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As a field owner, what do you look for when hiring employees?

sorry for posting this in a field/store owner forum! i am neither but i couldn't think of a forum that would be more appropriate for this question

anyways, any input would be appreciated!! my local field has a sign that says they are looking for females to work at the front desk and i always laugh when i see that sign

i read a post in one of the stickies and the poster set these guidelines:
1. I hire workers and volunteers out of loyal customers. I'll never hire someone who buys primarily online.
2. I get 20-100 applications per week. The supply of people wanting to work is very high.
3. I require good grades. Bad grades are usually a sign of irresponsibility.
4. Volunteers are given one chance. If they blow me off, they're gone.
5. Being polite, showered, and speaking business-English (not slang) is required.
6. I invest hundreds of hours in training my volunteers and staff. Until you're solid, the pay sucks.
7. The customer is always right. Always.
8. It's a job. Goofing off with your friends hanging out is immediate grounds for dismissal.

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Things I look for in an applicant:

1. Proper business appearance. Meaning they dont look like a *******. They have to represent my business well.

2. High school education or continuing that education, with decent grades. I've had the GED people come up to me, and I laugh. My left nut could get a GED, but I'm not going to hire it to work the front desk.

3. Knowledge of the sport. Not just a general idea about one gun or aspect, but a good working knowledge of just about everything going on in the sport.

4. RESPECT (this should probably be number 1 in the list). I want my employees to respect all aspects of the players/customers and the games themselves. No speedball vs. woodsball, my gun is better than yours, you dont know what you're talking about crap. It doesnt fly for me.
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I think Larry (Gatsplat) outlined what he is looking for very well in his post over in the SW Regional forum. (This is taken without his permission, and I deleted some extraneous parts of the text, so Larry, let me know if you would like me to remove it )
Originally Posted by GatSplat
Let me give you a little heads up on what were looking for. I really don't care if you are "the best front man in the world dude" or can "drop a line paint at 23 bps and hit a fly at 100 feet". In all honesty, I hardly care if you've ever played! Let's be honest here... a ref has to look and see if a guy got a splat of paint on him, and if so... signal he's out. Not rocket science.

What is important is attitude. That includes guys that when they say they will be in to work by 9... they are there by 9 - and heck... maybe even 10 minutes early. Not showing up at 10:30 with some "uh... I had to blah, blah" excuse. I need people that understand customers pay money to have fun. Yelling at someone, or trying to enforce authority to boost ones ego is not in the job description. We are not judging NPPL tournaments here. It's a game for people to have fun... so I need guys that will make sure everyone has fun. Help the kid who is having trouble shooting because he forgot to turn off the safety... and say, "Oh, don't worry... I've done that a lot.. Just remember, when it's red it means you can shoot.." Not... "Are you stupid or what!"

I need guys that when someone starts arguing with you about a call, they don't puff up with "Oh yea... you want a piece of me!? You're out of here!!" Instead they go, "Man, sorry, it's how I saw it. Please just go to the dead zone and I'll talk to you about it as soon as the game is over." I need people that realize... again, it's a game - and people are paying money for fun.

I just explained to one of my guys the other day that customers make me money... employees cost me money... so if an employee gets in a fight with a customer... who's side do you think I'll be on? Food for thought.

Also, a lot of this job will be cleanup. Yes, nasty paint, bathrooms... all kinds of things you probably don't like to do at home either... but it's part of it.

I've spent in excess of 1.2 million building this facility... but at the end of the day, it's the people that make a business successful. At my scuba shop, we sell the same snorkels that everyone else sells... but we've built that business into the largest volume store in the US, with over 6 million is annual sales... because of the people there. I've got guys there making 7 bucks an hour... there are guys there making 6 figures. I feel I treat employees right... I ask people to be self starting, motivated, and take the attitude that it's "their business" - not just a job. Take pride in the facility and know that you are a large part of what will make it a success.

I called several different people in the last week that had apps in, talked to them, said they could work... then they didn't show when they were supposed to. Again... if that's your style as well... please don't bother.
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Well, I've worked at a field for three years (the pay still sucks) but when we are going over applications, we look for a solid reference (previous employer, of course) but what we are really looking for is some kind of certification (maybe PTI certification for reffing) or previous reffing experience. However, we have hired people who looked promising. We have one 15 year old who is a very good referee. He has been buying from our store and playing for us, and has helped defuse situations, and has never caused one. Thats the main reason he got in.

I agree with larry, except for one part. When he said that "The employee is costing me money, and the customer is making me money, who's side do you think I'll be on?" thats a great way to cause trouble on the field. As the master referee at the field, if one of my ref's makes a call, and it gets argued, 99.99 percent of the time I'll back him. The ONLY time I will not back him is if I was 100% sure that he is wrong, and even then I might back him up. You ALWAYS want to backup your field refs. If you don't back them up, and a player does something wrong/cheats, why should your ref get in there and make the call? I mean, if his decision was overturned by me just to please one player, why should he risk it again? I understand when its a fight off field or about something other than that, but when its an on-field call I will back up my ref's. I know they give it their al out there, and every single one of them was hand-picked, I know that they can do their job, so I'll try to make it as easy on them as I can.

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