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ANS Xtreme - GX-3 Chaos Autococker Information
Manufacturer Information Edit Product Description Edit
ANS Xtreme
3885 Cochran Street
Unit R
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Fax: (805) 527-2490
Unique Milling & Laser Engraving, ANS Quickfire 45 Grip Frame, Vertical Feed, ANS Rubber Grips, Jack Hammer Regulator, Stainless Steel Ram and rod, ANS Honed and Timed 3 Way Valve and Extended Front Block Screw, ANS Gen X Front Block, ANS GenX Inline Regulator, ANS Quick Pull Venturi Bolt, ANS Custom Back Block, ANS Custom Beavertail, ANS SS Cocking Rod, ANS N2 Hammer System, ANS XFV System.
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 Release Date: Unknown
 MSRP: $450.00
 Average Rating:
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 Reviews: 1
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ANS Xtreme - GX-3 Chaos Autococker Reviews
ANS Xtreme GX-3 Chaos Autococker Marker Setup: Black to Grey Dust ANS GX-3 14" Black Evil Pipe with Stiffi Black Mamba tip CP rail and On/Off 72" stubby Crossfire Tank 12v Revvy Recommended Upgrades: CP rail and On/Off 14" Black...
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I am the LAW
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Sunrise, FL
Lawman has been a member for 10 years
Length of use: More than 1 year
Overall Rating:
  • Currently 5/5 stars.
  • Currently 5/5 stars.
  • Currently 5/5 stars.
  • Currently 5/5 stars.
  • Currently 5/5 stars.
Price paid: $275.00
Pros: Accurate, Quiet, Reliable, and Dependable
Cons: Non-replaceable feedneck
Marker Setup: Black to Grey Dust ANS GX-3
14" Black Evil Pipe with Stiffi Black Mamba tip
CP rail and On/Off
72" stubby Crossfire Tank
12v Revvy

Upgrades: CP rail and On/Off
14" Black Evil Pipe with Stiffi Black Mamba tip

Review: This is an older gun that I picked up used on eBay. I got a very good deal on it, an Empire 10 pc barrel kit, 12v Revvy with x-board, and 72/4500 Crossfire Stubby tank. It came with an older style drop/bottle cradle (I hate those things) so I installed a CP rail and On/Off (Excellent).

The gun came with everything I needed to use it, the regulator was broken in, and it was very accurate. The timing was off when I got it, but after a minor adjustment at the local PB store it was working smoothly again.

The GX-3 is an excellent paintball gun. It is very accurate, consistant over the chronograph, and well balanced. I have chronoed it at 278 +/- 2 fps on a quality chrono.

I was previously using the 10pc Empire barrel kit that I bought with it, but once I sold my Evil Omen I switched to the Pipe Kit that was being used with it instead. The empire kit was quiet and pretty accurate, but not nearly as accurate as the Pipe Kit.

Even with lower quality paint people have commented on how accurate this gun is. I recently used it in a scenario game and with some dimpled X-Ball Broze it was accurate. I then bought a case of fresh Marbs and was VERY impressed. I was shooting darts, and picking off targets that were only slightly exposed. The GX-3 with the Evil Pipe/Stiffi Black Mamba and Marballizers is so accurate it is scary! I own the field when i have good paint in this gun!

I like the single finger slider trigger that comes stock, the milling looks nice, and the dust anno is stylish.

My only dislike is that you cannot remove the feed neck unless you have it professionally done, and if your hopper don't fit well youre outta luck.

Some people complain about the stock quick pull bolt, but I have had no problems with it.

I have had absolutely no reliability issues with this gun. After a minor timing adjustment when I purchased it (used) in 2005, I have had no problems mechanically with this gun. I have done minimal maintenance on it, and it's working like a champ. It works as well today, as it did 6 years ago.

This is a phenomenal gun! I love it, and despite having faster and newer electropnuematic guns, I prefer to use the GX-3. The accuracy it gives allows you to keep up with the paint rain makers. Snapping out of cover and "gogging" an opponent from near maximum range when they are raining in pods of paint is what makes this gun so truly satisfying.
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