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Old 02-13-2002, 11:02 PM #1
APB 2001
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More Newbie Questions

What of maintinance supplies am I going to need for a Spyder Sonix?

Besides after you use it when do you need to clean your gun?

How often do you use oil?

Is a Spyder Sonix a decent gun for a newbie who is a gal? Anything better or reccomended upgrades (besides a barrell, I've heard this from everyone)?

How many inches should the barrell I get be?

Thanks, help is appreciated!
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Old 02-13-2002, 11:12 PM #2
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I don't know any penis or breast powered guns, so I think you're okay as far as the gun goes. I've used a Sonix before, cause it was that or a PGP(My normal gun, a 98c with reactive trigger, venturi bolt, and boomstick... I don't own it, but it's what I end up using when I go, which has only been a few times.)and I'll fire paint. If you can handle it, move up to a shutter, TL+, G2/G3(Priannah), Xtra, or something like that. Most guns like that are low price, and can be upgraded to own angels(Or so people boast)

For a barrel length, 12" is good, 10" is even better, but it's rare, so it might cost more. Most people will suggest 14", and that's great to look down, for newbies(Such as yourself!) and that's about it as far as I can tell. 16" is stupid, 20" is only good if you like to club small animals with it.

I've never had to clean a gun, so I'll let everyone else take that question.
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Old 02-14-2002, 12:40 AM #3
Ed 'E
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really the only ever time besides after a day of use is if u get dirt in it or something if it's just paint then all u got to do is pull out the bolt and run a squeegee all the way thro the gun
(best if u hold the gun upside down so that u don't drip a lot of paint into the trigger or valve or stuff down there)

like he said "10 or 12"
12 or 14" is easier to site and 10" is smaller making uyour gun more compact
Bigshots are like 11.5" that's a good length
and like i said before it will look and work well with your gun

oil after u clean it and before u use it

also a sonix (or any other spyder) is a good gun for a newbie
being a boy or girl has nothing to do with the gun u use

all u got to do is not be intimidated by all those big strong boys
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Old 02-14-2002, 02:01 AM #4
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My first gun was a spyder, you made a great choice, it will serve you well for as long as you need it to. Spyders are great guns for beginners in the sport and that is why they are often dubbed as "newbie" guns. As for you being a girl... more power to you! i play for a college team and i wish there were more girls there, you'd be surprised how well the girls play in comparison to alot of the guys. they are definitely very capable on the field.

Upgrades: Possibly one of the best things about the spyder. you can upgrade literally every part on the spyder, so upgrade what you think is important. My first and most recommended upgrade was the barrel. size, for the most part is up to you. usually a ported barrel no longer than 14'' in length is perfect. any longer has no substantial effect on accuracy other than giving your eye something to use to aim with.
Other upgrades can be Expansion chambers, Low pressure chambers, valves, tanks, and the such.. if you are running CO2, which i'm sure you are, an expansion chamber will be perfect for you for now(about $40-60), but if you ever decide to run Nitrogen you would have to get rid of the expansion chamber for a decent regulator. what you want to upgrade is up to you.

fortunately for you, you've already taken interest in your gun and obviously wish to learn more, i commend you. as with anything it'll take time to learn your piece, and you will always find out something new. good luck, and do yourself a favor and find some more girls to play with you.. i can understand it would be easier if you had another girl to help you gang up on all the guys you'll be playing...

anymore questions, email, IM, or post..
"If you can't be me, be you...after all, second place isn't so bad."

Ben North
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Old 03-03-2002, 04:19 PM #5
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I am looking at a Sonix right now, i am a newbie. I can get it for $89.95, is that good? Is the stock barrel accurate? What barrels does it take?(companies) What else could you tell me about this gun before i buy it. I am also looking at a used Piranha field gun, which one should i take?, the sonix is new. Thanks
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Old 03-03-2002, 10:19 PM #6
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Well pbpimp18, i would go with the sonix because it is new. and field guns see ALOT of use so if it is not already worn out it will soon and the new guns tend to have less problems. the spyder is a gun with a wide variety of barrels made for it. i think nearly every barrel manf makes a barrel for a spyder so you should have no problem finding one! so any company that you like get you one. as for the accuracy of the stock barrel i have to say that nearly all stock barrels could use some improving on so the first thing anyone should upgrade is a barrel. oh and spyders are fairly easy to clean and maintain which will be good for a newbie and alot of people either own one or have owned one so they know how to work on it if something goes wrong and parts are super easy to find! good luck on choosing!
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Old 03-03-2002, 10:33 PM #7
Ed 'E
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i would recommend a Lapco Bigshot (aluminum)
they are way accurate (i've owned one so i know)
and look great, i think it will look especially good on the sonix

get the sonix it is new ('nuff said)

a sonix is basically the same as any other spyder

u might want to look into an in-line regulator

for the best performance with co2 get a Palmers Stabilizer
it will cost u tho, i'm not sure but probably close to $100

for a budget get a used WGP reg off an Autococker for like $25

u also might want to look into getting a used Xtra (i saw a green one for like 100 on here somewhere)
it is vert feed (faster ball feed
and has much more comfortable grips
plus i think the trigger frame on the Sonix is plastic
and the one on the Xtra is metal

for a barrel for an Xtra get a DYE SS
it is just as accurate as the Bigshot and looks waay tight!
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Old 03-05-2002, 10:48 PM #8
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i think you should get a electric grip frame like the storm or hyperframe

nitro like a cheep one like 48ci/3000psi pure energy tank

i think you should get a freak jr and then try to get all the inserts.

a cradle like kapp drop zone 2

12 volt hopper
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