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Old 06-11-2006, 04:19 PM #148
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this is a very fun game, i recommend it for all yall who like to live on the edge
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Old 06-15-2006, 09:36 AM #149
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name: king of the hill
pple: 4- w/e (1 king for every person)
gameplay: find a steep hill and reenforce the top of it with a sweet bunker of ditch or something. NO bunkers on the slope of the hill. anyways you play the flat land like a speedball field, and rape the kings.
it's fun and really hard to hit the kings if you build the field right
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Old 06-20-2006, 09:54 AM #150
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Originally Posted by TheMuffin
Game: Fast Target
Players: 1-???
Rules: Any amount of paint.

Objective: Find a crowded intersection or mall. Shoot as many people or cars in a given amount of time, or before you are arrested.

ok ok i laughed.
Feedback 61+
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Old 06-20-2006, 02:52 PM #151
Jesus F†W
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Originally Posted by Joecool123
One time we played with NO bunkers, it was just a flat feild with nothing to hide behind. we called it civil war
by the way, bad idea. especially with little kids. unless you give a lot of distance... tried that one before. set up for disaster, some little kid wet himself. hurts when you get shot 13 times... yeah
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Old 06-23-2006, 08:20 PM #152
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one shot pb-
everyone gets 1 pb
rambo pb-
you have to be hit in the head, chest, or gun to be dead
# of players doesnt matter
if you get hit in the left arm then you cant use that arm, same goes for anywhere else you get shot
.....very fun....
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Old 08-07-2006, 03:03 PM #153
Mafiasco (Banned)
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Name of game variant: Civil War

Optimum number of players: 2 v 2, 3v3, 4v4 (as long as teams are even...but the more the merrier)

Field type: Large field, preferably no bunkers.

Rules: Both teams stand as far away from each other, then line up. One side takes aim and fires. Anyone who is hit is out. Then the other team fires. After that, both teams take one giant step forward. Repeat everything else. Also, no running to try and dodge paint. Everyone needs to stand as still as possible.

This game is very fun to watch, especially when there is one guy left aganst the entire other team.
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Old 08-08-2006, 09:11 AM #154
d shiznit
on sum otha ****
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: florida
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Name of game variant: ironman
Optimum number of players: doesnt matter
Field type: speedball, woodsball
Rules: just like regular, but u have to surrender to get out, u can gget shot lots of times, but you have to surrender if u wanna get out
Name of game variant:rambo
Optimum number of players: 1 person with full auto gun, other people with other guns(doesnt matter)
Field type: woodsball
Rules: you need a wooded area to play. first, the guy with the full auto gun goes in the forest and hides, then people run into the forest, but they can only have 5 shots in there hopper. the guy in the forest has unlimited ammo. kinda like king of the hill, but in a forest
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Old 08-28-2006, 02:55 PM #155
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I'm hosting my cousins batchelor party next weekend and besides having him run around in a bunny costume, I'm trying to think of other types of EMBARASSING scenarios to play. There's always the whole, have him strip down, give em a jock strap and send em on his way deal, but other than that I'm lost. Little help.

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Old 09-10-2006, 12:43 AM #156
Without ME its just AWESO
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Location: Richmond
 has been a member for 10 years
this is what we play when theres not much paint left.. hide n seek
3-as many people that you can get
everyone puts in the rest of their paint and its devided up amung everyone
-1 seeker
-however many other people hide
Seeker seeks and try to find and kill the hiders, if the seeker hits a hider, the hider becomes the seeker, first seeker who is now hider takes a new hinding place of their choice. game gose untill everyones been the seeker. You can only be seeker twice in a game.

arms dont count, guns dont count
torso and head counts
hiders have to stay in their spot, no moving, if you pick a sucky place deal with it

also theres no real restart, a hit hider just simply gets up and starts seeking, old seeker should do something to reconize that there finding a place to hide. if your mistaken for the seeker your gonna get lit up. we usualy have a flag or arm band to do this

or you can just run around and shoot each other till everyone gives up or is out of paint/air
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Old 09-16-2006, 03:45 PM #157
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Name of Game: Jailbreak
# of Players: Ten at most
Field Type: woods
Rules: Split a group of ppl up with a small amount having guns, and most having no guns. The players with guns are prison guards and players with no guns are escaped prisoners. Have the Prisoners start close to the woods and then position the guards far behind them, but close enough that the guards can see the convicts. The convicts must run to a certain point to be considered escaped. The prison guards job is to shoot the convicts before they escape, convicts can only take one shot.

PS this makes a great night game if you give the guards lights but not the convicts
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Old 09-28-2006, 07:58 PM #158
Pirate till death
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sorry I stopped it to make changes

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Old 09-28-2006, 07:59 PM #159
Pirate till death
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I have never tried it yet but I think it would be fun
Game: Combine football & paintball together.
the only person that can be "OUT" from a hit is the quarterbackThe defense would have the to defend there goal line buy taking out the quarterback. The offence would have a quarterback that would have to run the other side of the field to get to the goal line.
The offence would defend the quarterback buy keeping the defences heads down as much as possible There would be 4 downs. if the quarterback gets hit the game restarts. And the quarterback starts at the line where he got hit. First team to get 5 points wins
NOTE: teams will be getting very close so I say drop the velocity way down.
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Old 10-05-2006, 11:31 PM #160
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okay i got two one is from Xbox live an playin HALO 2.......
and we use a homade turret ( but a desenated person standin in the middle will do)

PLAYERS: a least two teams...the more the better!
GAME: ...put a flag in/near the turret, one team starts out at turet...once again the person who mans the turret CAN NOT be shoot, the object then is to hold off the other team from grabing the flag, if they do grab the flag then they gain possesion of the "POWER TOWER" and gains one point and you switch...but if the team gaurding the flag holds the team off for 10mins then they get a point...first to five WINS!!!


PLAYERS: four teams of 1+ppl
NAME: X-factor
GAME: design a field or desinate four corners (to form an "X") then put a single flag in the middle of the field...object-GET THAT FLAG!!! you must get the flag and bring it back to your base but if you get shot them you must go back to your base...if you get shot while carryin the flag then you must drop it and go back...
XBOX LIVE= Natedogg05ii

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Old 10-31-2006, 09:37 AM #161
is overqualified.
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zephyr6831 is playing at Living Legends III
name: xplösiv
# of players: as many as u want
field: any
game: grenades and very heavy artillery only

have fun!
I'm awesome.
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Old 10-31-2006, 03:56 PM #162
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Game name:war of 1812
Number of payers(as many asur space allows)
Rules: Make an even amount of players on each team, and stand far apart, everyone gets one shot, ant anyone on the other team, once very has taken that shot, step forwrd,you're out if you give up, the game ends when a team is eliminated.
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Old 11-01-2006, 12:13 PM #163
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Royal Ascot England
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The Great Hunt

Name of game variant: The Great Hunt/Hunter/Hunted

Optimum number of players: 4 - lots

Field type: speedball or woods ball

One person is 'Team 1'
The rest are on 'Team 2'

Team 1 has unlimited lives, he is out when he gives up or is out of ammo
Team 1 can have as much paint as she/he can carry.

Team 2 does NOT have unlimited lives. (If shot, you're out)
Team 2 only has 1 hopper of paint each. (You can't share paint. If you use your paint up that’s it, you are out)

Teams start at the same end of the field, but team 1 gets a one-minuet head start. (Use a whistle or something to signal when to start each team off).

If Team 1 is tagged out (through surrendering or running out of paint), you must STOP SHOOTING HIM as the game has ended.

Team 1
Shoot all of the members of the opposing team and survive

Team 2
Shoot team one enough all at once to force him/her to give up and surrender. (Gang up on him or flank him).

Great for stag days, end of day game, etc.
If there are a lot of players there should be additional people added to team 1 to make things fair (but team one should be out-numbered up to 10-1.)
This game can be painfull if you are team 1

Any questions, PM me
Happy gaming, Cypher_dras
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Old 11-07-2006, 10:34 AM #164
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Sorry if this was a repeat.

Name: King of the hill
Players: As many as u want
Variant: Woods or Speed (Woods Better)
Rules: find an area and designate it a hill. The two teams charge the hill and try to capture the hill by eliminating all enemies on it and getting (usually more than one) of there own players on it. After that everybody on the other team comes back to life but not the defenders. Then if the defenders can hold they win otherwise they all come back to life and repeat as the attackers.
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Old 11-10-2006, 06:10 PM #165
afroninja (Banned)
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name: uhmm....counter strike paintball?
# of players: 6 at least
Divide the teams as evenly as possible into terrorists and counter-terrorists.
basicly everything else is like counter strike, the terrorists have to set up the bomb and guard it until it goes off, and the counter terrorists defuse it by doing whatever you want them to have to do. (i use my cell phone w/ the timer on and they have to turn it off which takes about 5 seconds)
1 hit your out
you NEED a big feild
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Old 11-12-2006, 01:45 PM #166
Mokie (Banned)
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Originally Posted by Explodingbaconbits86 View Post
This is kinda like the Black market system for the big scenarios, but with rules to make it more interesting for smaller # of ppl. The recommended number is probly 15 or more, with 3 or more teams. And it is best played in multiple rounds.

Here is how it works. Every one starts out with a certain # of tokens, and a certain number of paint balls. When a player is hit, they have to sit down, for a certain amount of time (say 30 sec) and during that time; any player from an opposing team can take a token. Many different people can take from the same person, but each person can take only one. After the time is up, the player then must go back to his or her base, and then can rejoin the party. These tokens constitute a currency system that is used to buy stuff from the “Black Market” At the end of each round, every one counts up how many tokens they have, and then has 2 options, keep those points for themselves, or put it into a team fund. The winning team is determined only in the last round. If you run out of tokens, you are out of the game. the last team standing wins

The Black Market: this is a safe zone, where no one can be hit, as long as they have points to spend, and they are buying some thing. It is best that a ref, or a non-combatant runs this. At the black market, you can buy stuff, like grenades, PB cannons, extra paint, that sort of stuff. If you are using your own tokens, you are pretty much restricted in what kind of stuff you can buy, due to the fact that you wont have as many as the team fund. The only one who can control the team fund is a pre appointed team captain. He can either go to the black market himself, or he can set up a “ convoy” and send a few people to the black market. When you set up a convoy the person appointed to carry the tokens must put on a colored arm band, or some other way to identify that he is the convoy. You then send the appointed person, as well as any number of guards, off to the market. If the convoy is attacked, and the person carrying the tokens is hit, he must sit down like any one else, but some one can come by and take all of the tokens that he was carrying.

Suggestions: Play in a medium to big area that is wooded. 2 people should be running the market. 3 teams of 6 to 8 works alright, but with 4 or 5 teams of up to 20 ppl each, it gets really fun. Multiple rounds that are each timed works the best. The time limit can be any thing. For a 3 hour game, do 3 rounds that are each 1 hour long, however, this game type works best when you have a bunch of maniacs willing to go all day.

Me and my friends play this up at my house, where we have a 40 acre field that goes from 5 foot high grass to scotch broom ( annoying, stinky shrub that spreads like a plague and gets about 6 to 8 ft tall in 3 months) and to semi think woods. We pool our money together, and bulk order paint balls. Either that, or we gather up any left over paint balls that we have from when we go to paint ball fields. The first time we did a 24 hr. game, we had about 45 people who all brought tents and that sort of stuff, and we went from 9 am on day 1, over night ( with night fights for those who wanted to) and into the next day. Together, we pooled enough money to buy about 30,000 paint balls, and they lasted the whole time, even with trigger-happy people like me. =) I and a few other of my crazy friends, had made special items for the market. A few PB cannons with a tire valve and a hand pump, ( this item was pretty nifty, as it could fire a 2 inch wide water grenade filled with paint about 300 ft. and its special rule was that if it hit a bunker, any one in it was dead.) paint mines, grenades, we posted the extra ammo at the market, we have a nice portable catapult, ( weights about 30 pounds, and will fling 5 – 10 of the balloon grenades a few hundred yards) we spent almost 3 weeks making the grenades and mines for this battle, and in the end it was worth it. It was a lot of work to set up a big war, but like I said previously it is just as fun with 15 to 20 ppl, you just wont have as much cool stuff as we did.
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Old 11-17-2006, 09:21 PM #167
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ion,14" progressive barrel,Q lock feedneck,empire 07 vegas grips


48/3000 hpa
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Old 11-18-2006, 09:43 AM #168
Dibs on yo 'nanners.
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Number of Players:6+, the more the better
idk what to name it

You'll need a fort and a designated spawn point, maybe about 50 yrds away from the fort
One team attacks the fort, and one defends it. The team defending the fort starts out with more people. When a defender eliminates an attacker, the attacker is out, but when an attacker eliminates a defender, then the defender has to go to the spawn point and then becomes an attacker.

The game could end when everyone becomes an attacker, or when the attacking team completes an objective such as planting a bomb or grabbing a flag inside the fort.
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