreme bicyle'n, rollerblad'n, skateboard'n, ect. Remember there was a time where X-Games were so popular?! well, now its died down and its just steadying off...I think paintball will be like those more then football/basketball ect.
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Old 01-28-2008, 09:45 PM #49
LS1-28mpg and 350hp
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If paintball is going to survive, Dye and other big names will have to stop charging a first born for gear. I just picked up a DM5, Reloader w/rip and 68/45 for $350!!!! 2 years ago a DM5 was what, $1,000? Shops can't afford to stay open and sell over priced gear.
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Old 01-30-2008, 07:30 PM #50
Mech Warrior
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well, in the tyrone(bball)/chris(pb) scenario its a little staggered in tyrones favour.

what if for example tyrone isnt a NBA worthy player and ends up getting a job coaching bball at the local high school?

or if chris is actually a very good player and gets on pro team like dynasty and making 100k a year?

but that being said, and elite big sport (bball, baseball, NFL etc) will be getting MILLIONS AND MILLIONS.

where as an elite pb player like Lang will be getting 100k+. big difference in the pro sport world. its is assumed the pb players have potential for better pay like there snowboarding counterparts because both industrys are similar extreme style sports and pb industry brings in more cash per year.

also, pb being much more expensive is very tied into the enconomy and the amount of disposable income availble to a household. if the US does hit a recession in its economy(most likely) then paintball will too shrink by its very nature. woodsball less so because its not as expensive paintwise.

however, its still free to take your basket ball to some hoops and play there.
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