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Old 12-09-2006, 10:32 PM #43
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Also, while it is believed lightning storms were extremely common on the primitive Earth, they were not continuous as the Miller-Urey experiment portrayed. Thus its been argued that while amino acids have been formed, they would not have been formed in the amounts which this experiment produced.
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Its impossible to have a scientific deabte about ID because it is not a science. And for those who don't believe that man could come from apes, remember we share 99% of our DNA with them. If God created man and apes seperately why would he make us share so many similiar characteristics? How would you explain fossils showing the existence of neanderthals and other apes that seem similar to humans?

For example, human embroys have tails and chimplike hair. These are traits humans have retained from earlier species. When we are born, most all of us lose these features, because we evolved to where we no longer need them.

And for those who don't believe life could just happen think again. The universe is huge. Too huge for us to even comprehend. There are trillions of stars and planets and the chances of life forming as it has are a lot higher than you may think. Even if there were a creator it is most likely not the God of the Bible, who is a human creation.
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Neither Creationism nor Intelligent Design (basically a euphemism for Creationism) belong in a science class, because neither "theory" was reached by scientific means. When supporters of Creationism and ID start using the scientific method to test both theories, and produce some sort of evidence (excluding anything in the Bible) that either theory is plausible, then I'll be more willing to consider them scientific ideas. Until then, it's a ruse to spend taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate children, something I absolutely refuse to endorse.
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Old 12-09-2006, 11:17 PM #46
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Originally Posted by morca007 View Post
Fact: The Catholic church actively tried to suppress findings that the earth orbited the sun, because it conflicted with what the church said.

Also, circle =/= Sphere
Catholic church does not = Bible or Christianity. No where in the Bible does it say that the solar system is geocentric. They also didn't cover all 2400 years of suppression.

Originally Posted by StockClassBaller
Circles are two dimensional. That means circles are flat. While circles may not have corners, they do have edges.
In this case from Isaiah, we don't know if it's a 2-d circle or a sphere as viewed from the side. It's like how the sun appears to be a 2-d circle from earth even though it's really a sphere. You cannot take that verse and assume that's it's a literal circle. Either way the Bible doesn't say the earth is flat or square either.

Another one of many examples of the Bible explaining science well before man:

Job 26:7 - "He hangs the earth on nothing". This was in the age (1500 B.C.) when man thought the earth sat on a foundation of a large animal or a giant. Not only was man wrong again, but what shape is easily "hung" in a stationary position? That's right, a sphere. Now God's Word doesn't specifically say a sphere, but again it will never say that earth is a flat object.

How can we say evolution is true when man has been wrong time and time again? Only in our ignorance of God can we do so, which was exactly why evolution was thought up in the first place.
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Old 12-10-2006, 11:33 AM #47
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rebuttals to all ID "evidence"
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Old 12-10-2006, 12:06 PM #48
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What makes me laugh every time is when im talking to someone, and they say

"How can you believe that life began randomly, theres like a 1/10000000000 chance of that hapening." (in our talk about science and id)

But they can believe that god created everything 6000 years ago.

There are countless stars and planets in the universe, even if that 1/10000000000, there are probibly more planets in the universe then that, so the chance of it happening on atleast one is reasonable. Even by saying it has a 1/xxx chance, you are admitting that you accept the small chance.

but what are the chances that a christian god created the world with a snap of a finger? what are the chances then? It doesnt matter how many planets there are, you say there is only one god.

Does this mean that if life started on another planet, there is no god? Or is there more then one god?
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Old 12-10-2006, 02:40 PM #49
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Originally Posted by MVPaintballer View Post
You're asking for the impossible... you can not scientifically prove creationism. It's like saying "Here is a hammer, paint a portrait"
I'm gonne get me a hammer and some paint. and I'm gonna paint me some abstract mother****in art.

gonna call it "Hammer Time"
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Originally Posted by NEp8ntballer View Post
I'm gonne get me a hammer and some paint. and I'm gonna paint me some abstract mother****in art.

gonna call it "Hammer Time"
Haha, sigged.
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