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Additional Rules For This Forum (Please Read)

1) No threads pertaining to Buying/Selling/Trading Equipment

No threads will be permitted that contain any offers or requests to buy, sell, or trade equipment (so called “b/s/t” threads). This includes links to any third-party site (Ebay, for example) where equipment is being sold. Any thread which breaks this rule will be immediately closed or deleted and the offender will be issued a warning. Repeat offenders will be banned.

2) Insulting other members will not be tolerated

No flaming will be tolerated. Flaming consists of excessive insults of an offensive nature. Flames can be directed toward individuals, groups, companies, etc., and none of these types are permissible under PBNation rules. Posts or threads containing flames will be edited, closed, or deleted by the moderators at their sole discretion. The decision of what is a flame and what isn’t rests solely with the moderators.

3) Versus threads are not allowed

No threads will be permitted on the subject of “________ vs. ______”, where the blank may be the name of any other paintball gun. This is the EOS forum, so anyone who posts a “Which is better: EOS or _____” thread already knows that they will receive overwhelming support for the EOS marker. Thus, any such thread is a pointless waste of site bandwidth and will be closed or deleted, and the offending user will be warned. The one exception to this rule is threads which pit one “model” of EOS marker against another. Since these threads are not inherently biased toward one side or the other, they will be permitted.

4) No advertising in the EOS forum

Advertisements of any sort are not to be posted in the EOS forum. This includes any post which attempts to increase business for a specific store, field, “big game” registration, etc. Posts which violate this rule will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators. The exception to this rule is threads in which the thread starter has solicited a response, ie "Where can I get the cheapest _____?". In these cases it is permissible to respond with "Store X has them for $xxx".

5) This is a PG-13 site and only PG-13 material should be posted

The posting of any material which could be considered offensive is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to pornography, graphic violence, and any material which may be construed as illegal in any way (Warez and other file download sites, for example). PBNation is a cleanliness-oriented website and it will remain so. Any posts which violate this rule will be immediately deleted, and the offending user will be warned or banned at the discretion of the moderators.

6) Do not avoid the swear filter

We have a swear filter for a reason. Cheating the swear filter will result in a warning and then a ban.

7) Thread titles need to actually reflect the thread with a description

When posting a new thread, the title must be representative of the thread’s content. In other words, a thread’s title should inform other users of the topic therein WITHOUT them having to actually enter the thread. Instead of titling your thread “got a question about my DC2”, be specific: “Question about leaking Banjo fitting”, “Need help deciding what QEV to buy”, etc. Since the other users are here to help you, try to make it easier on them.

8) Post about the topic at hand and make sure you contribute to the discussion

Try to make sure your post will add something worthwhile to the discussion at hand. If all you can say is “yeah” or “that sucks”, then you aren’t contributing any worthwhile information to the community. Remember, in an internet forum all you have to go by is your reputation, and if you don’t contribute, no one will think anything of you. Reminder, sometimes these are a 3 to 5 day temp ban.

9) Chances are your question has been asked before, read the Ultimate Sticky before posting

Before posting a new thread, try using the “search” function of the website. We understand that sometimes you won’t be able to find the answers to your question, and in that case we welcome you to post a new thread. However, many times people post threads that are re-posted almost every day. Sometimes there are even multiple threads on the same topic that are on the front page at the same time! That is simply unacceptable, as it unnecessarily sucks up site bandwidth. Once you’ve determined that the search function isn’t helping, put a little note in your new thread to let people know you already tried searching; that way they’ll be more eager to spend time helping you out.

10) Do not post in old threads

Do not revive “dead” threads. That means, if a thread hasn’t gotten a reply in over a month or is more than 10 pages back from the main “current threads” page, you generally should not post in it and bring it back to the top. We obviously didn’t care enough about it to keep it going then; we still don’t care so don’t bring it back. We realize that there may be occasional exceptions to this rule but they are uncommon. Most dead thread revivals will result in a warning and then a ban for repeat offenders.

11) Let the Moderators correct other Users. It is your job to report the violating posts to the staff.

If you see a violation of these rules occurring, please do not attempt to correct the offender yourself in any way. That’s why moderators exist. Simply use the “Report the Post” function to alert the moderators of the nature of the infraction, and they will handle the situation in a method they deem appropriate. When six users jump on another user for an infraction, all it does is send the thread down the tubes and cause general disruption. Let the moderators do the dirty work.

12) All decisions rest with and are made by the moderators of the EOS forum and the staff of PBNation in general.

All decisions made by moderators are final and non-negotiable. Moderators may interpret these rules as they see fit and may act on those interpretations. If you feel you have been disciplined unjustly, send a respectful PM to one of the moderators and we will explain to you why actions were taken. Threats or arguments with the moderators will result in further and more severe actions.

13) If you want to know the Value of the gun use the Appraisal thread

No "price my gun" threads will be allowed from now on. If you want an appraisal of your gun, go to the B/S/T forums and look for similar setups that other people sold or post in the EOS’s official appraisal thread which can be found in the Ultimate Sticky.

14) Please wait for your thread to be answered with patience

No "upping" will be permitted. If no one responded to your thread, that means they didn't want to. Upping simply perpetuates a thread that will not be answered. Uping is simply posting something meaningless in a thread so it returns to the top of the forum.

15) “What upgrades should I buy?” type threads are not allowed

Threads that ask what upgrades should be purchased are no longer allowed, please read the stuck thread on upgrades. The questions on upgrades can only really be answered by the marker owner. If you need to ask this question, ask yourself "what do I like the least about my marker?" and go from there.

16) There is already a picture thread please put your pictures there

Pictures of your gun should be put into one of the official picture threads. Exceptions are only for markers with something very special/unusual about them. It's at the moderators discretion. Threads with pictures which should have been put into the picture thread will be deleted. Posts in the Official Pic Thread or Action Pic Thread should consist only of pictures of your marker. Any user posting text or non-EOS pictures in the thread will receive a temporary ban.

17) The EOS Forum FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) thread is here for all to use.

It is designed to keep certain questions from clogging the forum when they are asked day after day. It is expected that all users of the EOS forums have read the FAQ. Any thread which poses a question that could have been answered by reading the FAQ will be closed immediately.
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