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Old 08-02-2007, 02:36 PM #1
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Gear Bag Clean Out: Masks, Hoppers, Headbands, Barrels, Flex Parts, and More!!!!!!!!!

Updated: 8/7/07

This is a repost, sorta, My old thread was closed due to NIB items. All NIB items are now removed sorry for any inconvenience.

My Sale, My Rules:
1. If I took the time to write something read it. This includes these rules, descriptions, and any other info.
2. I don't ship until I recieve payment. If we are trading it depends on feedback.
3. You pay fees and shipping. Unless specified by me.
4. No Kids(10-15). I don't like them and I don't want to talk to mommy and daddy.
5. No 1337 talk. I am not bilingual.
6. Be mature. If you say you are 20 and act like your 12 I will treat you like your 12.
7. Please post before PM'ing.

Goggles and Parts


My old used Profiler. Still in good condition, foam is still decent, strap is a little stretched, but over all still good. Comes with clips but no lense.


This is a LNIB Black/Ninja Event. It comes with everything pictured which include: mask, mask bag, smoke and clear lenses, and extra lense bag.

HB 07 Limited Edition JT Straps

Pics Coming Soon

I have 2 limited edition JT goggle straps featuring the HB(Huntington Beach) pier and sun rays all in different shades of blue, and the JT logo modeled after the HB logo with a surf board behind it. Only 300 of these straps were made and I currently have 2. These where only sold at the HB NPPL event in March.

JT Saints Strap

I have 2 JT Saint Straps. These are semi-rare JT straps based on the movie The Boondock Saints. Both will be hard to get from me, but they are both for sell/trade.

JT Mini/Pre-cut Soft Ears

These are JT pre-cut soft ears. One is damaged but still works. Comes as a pair and with hardware which is not pictured.


Planet Eclipse Wristband

This is a Eclipse wristband. One side is embroidered with the Eclipse logo and the other side

Jolly Roger Wristbands(2 BN)

These are Jolly Roger wristbands that have a Jolly Roger embroidered on one side and ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales” on the other.

All of the headbands below are constructed like the Real Tree one even though they do not look like it. See second picture of the Real Tree headband to see what I mean.

Custom Real Tree Headband

This is a custom made real tree headband. It has a small pad inside at the center that covers the forehead which is covered in black terry cloth for comfort and sweat absorption.

Custom Cityscape Headband

This is a custom made cityscape headband. a small pad inside at the center that covers the forehead whsi is covered in black terry cloth for comfort and sweat absorption.

Custom Digi-Camo Headband

This is a custom made digi-camo headband. It has a small pad inside at the center that covers the forehead whsi is covered in black terry cloth for comfort and sweat absorption.

Custom Coke Headband

This is a custom made Coke headband. It has a small pad inside at the center that covers the forehead. This head band is double side and the pad in the center is covered in black 100% cotton Terry Cloth(very comfortable and sweat absorbent). The Coke material is made with flannel and may not be very resistant.

MWAG Thomas "Troll" Taylor Headband

This will be very hard to get away from me. This is 1 of 200 dark(100 original, 100 remakes) Monkey With A Gun: Thomas Taylor Headband. This is one of my favorite peices of equipment it will that a lot to get this from me.

Authentic Green Venomwear Headband

This also will be very hard to get away from me. This is an authentic green Venomwear headband. It has all the tags and is in excellent condition, no fading, wear, or tears. This is also anotrher one of my prized possessions it will be hard to get out of my hands.


Dye Attack Pak

This a used Dye Attack Pak. This pack will hold up to 4 pods. Even though it is used it is still in very good condition.

Hopper/Loader and Parts

Victory 35 Halo Board


This is a like new V35 Halo Board. I used it for like 2-3 weeks then I got another board.

Viewloader Tripod

This is a brand new Viewloader Tripod. This is a Revy with changeable capacity (sold separately). This one holds 300 rounds. Even though this is brand new and never used it does not work. I believe it has a problem with the board or a wire being pinched. Sold as is.

Barrels and Kits

Veiwloader Spyder Barrel

This is a 12" Viewloader Spyder threaded barrel. not much to be said, the inside bore is in good condition. No idea of what bore size probably somewhere between 0.689 - 0.695.

Pipe Kit

This is a LNIB Evil Pipe Kit. The threads are for Autocockers (Timmys, Egos, DM/PM, Ect.). It has a 14” front with a red to black fade at the tip. All the backs are in excellent condition, two are missing a jewel (little logo sticker) but other than that they are all good.

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Old 08-02-2007, 02:37 PM #2
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 has been a member for 10 years
Tanks and Covers

Angel AIR Tank 68/4500

This is a Crossfire compressed air tank(68/4500) with an Angel AIR digital adjustable regulator. The tank is still in hydro and the regulator works fine but it does need a new battery, which it will come with. This tank will also come with the special rail and hardware for mounting it to your marker(does not work with standard dovetail rails or Spyder grip frames). I will also throw in a WDP Chromo Lady drop for free.

Crossfire 68/4500 Low Pressure


This is a Crossfire HPA tank. This tank is still in very good condition and is still in hydro.

Dye Rhino Tank Cover 68ci/Red

This is a used Dye Rhino tank cover. It is still very usable but it roughed up. This tank cover should fit any 68ci tank.

Gear Bags and Back Packs

Empire Gat Pack

This is a Empire Gat Pack. This is a back pack to hold you marker and other stuff like barrels. I am pretty sure you can fit at least 2 markers in it.

I am looking mostly for trades but here is a list of prices and stuff I am looking for. All prices unless specified are not firm so feel free to offer, I am willing to haggle. All items are O.B.O. I am slow at responding, so please be patient if I don't respond instantly. I have other thing in my life, this is not my first priority.

NOT firm, Offer up
Does Not Include Shipping/Fees
Paypal is prefered but not required.

Profiler ---------------$40.00
Events -----------------$70.00
HB 07 LE Strap ------- $50.00 Each
Saint Strap ----------- $60.00 Each
Mini Soft Ears -------- $10.00
Eclipse Wristband ----- $10.00
Jolly Roger Bands ----- $5.00 Each
Real Tree Headband ---- $20.00
Cityscape Headband ---- $20.00
Digi-Camo Headband ---- $20.00
Coke Headband --------- $20.00
MWAG Taylor Headband -- $100.00
Venomwear Headband ---- $100.00
Dye Attack Pak ------- $25.00
Halo Victroy Board -----$25.00
Viewloader Tripod ----- $25.00
Viewloader Spyder Barrel --- $20.00
Evil Pipe Kit ------ -----$80.00
Angel Air Tank -------- $110.00
Crossfire 68/4500 ----- $150.00
Dye Rhino Cover ------ $15.00
Empire Gat Pak ------- $30.00

Will add if need, Just because you have something doesn't mean I'll instantly trade with you

Kapp Bling Bling Jersey (Blank-NO names, numbers, or sponsers)
Pro Jerseys (prefer XSV, Dynasty, Russain Legion, Trauma, older Arsenal, newer Lanche and Joy Division)
MWAG Thomas Taylor LE Headband
VenomWear (no red or blue)
Custom JT Pants (LV, Burberry, Tut, Tiger Strip Camo, ect.)
XSV Pants (Prefer camo but black is cool too)
BNIB Vforce Grillz (Prefer black, red, grey, or green/olive)
Hoppers (Velocitys or Halos, no Pulses)
Smart Parts MaxFlo Micro (Reg only no tank)
45/4500 Air Tank (Must be in hydro)
Speed Feed (For Halos only right now)
Uncut yards of fabric (Burberry, LV, Gucci)

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pm'ing you
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New hk gear for venomwear or mwag headband.
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Old 08-03-2007, 01:38 AM #5
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Anything in sig for the Saints strap?
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Old 08-05-2007, 11:06 PM #6
Slickshot The Ripper
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Thanks for doing business
Want to make some extra money for paint?
Check this out
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Old 08-06-2007, 02:56 PM #7
The EastCoast Kid
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somthing in sig for the saints strap/hurricanes jersey in sig for venomware?
"by the time college rolls around, ill be like the iron chef of poundin vashh"

i am mclovinnnn
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anything in sig for teh soft ears pm me
08 EGO
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Price for V35 board?
Pm me please.
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anything in m sig for your events?

let me know via pm's.thanks
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Old 08-11-2007, 02:01 AM #11
Needs less gunpowder
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Pm'd about one of the Saints strap
My Feedback

eBay Feedback
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Old 08-30-2007, 04:48 AM #12
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something from sig for the softears?

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