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Old 11-27-2007, 03:07 PM #1
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Sandusky, Ohio
sibleywibbley owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
sibleywibbley supports Team VICIOUS
EVERY marker ever made.

EDIT: sorry i havent updated this in a long time, due to working 80 hour weeks and lack of sleep, i can no longer update this, and i forgot where i was.
just read the posts for the rest of the markers.

im sure there are some that ive missed
just list em up and i will add em'
and PLEASE post the ones ive missed in the SAME FORMAT that i have them listed in.
its alot easier for myself

post 1/3

32 Degrees, Bottomline
32 Degrees, ICON E
32 Degrees, Icon Electronic
32 Degrees, Icon Electronic LED
32 Degrees, ICON LED
32 Degrees, ICON X
32 Degrees, Icon X
32 Degrees, ICON Z
32 Degrees, PT JR
32 Degrees, Defender
32 Degrees, Icon E
32 Degrees, Icon LED
32 Degrees, Icon X
32 Degrees, Icon Z
32 Degrees, Mongoose
32 Degrees, Rebel
32 Degrees, Rebel
32 Degrees, Rebel 02 Bottomline
32 Degrees, Rebel 02 BTB
32 Degrees, Rebel 02 Vertical
32 Degrees, Rebel 02 Xtreme
32 Degrees, Rebel Deluxe
32 Degrees, Rebel LE
32 Degrees, Rebel XTreme
32 Degrees, Rebel02 Bottomline Electronic
32 Degrees, Rebel02 BTB Electronic
32 Degrees, Rebel02 Vertical Electronic
32 Degrees, Silver Bullet
ACI, Assassin
ACI, Blind Rage
ACI, Double Agent
ACI, F4 Illustrator
ACI, F4 Illustrator DX
ACI, F4 Illustrator GS
ACI, F4 Illustrator TP
ACI, F4 Illustrator XP
ACI, Felon
ACI, Felon
ACI, Griffin
ACI, Griffin BL
ACI, Griffin NB
ACI, Griffin XP
ACI, Maverick
ACI, Sinister
ACI, Sinister EX7
Action Markers, AM-P Illusion
Action Markers, AM-P Illusion Pro
Action Markers, AM-P Illusion Shatner Edition
Action Markers, AM-4
Action Markers, AM-4 Custom
Action Markers, Diadem I.T.S.
Action Markers, Sentinel
Action Markers, Sentinel TS
Adrenalin Products, Impulse
Aardvark, Matrix
Aardvark, Tequila
Adventure Beach, AB Freestyle
Adventure Game Supply (AGS), AGS Comp
AGS, Alligator
AGS, Bloodsucker
AGS, Devstator
AGS, Landshark
Aerostar, Assassinator II, EC 2000
Aftershock, Shocktech DM6
Aftershock, Shocktech DM7
Aim, eagle
Aim, crow
Aim, Aphix
Aim, Blitz Aphix
AIM, Cocker
Air Challenger, Cocker M-1
Air Challenger, Spool E-1
Air Challenger, Spool M-1
Air Power, Vector
Airgun Designs, Panther/Sydarm
Airgun Designs, AUTOMAG RT
Airgun Designs, CLASSIC VALVE
Airgun Designs, E-MAG
Airgun Designs, LEVEL 10 BOLT
Airgun Designs, Custom Emag
Airgun Designs, Minimags
Airgun Designs, Pro Classic
Airgun Designs, RT Pro
Airgun Designs, RT ULE Custom
Airgun Designs, E-Mag
Airgun Designs, Tac-One
Airgun Designs, ULE Custom
Airgun Designs, XmagAIRSTAR NOVA
Air Guns of America, AGA62
Air Power, Apex
Air Tech, Legend
Airowgun, Cutter, Edge
AKA, Black Widow Spyder
AKA, Viking
AKA, Excallibur
AKA, Excallibur Pump
AKALMP, Merlin
AKALMP, Black Widow (6 exist)
AKALMP, Viking
AKALMP, Excalibur
AKALMP, Merlin
AKALMP, Splat Attack Revenge's 1, 2, 3, and 2LE
Alien, 06 Alien Interceptor
Alien, Interceptor
Alien, Remains
Alien, Revelation
ANS, Gen-X
ANS, GX-4 Chaos
ANS, Razor Ion
ANS, SuperX
Ariakon, ACP 2.0
Ariakon, Nemesis
Ariakon, Overlord
Ariakon, SIM-15
Ariakon, SIM-4
Ariakon, SIM-4
Ariakon, SIM-4 Elite
Ariakon, SIM-4 R.I.S.
Ariakon, SIM-4 R.I.S. Elite
Ariakon, SIM-5
Ariakon, SIM-5N
Ariakon, Toro
Armotech, Mars EVO
Armotech, Mars EVO Gold
Armotech, Mars LT
Armotech, Pluto
Armotech, Saturn
Armotech, WG-47
Armotech, WG-65
Armotech, WG-65 A1
Armotech, WG-65 A2
Armotech, WG-65 E
Armotech, WG-65 Elite
Armotech, WG-65 FX
Armotech, WG-65 R.I.S.
Armotech, WG-65 R.I.S. Elite
Armotech, WG-75+
Armson/Pro Team Products, Pump, VMX, ATCI, TM11A, TM12
Armson, Semi
Arrow Precision, Inferno
Arrow Precision, Inferno Base
Arrow Precision, Inferno Field
Arrow Precision, Inferno Terminator T3
Auto-Ordnance, Vector M1 Combat
Auto-Ordnance, Vector M1 Deluxe
Auto-Ordnance, Vector M1 Military
Auto-Ordnance, Vector-M1 Standard
Auto-Ordnance, Vector-M1 Standard BF
Avalon, Combat
Avalon, Diamond GT
Avalon, Diamond GT Limited
Avalon, GT Commando
Avalon, GT Commando 2
Avalon, GT Commando 3
Avenger, AK-1
Bad Boyz Toyz (BBT), Westwood
Barnett Crossbows, Rhino Spitfire
Barnett Crossbows, Rhino Spitfire F/X
Belsales, Evolution (the orignal)
Belsales, Evolution X
Belsales, Evolution XE
Belsales, "Last of the Millennium" Evolution (25 made)
Belsales, Predator
Black Widow, pump
Blackpoint Engineering, JCS MKX8
Bob Long, 06 Empire Intimidator
Bob Long, 2.5 Dragon Intimidator
Bob Long, 2K2 Intimidator
Bob Long, 2k5 Intimidator
Bob Long, 2k5 Lasoya Intimidator
Bob Long, Abomb Intimidator
Bob Long, Alias Intimidator
Bob Long, Classic Intimidator
Bob Long, Closer
Bob Long, Darq Marq
Bob Long, Dark Intimidator
Bob Long, Defiant 2005
Bob Long, Defiant 2
Bob Long, Dragon 2k5 Intimidator
Bob Long, Edge Intimidator
Bob Long, ECX Intimidator
Bob Long, Empire Intimidator 2004
Bob Long, Empire Intimidator 2006
Bob Long, Flame Intimidator
Bob Long, Hellwood Intimidator
Bob Long, Infamous Intimidator
Bob Long, rage Intimidator
Bob Long, Rapper
Bob Long, Ripper Prototype
Bob Long, Ripper 1
Bob Long, Ripper 1.25 and 1.5 (same gun)
Bob Long, Ripper 2 and 2.5
Bob Long, Ripper 3
Bob Long, Ground Zero Intimidator
Bob Long, Intimidator
Bob Long, Ironmen Intimidator
Bob Long, Mellenium Spyder
Bob Long, Marq6
Bob Long, Marq7
Bob Long, Millenium FG
Bob Long, Naughty Dogs Intimidator
Bob Long, Protege Intimidator
Bob Long, Russian Legion Intimidator
Bob Long, Shocktech Alias Intimidator
Bob Long, Species Alien Intimidator
Bob Long, Texas Storm Intimidator
Bob Long, Vice Intimidator
Bob Long, Z Intimidator
Bonebrake, Proto
Bonebrake, pm5
Boston Paintball Supply, Twister
Brass Eagle, afterburner
Brass Eagle, avenger
Brass Eagle, Baracuda
Brass Eagle, Cobra
Brass Eagle, Cobra Jr.
Brass Eagle, blade
Brass Eagle, blade 02
Brass Eagle, Golden Eagle
Brass Eagle, Jaguar
Brass Eagle, King Cobra
Brass Eagle, marauder
Brass Eagle, Mini II
Brass Eagle, rainmaker
Brass Eagle, raptor silver eagle
Brass Eagle, saber
Brass Eagle, samurai
Brass Eagle, stingray ii
Brass Eagle, striker
Brass Eagle, talon
Brass Eagle, tigershark
Brass Eagle, Eradicator
Brass Eagle, Marauder
Brass Eagle, Nightmare long (brass body)
Brass Eagle, Nightmare short (brass body)
Brass Eagle, Nightmare long (aluminum body)
Brass Eagle, Nightmare short (aluminum body)
Brass Eagle, Nightmare long Comp
Brass Eagle, Nightmare short Comp
Brass Eagle, Nightmare Ninja
Brass Eagle, Poison
Brass Eagle, Raider
Brass Eagle, Raptor Extreme
Brass Eagle, Raptor Green
Brass Eagle, Raptor LTD
Brass Eagle, Raptor Silver Eagle
Brass Eagle, Samurai
Brass Eagle, Stingray
Brass Eagle, Stingray II Ice
Brass Eagle, Striker
BT Paintball Design, BT 16 Field
BT Paintball Design, BT 16 Tactical Paintball Marker
BT Paintball Design, BT 4 Assault with AR Barrel system
BT Paintball Design, BT 4 Combat
BT Paintball Design, BT4 Delta
BT Paintball Design, BT-16 Elite
BT Paintball Design, BT4 ERC
BT Paintball Design, BT-16 Field
BT Paintball Design, BT-16 Tactical
BT Paintball Design, BT-4 Assault
BT Paintball Design, BT-4 Combat
BT Paintball Design, BT-4 Banshee
BT Paintball Design, BT4 Pathfinder
BT Paintball Design, BT4 SWAT
Bullseye, Titan
Burgfield International, Black Knight
Burgfield Internat., Safari
Bush Master, zero tolerance
CAC, Laser
California PB Supply, Top Gun
Carter Machine, Buzzard
Carter Machine, Comp
Carter Machine, Tricar
CCI, Phantom
CCI, Phantom Revolution (only one made)
Check It Products, Super Stock
Chipley Custom Machine, J2 Autococker
Chipley Custom Machine, J2 E-Ready Autococker
Chipley Custom Machine, S5 E-Ready Autococker
Chipley Custom Machine, Series 5
Chipley Custom Machine, SS-25.
Chipley Custom Machine, S6
CMI, LS-2000 Field Master
CMI, LS-2000 Pro Tournament
CMI, Diablo
CMI, Auto Hog
CMI, Mini Hog
CMI, PI-1 & PI-2
Cobra, G7 Angel
Cobra, Mamba Angel
Combat Connection, Enforcer
CORE, Delta Pro-Series
CORE, Hammer-Head
CORE, Sharc
CORE, TigerSharc
Crossman, 3357
CY Paintball, Nemesis
Dangerous Power, F8
Dangerous Power, Fusion
Dangerous Power, threshold
Demon Guns, Demon Matrix
Darkside Inc., Mark II
Darkside, Mark IV
Darkside, Ram 68 Auto Trigger
Daystate/Prostar, Elite
Daystate/Prostar, Patriot
Daystate/Prostar, Phoenix
Daystate/Prostar, Sam Patriot
Daystate/Prostar, TFX-2000
Devil's Den, Devil Mag
Diablo, Wrath
Diablo, Wrath LTD
Diablo, AR-1
Diablo, Inferno 2000
Diablo, Inferno Heat
Diablo, Mongoose II LCD with eyes
Diablo, Mongoose II Reincarnation LCD
Diablo, Mongoose II Reincarnation LED
Diablo, Mongoose II Reincarnation
Diablo, Mongoose LCD
Diablo, Sabotage Bottomline
Diablo, Sabotage Electronic
Diablo, Sabotage Vertical
Diablo, Slayer
Diablo, Terminator
Diablo, Terminator T3
Diablo, Wrath
Diablo, Wrath LTD
Disruptive Paintball, Disruptor Pro-Cut
Disruptive Paintball, Disruptor Pro-Cut MQV
Disruptive Paintball, Ultimate Disruptor

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Old 11-27-2007, 03:08 PM #2
sibleywibbley's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Sandusky, Ohio
sibleywibbley owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
sibleywibbley supports Team VICIOUS
post 2/3

Dragun, Dragunfire Bottomline LCD
Dragun, Dragunfire Compact LCD
Dragun, Dragunfire Full Function
Dragun, DragunFly LED
Dragun, Dragunfly Mechanical
Dragun, Drallion Autococker
Dragun, TES
Dragon Designs, Wraith
Dye, Angel LCD
Dye, Matrix (DM3)
Dye, DM4
Dye, DM5
Dye, DM6
Dye, DM7
Dye, DM8
Dye, DMC
Dye, Ironmen DM6
Dye, Ironmen DM7
Dye, ltz DM7
Dye, Matrix LCD
Dye, Reflex
Dye, Ultralight
Ellite Enterprises, Destroyer (only prototypes known to exist)
Empire, Intimidator
Empire, Invert Mini
Enigma, BTL
Enigma, EXC
Enigma, EXR
Enigma, VTL
E-PaintballOutlet, Rat Impulse LTD
E-PaintballOutlet, RJR (Rat Jr.)
Evil, Impulse
Evil, Minion
Evil, Omen
Evil, Omen 2.0
Evil, Pimp
Eyeball Engineering, Eyeball
Falcon Inc., Checkmate & Falcon
Faraway, Hitman .68
First Endeavor Paintball, The Quest
Freeflow, Autococker
Freeflow, Shocker
Freeflow, Millennium
Freeflow, Lotus
Freeflow, Fulcrum
Freeflow, Boxxer
Freeflow, Rythym
Freeflow, Matrix
Folda, MF1
Folda, MF2
Folda, MiniMagic
Fox Hunters, double pump conversions
Fun Guns, Falcon
Game Face, Bone Daddy
Game Face, Bone Daddy BL
Game Face, Bone Daddy GT
Game Face, Bone Daddy RG
Game Face, E-Rex
Game Face, E-Rex Elite
Game Face, E-Rex Pro
Game Face, Recon E5
Game Face, Thunder Impulse
Game Face, Thunder Impulse Vision
Game Face, Vexor
Game Face, Vexor Eye
Generation-E, Trauma
Generation-E, Ironmen
Generation-E, Toxic Matrix
Generation-E, Matrix LCD
Generation-E, NYX Matrix
Generation-E, Matrix
Generation-E, NYX Matrix
Generation-E, Toxic Matrix LCD
G-Force Technologies, 68Super Marker
GFR Inc., GZ 1000 & GZ 2000
Gotch-Ya, Ace
Gotch-Ya, Deuce
Gramps and Grizzly, KBS Eliminator
GZ, 1000
GZ, 2000
GZ, 2000 COMP
Hawk Paintball Pursuit, Hawk HK
Hornet Paint Guns, Hornet
Hybrid Technologies, Fusion
Hybrid Technologies, Quest Numatix
Hybrid Technologies, Rival Numatic Marker
Hybrid Technologies, Traitor Shocker
ICE, Epic
Indian Creek, 2004 B2k Silver
Indian Creek, Alley Cat
Indian Creek, BKO
Indian Creek, Bobcat
Indian Creek, Bushmaster B2K
Indian Creek, Bushmaster B2K PDS
Indian Creek, Freestyle 2005
Indian Creek, Freestyle Pro 2005
Indian Creek, FS-7 2005
Indian Creek, FS-8 2006
Indian Creek, Lasoya ProMaster
Indian Creek, Naughty Dog FreeStyle FS-7
Indian Creek, Naughty Dogs Freestyle
Indian Creek, Naughty Dogs Freestyle Pro
Indian Creek, ProMaster
Indian Creek, Russian Legion Freestyle
Indian Creek, Thunder Cat
Indian Creek, Xtreme BKO
Indian Creek, Freestyle Black Silver Fade
Indian Creek, FS7
Indian creek, FS8
Indian Creek, Lasoya Promaster
Indian Creek, Naughty Dog FS7
Indian Creek, Pro Master
Indian Creek, 2004 B2K
Indian Creek, 2004 B2K (with PDS)
Indian Creek, 2004 B2K PDS
Indian Creek, 2004 B2K STD
Indian Creek, 2004 BKO
Indian Creek, BushMaster B2K2
Indian Creek, BushMaster B2K
Indian Creek, FreeStyle
Indian Creek, Freestyle 2004
Indian Creek, Freestyle Pro 2005
Indian Creek, Freestyle Stock 2005
Indian Creek, FS-7
Indian Creek, FS-7PROMASTER
Indian Creek, PROMASTER
Indian Creek, FreeStyle 2005
Indian Creek, Russian Legion FreeStyle
Infinity, Legend
Infinity, HK Legend
J&J Performance, Sidewinder
Jackel Machine, RDL
Jackel Machine, Phase 2
JBS, King Cobra
Joker, ACE
Joker, Semi
Joker, STP
JT, Dark Raider
JT, Excellerator 3.0
JT, Excellerator 3.5E
JT, Excellerator 4.0
JT, Excellerator 5.0
JT, Excellerator 6.0
JT, Protium
JT, Quadra
JT, Tac 5 Recon
JT, Tac-5 Recon
JT, Tac5 Recon Paintball Gun Camo
JT, Tetra
Kick *** Paintball Products (KAPP), Flame
KAPP, reflex
Kingman, Hammer
Kingman, Hammer 2
Kingman, Hammer 3
Kingman, Hammer A
Kingman, Hammer Plus
Kingman, Nexion
Kingman, Raven
Kingman, Imagine Digital LED
Kingman, Spyder 2000
Kingman, Spyder .68 caliber
Kingman, Spyder Aggressor
Kingman, Spyder Aggressor XT
Kingman, Spyder AMG
Kingman, Spyder AMG LCD
Kingman, Spyder Classic
Kingman, Spyder Compact / Targa
Kingman, Spyder Compact 2 in 1 Java
Kingman, Spyder Compact 2000
Kingman, Spyder Compact Deluxe Java
Kingman, Spyder E-99
Kingman, Spyder E-99 Avant
Kingman, Spyder Electra
Kingman, Spyder Electra ACS '05
Kingman, Spyder Electra DX
Kingman, Spyder Elite
Kingman, Spyder Esprit
Kingman, Spyder Fenix
Kingman, Spyder Fenix ACS
Kingman, Spyder Flash
Kingman, Spyder Flash LCD
Kingman, Spyder Imagine
Kingman, Spyder Imagine '04
Kingman, Spyder Imagine Select
Kingman, Spyder Java
Kingman, Spyder Mini
Kingman, Spyder MR1
Kingman, Spyder MR2
Kingman, Spyder One
Kingman, Spyder Pilot
Kingman, Spyder Pilot ACS
Kingman, Spyder Pilot ACS '05
Kingman, Spyder Rodeo
Kingman, Spyder Shutter
Kingman, Spyder Shutter Java
Kingman, Spyder Sonix 2001
Kingman, Spyder Sonix 2005
Kingman, Spyder Sonix Pro
Kingman, Spyder Special Edition
Kingman, Spyder Sport
Kingman, Spyder TL
Kingman, Spyder TL Plus
Kingman, Spyder TL Plus Java
Kingman, Spyder TL-R
Kingman, Spyder TL-X
Kingman, Spyder Victor I, II, III, IV
Kingman, Spyder VS1
Kingman, Spyder VS2
Kingman, Spyder VS3
Kingman, Spyder Xtra
Lapco, Grey Ghost
Lapco, Grey Spirit
Lapco, Auto Spirit
Lapco, Daystar
Lapco, Spectre
Lapco, Stock Class
Lapco, Vamp
Lapco, Wrath
Line SI, Advantage
Line SI, Bushmaster
Line SI, Promaster
Line SI, Skirmish
M3 Paintball Products, Black Dragun Basic
M3 Paintball Products, Black Dragun Compact
M3 Paintball Products, Black Dragun High Compact
M3 Paintball Products, Black Dragun LCD
M3 Paintball Products, Black Dragun LED
M3 Paintball Products, Fuel Model 87
M3 Paintball Products, Fuel Model 89
M3 Paintball Products, Fuel Model 91
M3 Paintball Products, Sniper
M3 Paintball Products, Stars & Stripes
M3 Paintball Products, TES Tactical Electronic Sniper
macdev, sweden pimp 2005
Macdev, Droid
Macdev, Cyborg 2004
Macdev, Cyborg 2006
Macdev, Cyborg 2007
Macdev, Sonic
Macdev, Sonic Cyborg
Martin Paintball, Mini-Block Autococker
MilTec, MT-65 M16
MilTec, MT-65 M16A1
MilTec, MT-65 M16A2
MilTec, MT-66 A1
MilTec, MT-66 A2
MilTec, MT-66 ASP
MilTec, MT-66 RIS
MilTec, MT66-CQB
MilTec, MT-75 MP5
Mokal, Aura
Mokal, Fokus
Mokal, Fokus EVX Electronic
Mokal, Fokus VX 2k3
Mokal, Mirage
Mokal, Titan
Mokal, Titan T2
Mokal, Titan T3
Mokal, Ultipro
Montneel, Icon
Montneel, J-Mark
Montneel, Legend
Montneel, MZ-16
Montneel, Z series
Murder Inc, B2K
National Gun Sports, Savage
Nelson, 707
Nelson, nelspot 007
Nelson, Splatmaster
Nelson, Challenger
Nelson, Quick Splotch
NPS, AR 1 Gun Black
NPS, AR 1 Gun Gray
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Bandit
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Dark Raider
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Fugitive
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Outlaw
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Pro
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Pro XP
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer SOB
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Sport
Nu-Line Industries, Bruizer Wiseguy
NW Sales, NW 89
NW Sales, Spitfire
Octane, Shocker
Odyssey, RPM Air Ram Marker
Odyssey, O2
Odyssey, O3 Electronic
Odyssey, O3 Mechanical
Odyssey, O3X
Odyssey, RPM
Odyssey, TES B
Odyssey, TES X
Odyssey, Torid
Odyssey, Torid X
P&P, Cold Fusions
P&P, Supercocker
Paintball Inc., E-1 Black Dragun
Paintball Inc., E-2 Black Dragun
Paintball Inc., GT 2000
Paintball Inc., GTF Custom
Paintball Inc., GTV1
Paintball Inc., GTVe
Paintball Inc., Vortex Cocker
Paintball Mania Supply (PMS), Beast
Paintgun, Blade, Blade II
Painting Targets, Bladerunner, Outlaw
PMS, Brute, Maniac
PMS, Python
Paintball Pro Shop, Mojo, Intimidator, Viper
Paintball Wholesalers(PW), Nasty Impulse
Palmers Pursuit Shop(PPS), Blazer
PPS, Houndstooth, Hurricane, Tornado
Perentie Paintball, Badger, Viper
Performance Paintball, Howler
PPS, Blazer 2006
PPS, E-Blazer
PPS, Nasty Typhoon
PPS, Over and Under Nasty
PPS, Typhoon
PEC, Combat
PEC, Master
PGI, Edge PG1 Pro
PGi, Firestorm
PGI, Osiris
PGI, Tornado
Phantom, CCI
Phantom, CCM s6
Planet Eclipse (PE), Angel LED
PE, Nexus (DC1)
PE, Nexus Signature Series
PE, Pro series Eblade
PE, Factory (Aurora and earlier)
PE, Splash
PE, Chronic EGO
PE, Dark EGO
PE, Dark SL74
PE, E-Blade Autococker
PE, Eclipse Impulse
PE, Eclipse Nexus Autococker (Directors Cut 2)
PE, EGO 2005
PE, EGO 2006
PE, EGO 2007
PE, EGO 2008
PE, EGO 2009
PE, Etek EGO 2005
PE, Etek EGO 2006
PE, Etek EGO 2007
PE, Etek 2 (2008)
PE, GEO (2k9)
PE, Hurricane SL74
PE, Mantis EGO
PE, Nexus EGO
PE, Pevs EGO
PE, SL66
PE, SL74
PE, Vicious EGO
PGI, Assault A80
PW, Nasty Impulse 3.5
PW, Nasty Nerve
PW, Nasty Nerve
PW, Nasty Shocker
PMI, Mustang
PMI, 06 Piranha GTI eForce
PMI, Black Maxx
PMI, E- Force Core
PMI, Piranha
PMI, Piranha 2005 EVO
PMI, Piranha BL VF G3
PMI, Piranha Core DF
PMI, Piranha E-Force BL
PMI, Piranha E-Force EVO 04
PMI, Piranha E-Force EXT Pro
PMI, Piranha E-Force EXT PRO 2K3
PMI, Piranha E-Force EXT Pro 2k4
PMI, Piranha E-Force GTI
PMI, Piranha E-Force PF
PMI, Piranha E-Force SRT 04
PMI, Piranha E-Force VF
PMI, Piranha E-Force VTL
PMI, Piranha EXT
PMI, Piranha EXT 2K3
PMI, Piranha EXT G2
PMI, Piranha EXT Pro 2k3

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Old 11-27-2007, 03:09 PM #3
sibleywibbley's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Sandusky, Ohio
sibleywibbley owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
sibleywibbley supports Team VICIOUS
post 3/3

PMI, Piranha EXT PRO G3
PMI, Piranha EXT Pro G3 Fade Limited Edition
PMI, Piranha G2
PMI, Piranha GTI
PMI, Piranha PRO
PMI, Piranha Pro E 2k3
PMI, Piranha PRO TS G3
PMI, Piranha Pro TS G3 with Storm
PMI, Piranha PROe
PMI, Piranha PSI G2
PMI, Piranha R6
PMI, Piranha R6 E-Force
PMI, Piranha STS 2K3
PMI, Piranha STS E-Force 2k3
PMI, Piranha STS G2
PMI, Piranha STS G2 Titanium
PMI, Piranha STS G3
PMI, Piranha STS G3 CORE
PMI, Piranha STS G3 Titanium
PMI, Piranha STS VF G3
PMI, Piranha VTL G2
PMI, Pirhana SRT
PMI, Ravage
PMI, Trracer S/A
PMS/Nitroduck, Mark 2
PMS/Nitroduck, Mark 3 E-Series
Pneumatic Design, Storm
pneuVentures Inc. (PVI), Cyber 9000 (5 prototypes built)
PneuVentures Inc., Cyborg 9000
PnueVentures Inc., Shocker
Point Zero, Model 83
Power Paintball Products, Scorpion
Power Paintball Products, Venom 99 TS
Powerlyte, Isis (only prototypes known to exist)
Powerlyte, Hybrid Autococker
PPS, Pug
Precision Pneumatics, M.A.K.-68
Proline, Striker
Prostar Labs, Kodiak, Warrior
Pro Toyz, Speedster CL
Pro Toyz, Speedster MG
Pro Toyz, Speedster RE
Pro Toyz, Speedster SE Alpha
Pro Toyz, Speedster SE Omega
Pro-Team Products (PTP), Micro-Cocker
PS Enterprises, PS15 Marauder
PTP, Micromag
PTP, Model 98 f/x
PTP, Tippmann A-5 Micro Max f/x
PTP, Tippmann A-5 Ranger SD
PTP, Tippmann Model 98 Commando f/x
PTP, Tippmann Model 98 Commando f/x Deluxe
PTP, Tippmann Model 98 Commando f/x Plus
PTP, Tippmann Model 98 Sniper f/x
PTP, Tippmann Model 98 Sniper f/x Deluxe
PTP, Tippmann Model 98 Sniper f/x Plus
Proto, Matrix
Proto, Matrix M6
Proto, Matrix M7
Proto, Matrix M8
Psycho Ballistics, Delta 68 Black
Psycho Ballistics, Delta 68 Blue
Psycho Ballistics, Delta 68 Silver
Psycho Ballistics, Lightning
Psycho Ballistics, Lightning Deluxe
Psycho Ballistics, Silver Bullet Electric
Psycho Ballistics, Silver Bullet LCD
Psycho Ballistics, Silver Bullet LED
Psycho Ballistics, Superbolt
PT, Xtreme 03 Jr Blue
Puma Enterprises, Puma, Wildcat
Pursuit Combat Sytems (PCS), US-5 Electronic
Pursuit Combat Sytems (PCS), US-5 Mechanical
Pursuit Supply International, M16 Stinger, Scorpion
Radar Marketing, Radar Mark 2000
Racegun Products, Halfblock
RAS, Intruder
Raven, Nexion
Raven, Primal
Real Action Paintball, AK47
Real Action Paintball, RAP4
Real Action Paintball, RAP5
Real Action Paintball, T68 Commando
Real Action Paintball, T68 CQB
Rebel, bottom line
Rebel Mfg., Rebel 90, Rebel Executive
Reds, Ion
Reds, EGO
Revelation Paintball Products, Creation 2K5
Revelation Paintball Products, Tribulation 2K5
REX Paintball, M1
REX Paintball, M2
REX Paintball, R1
REX Paintball, R2
REX Paintball, R3
REX Paintball, RX
REX Paintball, RX5
REX Paintball, Type-R
Ripper, Shocker 4x4s
Rogue Paintball Gear, RPG Paradigm
Roughneck Paintball, Demonic Impulse
Safety Paintball, Macho Fire D63
Sandridge Paintball, Force Five Autococker
Scenario Dreams, Trident
Schrager Brothers, Factor X2
Schrager Brothers, Shadow
Sheridan, DX
Sheridan, DXE
Sheridan, DXS
Sheridan, Equalizer
Sheridan, K series
Sheridan, PG
Sheridan, PGP
Sheridan, VM-68
Sheridan, XGS Jackal
Sheridan, XTS
Sheridan, XTS Nemesis
Sheridan, XTSE Nemesis
Sheridan, XTSS
Shocktech, Aftershock
Shocktech, Alias Intimidator
Shockteck/Chris Cole, Honeycomb
Shocktech/Chris Cole, Cole Series
Shocktech/Chris Cole, Voodoo
Shocktech, DM4
Shocktech, DM5
Shocktech, Hookup series
Shocktech, Intimidator 2005
Shocktech, SFL
Shocktech, SFL Eblade
Shocktech, SFL Emag
Shocktech, SFL Impulse
Shocktech, Shocker
Shocktech, Bushmaster B2K2
Slg, PMR
Smart Parts, Epiphany
Smart Parts, Impulse Electronic with Vertical Regulator
Smart Parts, Impulse Vision
Smart Parts, Dynasty Ion
Smart Parts, Dynasty Shocker
Smart Parts, Dynasty NXT Shocker
Smart Parts, Evolution-X
Smart Parts, Evolution-XE
Smart Parts, Eos
Smart Parts, Impulse
Smart Parts, Impulse Vision
Smart parts, Impulse Turbo
Smart Parts, Ion
Smart Parts, Ion Pro
Smart Parts, Ion XE
Smart Parts, Nerve
Smart Parts, Shocker
Smart Parts, SP8
Smart Parts, Shocker NXT
Smart Parts, Shocker SFT
Smart Parts, Shocker Vision with Nerve
Smart Parts, Smat Mag
Smart Parts, SP1
Smart Parts, SP8 Gun
Smart Parts, Strange Shocker
Smart Parts, Strange Vision Impulse
Smart Parts, Ton Ton Impulse
Smart Parts, Ton Ton Shocker
Smart Parts, Vibe
Southern Paintball Concepts, Python Impulse
Southern Pneumatics, Phoenix
Spanky Paintball, Fishbone
Spanky Paintball, Ying Yang
Special Ops Paintball, A-5A2 Standard
Special Ops Paintball, Longbow
Sport Arms Technology, SATCO 700
Sterling, STP
Sterling, Sovereign
Strange, Ion
Surge, Bonez LCD
Surge, Bonez Mechanical
Syndicate, Misfit
Syndicate, Paradox
Syndicate, Paradox ELE
Syndicate, Paradox ELECTRO
Syndicate, Paradox MF-1
Syndicate, Paradox MF-Electro
Syndicate, Paradox PGF
System X, NME
System X, NME L.E
System X, Type-X
System X, Vengeance 2.0
System X, Vengeance 4.0
System X, X-7
System X, X-8 Electronic
T&L Europe, Boxer, Icon, Medusa
T16, M4
T16, T68
TASO, BE 90, Bloodsucker, Centuion, Lightning, Spartan, Stockgun
TASO, Targetmaster Typhoon, Vindicator
The Duck Works, Kamikaze Shooter DD 68 (Desert Duck)
Tippmann, 68 Carbine
Tippmann, 68 Special
Tippmann, 98 Custom
Tippmann, 98 custom platinum series
Tippmann, Alpha black tactical
Tippmann, A-5
Tippmann, A-5 Stealth
Tippmann, C3
Tippmann, Custom 98
Tippmann, Custom 98 Seclusion 3D
Tippmann, Custom Pro ACT
Tippmann, Custom Pro ACT E
Tippmann, Custom Pro Basic
Tippmann, Custom Pro E
Tippmann, Custom Pro Response
Tippmann, Factory F/A
Tippmann, Flatline Barrel System
Tippmann, Mini-Lite
Tippmann, Model 98
Tippmann, Pro/Am
Tippmann, Pro/Carbine
Tippmann, Pro-Lite
Tippmann, Proshop 98 E
Tippmann, Proshop 98 Nitro
Tippmann, Proshop 98 Response
Tippmann, Proshop 98 Sniper
Tippmann, SL-68
Tippmann, SL-68 II
Tippmann, SMG-60
Tippmann, SMG-60 Series
Tippmann, SMG-68
Tippmann, Squad Buster
Tippmann, X7
Toxic Performance, Toxic Shocker
Toxic Toys, Twister
Toxic Toys, Fluster
Toxic Toys, BBT
Turtle Cockers, Turtle Autocockers
Twisted Paintball Products, Dragun Bonez LCD
Ultimate Sport Inc., Deringer Mach II, Eliminator, M16, Mustang, Raider
Ultra Sport Arms, Patriot, Patriot II
US-5, Electronic Paintball marker Black
US-5, Mechanical paintball gun black
USI, Eliminator
USI, M-16
USI, Raider
USI, Derringer
USA Performance Products, Viper-M1
USA Performance Products, Viper-M1 Miltary
Valley Aerospace, Nighthawk
Venom, Black Mamba
Viewloader, Brawler
Viewloader, Crusader
Viewloader, Genesis
Viewloader, Genesis II
Viewloader, Genesis Surge II
Viewloader, Lynx
Viewloader, Maxis EG
Viewloader, Maxis RG
Viewloader, Orion
Viewloader, Prodigy E-Grip
Viewloader, Revelation
Viewloader, Surge
Viewloader, Triad
Viewloader, Triton
Viewloader, Triton II
Viewloader, VL Charger
Viewloader, VL Maxis
Warped Sportz, Z-Force
Warped Sportz, Dark Angel 2k0-2k3
Warped Sportz, Dark Angel G7 Fly
Warped Sportz, Dark EGO
Warped Sportz, Dark SL66
Warped Sportz, Dark SL74
Warped Sportz, Dark Intimidator
Warped Sportz, Dark Ion
Warped Sportz, Dark Pulse (Impulse)
Warped Sportz, Dark Shocker
Warped Sportz, Rock IR3
Warped Sportz, Speed Demon
War Paint International, Warlord
Warsensor, WS66
Warsensor, WS66 A1
Warsensor, WS66 A2
Warsensor, WS66 C.Q.B.
Warsensor, WS66 Elite
Warsensor, WS66 R.I.S.
Warsensor, WS66 R.I.S. Elite
Warsensor, WS66 S.R.
Warsensor, WS66 S.R. 20
Warsensor, WSF
WDP, Angel A1
WDP, Angel A4
WDP, Angel A4 Fly
WDP, Angel "The Gat"
WDP, Angel 05 Speed .45 Frame
WDP, Angel 05 Speed
WDP, Angel G7
WDP, Angel G7 .45 Frame
WDP, Angel G7 90 Grip
WDP, Angel G7 Fly
WDP, Angel Gambler Speed Paintball Gun
WDP, Angel IR3
WDP, Angel IRB
WDP, Angel LED
WDP, Angel LCD
WDP, Angel SE
WDP, Angel Speed 2k3
WDP, Angel Speed 2k4
WDP, Angel Speed 2k5
WDP, Angel Speed 2k6
WDP, Euro Angel Speed
WDP, Joy Division Angel G7
White Wolf, Ripper
Winchester, Commando
Winchester, Durango
Winchester, Sedona
Wintec, Nighthawk, Thunderbolt, Double-Barrel Thunderbolt
Woodland Distributors, California Cobra (the first mass-produced pump gun)
Worr Game Products (WGP), E-Ranger
WGP, B.O.S.S. (Bud Orr Sig. Series)
WGP, B.O.S.S. Knight Raider
WGP, B.O.S.S. X-Raider
WGP, Black Magic SF
WGP, Karnivor Autococker
WGP, Murder Inc. Orracle
WGP, NightKast
WGP, Outkast Autococker
WGP, ProStock Autococker 2004
WGP, ProStock Autococker 2005
WGP, Ranger
WGP, SuperStock Autococker 2005
WGP, T-Ranger
WGP, Trilogy Competition Autococker
WGP, Trilogy Competition SF Autococker
WGP, Trilogy Pro Autococker
WGP, Trilogy Pro SF Autococker
WGP, Trilogy SF
WGP, Trilogy Sport Autococker
WGP, Trilogy Tactical
WGP, VF-Tactical
WGP, Black Magic
WGP, Orracle
WGP, Eclass Orracle
WGP, Mini-Orracle
WGP, Vertibate
WGP, Mini E-Orracle
WGP, Warlock
WGP, Mini Black Magic
WGP, Autococker Right feed
WGP, VRT Autococker
WGP, Superstock 04
WGP, Sniper 1
WGP, Sniper 2
WGP, Mini-cocker
WGP, Sniper 3
World Wide Paintball, 008, Black Widow, Razorback
Xeon, X13
Xeon, X14
Xeon, X15
Xeon, X25
XSV Paintball, EGO
XSV Paintball, SL66 EGO
Zap, Amp Generator
Zap, Amp Reactor LCD
Zap, Amp Transformer
Zap, Model 80
Zap, ZXS 1000E
Zap, ZXS 400
Zap, ZXS 440
Zap, ZXS 444
Zap, ZXS 500
Zap, ZXS 555
Zap, ZXS-600E
Zap, ZXS-800E

Sources of information

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liquid pipe snake?
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Empire invert mini
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Buckle up
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you have proto matrix and then m6, what about m7 and m8?
missing CCI for phantoms
and the ccm s6

other than that good job...
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you have to much time on your hands, but good job.
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etek ego
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fixed all otf the above^^^
keep em goin'
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To name a few.
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on it.
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the evolution x and XE were both made by Belsales

and you forgot the 4X4 shockers and what not.

the classic timmies

there were others that i missed, oh like winchester or remington made a few.

other than that just WOW

edit: you got the winchesters. sorry
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Originally Posted by Idaballa View Post
Extreme Rage made several guns as well
i need model in order to post though, thanks all.
so far so good.
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. 785 .
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matrix 3
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