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Paintball Gear & Field Reviews

PbNation's review section is home to over 35,000 reviews about the latest paintball gear and fields, written by fellow paintballers.

All the reviews on the site are written by PbNation members just like you! Want to contribute?

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Paintball Field Gear
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Paintball Videos
Ninja Paintball - Ninja SL 77/4500 w/ PRO V2 Reg
Virtue Paintball - PF pods
Empire - Ultra F5 68ci
Tippmann Sports - TCR Magfed
Paintball Assassin - Paintball Assassin Shemagh
Tippmann Sports - PathFinder
RPS - All Star
Empire - Axe Pro
Planet Eclipse - Etek 5
GameFace - Skul Mask
Planet Eclipse - IV Core
JT Paintball - US-50 Semi-Automatic Paintball Pistol
Virtue Paintball - PF Pods
Valken Sports - V-Tac Sierra Paintball Harness 4+7
Dye Precision - Dye Matrix 15 (DM15)
Planet Eclipse - Overload HD Core Knee Pads
Empire - Prophecy Z2 Loader by iwantnts
Empire - Scion by Medtactics
Empire - 2007 Contact SS Pants by brandon83ryanPEPB
Dye Precision - I4 Thermal Paintball Goggles by spaz22colon
Dye Precision - Rotor by spaz22colon
Empire Battle Tested - D*Fender by gameover157157
Ninja Paintball - Pro Regulator by Venom 13
Latest Paintball Field Reviews
Michigan - TC Paintball Lansing by KDC0587
Illinois - Paintball Explosion Park by mic0157
Pennsylvania - Penn Skates Paintball by Africaguide
Michigan - TC Paintball Lansing by brandon83ryanPEPB
Mississippi - SWAT Paintball Park by Venom 13
North Carolina - Predator Paintball by Jonaroo
Wisconsin - Apocalypse Paintball by SubstantialHit