GI Sportz testing new loader?<\/a><\/h2>\r\n\t\t
\r\n\t\t\tDon<\/a>\r\n\t\t\tJuly 22nd, 2016<\/span>\r\n\t\t<\/div>\r\n\t\t

\r\n\t\t\t\tNick Slowiak, professional player for Upton 187 cRew and former GI Sportz employee, posted this photo with an unidentified and unreleased loader in it. Most paintball equipment doesn't get tested in the wild until it is undergoing or almost ready for production. This is probably a coordinated move from GI to get buzz going about the loader, but we don't mind being used. Just give us more info! \r\n\t\t\t<\/p>\r\n\t\t<\/div>\r\n\t<\/div>\r\n\t