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Special Ops Paintball - A-5 Air-Thru Commando Stock Information
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Special Ops Paintball
415 N Redwood Rd
North Salt Lake, UT 84057

Fax: (801) 294-3134
Running remote is the way to go for the ultimate in ergonomics and realism. Air-thru stocks take the air tank off your gun and out of the way, allowing you to easily roll the gun up to your shoulder, sight down the barrel, and hit your target.
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 Release Date: 2006
 MSRP: $109.95
 Average Rating:
  • Currently 3.5/5 stars.
 Reviews: 1
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Special Ops Paintball - A-5 Air-Thru Commando Stock Reviews
Special Ops Paintball A-5 Air-Thru Commando Stock A little background information: So first off, I bought a Air Through Commando Stock for my 98 Custom back when I was a hardcore scenario baller. I used that for over a year and have used a teammates...
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Overall Rating:
  • Currently 3.5/5 stars.
  • Currently 4/5 stars.
  • Currently 4/5 stars.
  • Currently 5/5 stars.
  • Currently 1/5 stars.
Price paid: $109.95
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Cons: Read review
A little background information: So first off, I bought a Air Through Commando Stock for my 98 Custom back when I was a hardcore scenario baller. I used that for over a year and have used a teammates Commando stock for the A-5 multiple times for a good amount of time each. Both products are nearly identical, but below in the pro's and con's sections, you see some slight differences.

My Point of View:
I don't look at my rating or review from the point of view as a speedball player. If you are buying this product, or a similar product even, I am pretty sure you don't have the complete mindset to play speedball with it. I am not saying you can not use a stock in speedball, but I am saying that it would be much more of a hassle on the speedball field than (for instance) at a scenario or in a woods game.
For a speedballer, you most likely won't be reading this review, but just in case:
I honestly don't know why you would buy this stock, or any stock to be used on the speedball field in the first place. Especially a fixed stock. A fixed stock would get in your way and make you a larger and less maneuverable target in general. I recommend you don't buy a stock if you play a lot of speedball and not so much woodsball or scenario ball. The rest of my review is below.

Note: To continue the above statement, this review is written largely from the perspective of a scenario or woodsball player, not a speedball player. If you have not, please read the above description.

- Looks. This stock looks good. Not on all markers, but on a good amount of mil-sim markers, this stock looks excellent.

- Weight: It is relatively lightweight for what it is. Of course, you know that when you are going to put a stock on to your marker, it is going to add weight either way, but it is in my opinion relatively lightweight.

- Air Through: It is a wonderful option, but only if you plan on going remote only. It is a pain to change from air through, to ASA often.

- Durability: VERY durable product. I had bounced mine off rocks, trees etc and it never even budged or got scratched up.

- Feel: The rubber backplate is very efficient in making sure it doesn't slip around on your shoulder. If you like the feel of rifles with stocks, you will like this how this stock makes your marker feel.

- Mask Cutout: The mask cutout in the side of the stock helps a little bit. While it does help that little bit, it usually is still not enough to really site down the marker with a mask on. If you use a red dot, I recommend getting a raised sight rail, or offset sight rail.

- Fixed. This can be a major con. It will get in the way in close quarters. In close quarters, I often found myself wishing I had just taken it off or gotten a folding/sliding stock.

- Snapshooting: Snapshooting with this stock is much harder than it would be without a stock, but that is really a given with any fixed stock. If you get a folding or sliding, the added weight of any stock will still take away from some of your snapping speed. So keep that in mind.

- Air Through: Can also be a con. When you want to take off the stock and run tank on marker, you have to pull out the fitting, put the ASA back on the marker, put the other airline back on etc. etc. If you run remote all the time, you don't have to worry about this though.

A Simple Consideration:
Before you set yourself on buying a fixed stock, look into folding and sliding stocks. All in all, if you are in close quarters or play speedball and use the same marker, a sliding or folding stock helps you out in those situations very much.

If you play a lot of speed, or close quarters, don't get this stock. But read the review and decide for yourself. It truly is all personal preference and what type of game play you want to use it in.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I know it was rather long, but I think it is only fair I give it a fair review.
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  • Currently 3.7/5 stars.
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