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Individual Player Basics v1

I thought I would collaborate my knowledge of paintball and what I feel players should practice and do before tournament games. To allow one to have the most advantages possible and to achieve the most skill possible.

You: Know what you are capable of as a player. Are you heavy and slow? Are you small and fast? Do you have good form? Do you know what you need to work on? All of these things determine what you need to work on most.

I reccomend every player serious about the tournament aspect of Paintball exercise. Do some running and stretching. Make sure you give yourself a good workout as much as possible. Granted, running is not a fun exercise, at least, not for me. However, think of the benefits that you will gain. I also reccomend doing crunches, not sit-ups and do not restrict your legs while doing crunches (Meaning you don't want to put your feet underneath anything to hold them stable, just do it yourself. As if you restrain your feet it works your hip flexors and thats not what you want to do when doing crunches.) Pushups and pullups. You don't have to rip these out, build a base and go on from there. Just remember to work yourself. If you don't think you can go on any longer, push yourself a little bit more and then rest. (Don't push yourself to an unhealthy level. Never do that.

Snap Shooting: A skill that has been drilled into everyone's heads' as to how important it is. It really is as important as it sounds to be. I'm sure that, with the release of Dynasty Dysected (Great Video, by the way) that most players know at least a basic form of proper snapshooting. When you're snapshooting you must remember to be fast. If you start to come out of your bunker slowly a good player will be able to see your shadow or your arm and immediately adjust to shoot you. Never hesitate when snapshooting, go through with your snap and come back in after taking your shots. Although it is important to be accurate while snapshooting, at first you should come out quickly and shoot. When you come back out, adjust yourself to where the balls were going if not accurately placed.

When snap shooting you should use your legs and keep your upper torso as one piece. Your legs really are very important to skillful snapshooting. I reccomend not using a drop as I find they inhibit your form. You should look down your gun and use the tip of your barrel to "aim". This is a skill that will take a while to hone, but eventually you'll become good enough so that you know where your marker will shoot.

Playing your bunker: It can be a shameful thing if you get shot out of your bunker. Just remember to, depending on the shape of the bunker you are playing, that you are playing tightly and also conforming to the shape of the bunker. If you are playing a plate, you should angle your body so that when you snap out, you will be angle with the plate. It lessens your chance of being shot!

Run and gun! A very helpful skill is to run and gun to your bunker. To run and gun effectively you must be comfortable with your breakout. When breaking you must be comfortable in the way you are holding your gun (limitations to the rules of the tournament you are playing) and be facing where you are going to start running. Quickness is key. You might want to stay low while running and gunning. Your marker should be steady and held comfortably. Practice running and gunning at practices or even at your house. Just practice holding your marker and tapping the trigger as you run.

Diving/Sliding: Diving is an essential key to making it into your bunker without getting shot, as well as quickly and efficiently. When diving you do not want to jump into the slide. You wantto get low and fall into your slide. If you have the talent, you want to hold your gun up and possibly shoot as you are sliding in. As you start sliding, with the hand your gun is not in you will want to pull yourself and use it as a "rail". The hand with your marker in it will want to be holding your marker and shooting, while your arm and elbow are sliding amongst the ground. You want to stay low, but while diving you will want to slide on your quads/knee area. The more you can pull yourself, the more fluid you will be.

Listening: You are worthless if you are not a team player. For God's sake man, OPEN YOUR EARS!. If there is anything wrong with tournament teams, it is listening and communication. Make sure you don't get lost in the heat of the game as you are playing. Keep your ears open and always listen to what your teammates are saying. You have to trust them!

Communication: Communication will break open your game. If you are able to simply and efficiently communicate well, you are on your way to success. Make damn well sure that everyone on your team is clear on what bunkers are called. Make it simple! Sometimes you must yell the name of your teammates to get them to cooperate with you, Ex: (Nate, shoot right slab!) Remember to communicate on the following things:

1. Where players are. Ex: (Left 20 slab)
2. What side of the bunker they are shooting out of.
3. The Kill count.
4. To get help from teammates and to work together when necessary.

These are the main points our team focuses on for communication.

Walking the field:: Your team should walk the fields you are playing for at least 30 minutes. Draw the field. Make sure everyone knows where everyone is going. Know the lanes you will be shooting. Know not only the primary bunkers, but the secondaries as well. Expect that the game might not go your way. It is always changing.

That's all I have for now, as it is early in the morning and I'm tired as usual. I'll try and get pictures some time if anyone is interested. I'll update the thread if it is a success. I'll also make it more advanced eventually.

Team Prodigy
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but still some good info in here
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pretty good stuff
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True, Ghost is a very knowledgeable person. But no disrespect meant to him, but a lot of those articles were written in 03. A lot of things have changed since then. Even the rate of fire and the amount of rich children with awesome markers. But yes, Ghost knows what is up!
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