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Paintball Gear & Field Reviews

PbNation's review section is home to over 35,000 reviews about the latest paintball gear and fields, written by fellow paintballers.

All the reviews on the site are written by PbNation members just like you! Want to contribute?

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ANS Xtreme - ANS XE 2 Barrel
GOG Paintball - One-Piece Carbon Fiber Freak Barrel
Exalt Paintball - Exalt Universal Carbon Tank Case
HK Army - Premier
Exalt Paintball - Exalt Universal Carbon Loader Case
Bunker Kings - 4+5 Supreme Pack
Planet Eclipse - Geo CS1
Planet Eclipse - Gtek
Azodin - Blitz 3
Virtue Paintball - VIO Extend
Bob Long Technologies - Reptile
Dye Precision - M2
GI Sportz - Glide Pack Harness 4+5
Ninja Paintball - SL 68/4500 w/ Pro V2 Reg
GI Sportz - Mark'R Bag
Social Paintball - Grit Varsity Jersey
Azodin - KP3 Kaos Pump by vince47
Draxxus - 07 Pants by Tilley
Bob Long Technologies - Marq Victory V2 by Turpid Porpoise
Lurker Paintball - Eigenbarrel by Turpid Porpoise
Ninja Paintball - SL 68/4500 w/ Pro V2 Reg by Turpid Porpoise
GOG Paintball - One-Piece Carbon Fiber Freak Barrel by Spraypainting
Virtue Paintball - VIO Extend by Spraypainting
akward silence
Luigi Speed 05
Latest Paintball Field Reviews
California - SC Village by vince47
Indiana - Paintball Barn by Tilley
Massachusetts - Paintball Wizard by rc0018
South Carolina - Red Fox by Mik3th3Mast3r
Florida - Xtreme Paintball Xperience by Quemiras
New York - Cousins Paintball Riverhead by apego8
California - Stryker Paintball by dbush