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Denver Drama

OK it's a little after Denver but some interesting stuff. It seems that something happened between PBMF and LTZ Destiny. Very contriversial. See what you think. Check out the article here der=0&thold=0

The Denver NPPL ended with a little controversy between a local team and LTZ Destiny, that resulted on the suspension of one of the PB Mart factory guys. This happened during the quarter finals and may have affected Pbmart factoryís chances of moving on.

In a nutshell, Bea Youngs was shot by PB Mart and continued to play on, she was then shot up buy the rest of the Pbmart team and they were given a 3 game suspension for overshooting. Once the event was over the message boards blew up with smacktalk about the incident and Bea Young posted her side of the story here.

The PB Mart factory guys approached us about getting their side of the story online as well in response, so here it is kiddos. Play on, I mean read on....

For Bea Youngs to think that her actions in this whole ordeal was acceptable
is totally ridiculous. I was there, I was on the field, I saw everything
first hand. I have nothing to hide regarding this problem that will
bother me for the next 8 weeks. I want this to be the story "behind the
It doesn't bother us(PaintballMart Factory) being hated or even booed
by LTZ and their fans. The penalty regarding malicious intent is insane...I
donít care if Bea Youngs personally said anything to a referee regarding
being overshot, thatís besides the point. Her claims of playing on
Bushwackers and knowing what bonus balling is she should be big enough to stand up and
say whats right. I want her to say approximately how many hits she took
after her band was pulled and for her to say if she felt she was bonus
balled. I want a suspension lifted because thatís what is "RIGHT."

Main Entry: malq∑ice
Pronunciation: 'ma-l&s
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin malitia, from
malus bad
1 : desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another
2 : intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal
justification or excuse

On the field, in the gates of the Chronic Field in Denver.....
In the gates the topic was winning the game against LTZ destiny with as
many bodies alive as possible. EVERY body counts. We knew after losing to
United that we had to keep as many players alive as possible because
there still was a chance that we could make the cut. The Destiny game was
over rather quickly and it just so happened that you were the last player
alive. I was in the back watching everything unfold. Frankie, the guy you
seem to hate so much was in the center fifty, I was to his immediate right(your
left). There was a player in the snake who I was watching shoot you in
the pack at which point you proceeded to jump around like a jack in the box
switching sides so that you could play on. Again, I have no problem
with that, its part of the game. Of the two players that ran threw I will
accept that the first player was eliminated before he shot you. The second
however shot you several times before any referee made a attempt to pull a band
and signal that you were eliminated.

This entire time of maybe 20 seconds while you were the last player I
was walking up the field reloading watching everything unfold. When a ref
to your right ran over to signal that you were eliminated as he pulled you
band you were shot maybe 4 times. For those 4 paintballs to end up in a
suspension is totally ludicrous. Over shooting is a heck of a lot more
than a mere 4 balls. For Dan Perez to call it that and you basically back
him is beyond me. The entry fee for a division 2 team is $1750.00. Thatís
a lot of money not counting travel costs, time off of work and away for the
family to be thrown away over 4 balls. Bea Youngs herself claims that it wasn't
that big of a deal for taking a few extra. Playing on usually means your
going to be shot more. When the run throughs started their was 5 bodies on the
field which was later reduced to 2 because of 1 elimination and a 1 for 1.
2 bodies were pulled for 1 penalty. I was one of the two that was
pulled. That's what Frankie was arguing about. In the Quarter Finals wins do
matter, but points also amount to wins and for you not to see that is
crazy if you've played paintball this long. NTK's bracket was won by four
points. Thatís 2 bodies.

Regarding you making a decision of suspending our player after the fact
of someone calling your team mate a ***** is totally incorrect. I was the
one that made a comment towards her and the exact wording was as follows
"If you cant take the heat donít play the game, go ****ing cry." How that was
turned into myself calling her a ***** I donít understand. The only way that I
can think is that she may have lost something in translation and just
inserted her own words where she didnít understand mine. Now I'm 98% sure that
Redz untouchables heard this because we all we standing by the chrono fixing
to walk onto the field. My comment towards your teammate was made after
they had suspended Frankie. Thatís why I even said anything. So for you to
sit back and say that you decided to do danís job and follow through with a
suspension after someone called your teammate a ***** is totally wrong.

We never tried to hurt you, and you yourself know that. Thatís what
malicious intent is, thatís why we had a player suspended. So why did
you allow something so unjust happen to us instead of standing up and saying
that we didn't try to harm you or that is wasnít a problem. Dan Perez talked
to you and basically gave you the option of doing his job for him. If
this just so happened to be a male involved in this incident the refs would
have laughed at anyone trying to get a one for one pulled for overshooting.

Do us all a favor and just get the suspension lifted...You have the
power and the resources to get that done. If you never wanted that in the
first place then just do whatís right and actually give your opinion to Dan
Perez. For him to make a call and then go back on his word isn't right.
Correct the situation that way all parties can just walk away!

~~~Chris, Amanda and Avery Haley~~~
My Anti-Drug.

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Overshooting penalty?
What BS is that...

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You can find Bea Yong's side of the story here-
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"I have to explain to you that I get bonus-balled almost every tournament, even in practice, and never once do I complain. I also ask my boyfriend that if he is ever on the sidelines and sees that I get overshot, to keep his mouth shut. Why? It's paintball and it happens. I don't want special treatment because I am a girl, but want to be treated equally to the guys. That's why I got so upset with Frankie when he said I was disrespecting him. Honestly, if a guy said to him, "You're f**king guy was running down the tape with hits all over him..." I guarantee that Frankie would've let him finish talking and would not have interrupted him like he did me." As quoted from Bea Youngs.

Seriously, she has a problem with being a woman; she is so quick to say its sexist when all the other guy did was get angry when she yelled and cursed at him when he wanted to discuss his arguement with the ref to get his rightful points back. Bea go get a sex change, maybe then you will not be treated like a woman..or maybe you could just try being polite and civil in your arguements in public places, before you yell at people like the dumb ***** that you are.
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Comments anyone?
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