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About Us | A look behind the scenes at PbNation

We get asked a lot about who exactly is behind PbNation, so hopefully this answers that question a little better. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Kyle Christensen aka "Kyle"
Kyle started playing paintball around 1994 while he was in High School. He and his friends secretly saved up money and bought Spyder Bottomline kits out of the back of an issue of APG and played renegade ball in the woods behind his friend's house as often as they could afford to. Ever since he got his first computer, about the same time he started playing paintball, he's been working in the Information Technology sector. He's worked in many different industries for and with Fortune 1000 companies as a Systems Administrator & Consultant, but here at PbNation we shortened his title to "UNIX Geek." Kyle currently owns an A4 Fly, HK'd Fly LCD, DM4 as well as a new PM8. Kyle is a audiophile, with a soft spot for gadgets with blinking lights. He's got a wicked music addiction and listens to a lot of electronic and indie music. Kyle is probably the smartest person on staff but would deny it most days.

John Dresser aka "John"
John started playing paintball with a rental Splatmaster in High School back in 1991 when the local field had a stock class day once a month. He played his first tournament in 1993 with a Phantom pump gun and even though they only won one game, he was hooked on the competition. He was recruited by a local traveling tournament team and played the MSPA series that year. John has worked in the paintball industry since 1994 when he managed a small paintball field in Tennessee while going to school. After college he moved to Chicago in 1999 to work for PMI (now part of Kee) running their Customer Service department, teaching tech classes and helping out with Research and Development as well as Quality Control for 5 years. He first played professionally in the woods all the way back in 1998 playing 10-Man and is pretty sure he finally retired from traveling and playing professionally in the NPPL this year. He has owned literally hundreds of paintball guns over the years and still plays locally every weekend as well as traveling to some events. He is pretty much an all around paintball nerd that has no job title or even business cards.

Tony Rieker aka "Tony"
Tony started PbNation on Christmas break in the winter of 2000 when he was still a High School student with no idea how it would eventually expand into the community it is today. Tony first played paintball at a friend's birthday party when he was 14 and his first paintball gun was a Tippmann 68 Carbine. You can even find an old video here of his hand built "rocker cocker" that eliminated the F5 big electronic box on the bottom that plagued the first electronic cockers. He currently owns an old blue splashed Merlin 'Cocker and a new dust black PM8 that he intends to get around to laser engraving some day.